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Unlucky No More... for now.

Unlucky is now complete! I would like to thank everyone that read and reviewed this story. I really appreciate all your support. It has been a great ride writing, editing and sharing this story with you all. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as well!

Some people have asked if I will write several one-shots dealing in the events of Hadley Children's Home, future cases, and/or Gene's take on the Kennel Boy case. I won't discount the possibility that I may one day return to such stories, but for now I am working on a piece of original fiction for publication, and therefore I do not foresee the one-shots being completed any time soon.

As always, I'd really like to thank my beta team for helping me polish the manuscript. You guys are amazing.

Thank you also to everyone for their kind words and generosity.


Quick Q & A

Q: Is Unlucky a continuation of the old stories, Unlucky Lady and Unlucky Secrets?

A: No. Unlucky should be read as a new story.

Q: At times Unlucky seems exactly the same as the old stories. Why is that?

A: Yes. Direct parallels may be drawn between some plot segments and chapter sections of the old and new stories, but the overall story and plot lines are markedly different. I took the best aspects of the old stories and wove them into the new story, Unlucky.

Q: I liked the old stories. Why couldn't you have just continued them?

A: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the original stories. Unfortunately the plot did not work with the old stories. I redrafted the stories and that resulted in the writing of Unlucky. Many of the aspects that you enjoyed from the old stories have been retained in Unlucky. I hope you enjoy Unlucky because the old stories would have otherwise remained unfinished.

Q: I hate how you ended Unlucky. It is sloppy/horrible/stupid. Will you rewrite the end? Also why didn't you tie the end up in a neat little bow?

A: No. I worked very hard and very purposefully to create the dynamics between the villains and heroes. Unlucky finishes with several loose ends because that is how I enjoy my stories. Twists and turns and food for thought and unforeseen turmoil in the near future.

For those people who wish only to flame, I ask you to refrain. For those people who wish to offer constructive criticism, I ask that you make sure your comments are constructive, clearly articulated and use very specific examples. I will then file those constructive criticisms away for future reference. I certainly do not want to disappoint my audience.

When tragedy strikes and the SPR crew is nowhere to be found, Mai learns to make her own way in the gritty nightclub world of Tokyo's red light district. Maintaining a cheerful countenance proves even more difficult as Mai is tormented by marathon night terrors and a psychic stalker, but companionship arrives from a most unexpected quarter. As the true intentions of her psychic stalker become evident, Mai and her Davis twin companion are forced to acknowledge just how much they are willing to sacrifice in the name of love, friendship and duty.

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