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Author has written 24 stories for Harry Potter, NCIS, West Wing, Glee, and Leverage.

I'm Zoe, a seventeen-year-old from Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska. I promise it's not as boring as it sounds. I love music, basketball, my friends and good books/poetry. I'm an unashamed angsty boy/ secret-in-a-not-so-secret-way secret badass lover, as evidenced by my love of Toby Ziegler, Remus Lupin, Nate Ford and Moist von Lipwig (whose not really that angsty, but is a reformed thief, so I figure he kind of fits). I also have a ridiculous love for Matt Rutherford of Glee, because I feel he never got his due and I like to write fic about him because there's just enough to feel like I'm writing about a character on the show, but I can also give him my own little twists without breaking from canon too badly.

"If God gives you lemons, you find a new God!" -Powerthirst

"If life just gives you lemons, how are you supposed to make lemonade unless it also gives you sugar and water? All you have is sour lemon juice." -my friends and I

"Life's just a bunch of experiences, you know? You don't get a medal at the finish line for being good. You just get dead." -Puck, because leave it to Glee to have such a awesome quote in such a ridiculous situation.

"Life only really has one beginning and one end, and the rest is just a whole lot of middle." -Will Schuester, Glee

"We know not of the future and cannot plan for it much." -Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

"The power of noble deeds is to be preserved and passed on to the future. " -Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

"I never could be a partisan leader - a man of one idea. " -Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Story Updates:

Five Steps: I think this fic has about seven chapters left, and will be completed by the end of June hopefully. A huge thanks to everyone who has hung in with Matt and the gang!

And You Can Have This Heart: Still can't write happy!Nate, so I'm writing content-in-his-angst!Nate instead, and an update should be up in May! I hope this story still has some readers left.

Remus Lupin: Still keeping a chapter in reserve, and I keep getting distracted by side projects, but I hope to have CA finished and the second fic half-way finished by the very end of summer at the least. It's very possible I could finish both in that time, but I don't have a plot for three at this point, so updates might be a little spread-out while I work on figuring that out.

Stories on the way:

Glee: Super-hero Matt story, because what better explanation for him leaving is there than he has super powers and has to do the whole saving the universe thing? Plus, I need more bad-ass!superhero!Matt in my life. Plus, a new fic in my Kurtcedes Reunion verse. Diva-off has been discontinued, and I've moved all my pieces over, so there probably won't be anymore from over there, unless I've got serious writer's block and go back to look at old prompts.

Harry Potter: I've been thinking about writing a little fic in my Remus Lupin verse, outside stories and such that fit into the timeline, so be on the lookout for that.

Discworld: I've recently discovered the secret-in-a-not-so-secret way secret badass that is Moist von Lipwig, and feel the strong urge to write AU, high school fic for him. This may or may not forever remain inside my head because of limited free time, but you never know.

Leverage: I've got a handful of Nate/Sophie prompts to write from several months ago, which I've been writing snippets of whenever I have a little time or serious writer's block. They should start going up in June.

General: I've been leaning towards a little bit of song/poetry fic, so you might see some of that in the very near future. Also, I'm participating in the Het Big Bang over on LJ this summer, and so you all (or at least those of you who enjoy the pairing I'm writing) have a 25,000+ fic to look forward to at the end of September.

If you want to see my insanity in 140 characters or less, follow me on twitter, under my homepage link. If you'd like to see my insanity in an expanded format, check out my livejournal,

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once you've had a taste of her reviews
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into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely
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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 609 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/6/2008 - Remus L., N. Tonks - Complete
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