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Hey people,

How are you all? I thought i might tell you guys what i like writing about just so you know what to expect from me.

Okay, im a bit of an all rounder when it comes to Tv shows and books. I like the HP series but i only like writing fanfics about Luna/Neville, Remus/Tonks and Luna/George. And i like writing and reading crossover fics with HP and The Worst Witch (although there aren't that many). I'm working on a Severus/Constance Hardbroom fanfic as we speak (not literally as we speak but you know what i mean)

I love watching, reading and writing Supernatural and Dean/Chloe crossovers (Dean/Chloe supporters where are you?) I've very recently become slightly obsessed with Vala/Daniel fics (Stargate). I think maybe coz i see a bit of her randomness in me (i figured that out on a quiz i took titled 'which Stargate character are u? (Yes i know i sound like a sci fi nerd but read on and you'll realize i have a wide range of interests)

And embarrassingly i like writing fics about High School Musical BUT (big BUT here) i hate stories about Troyella/Troypay/Triella or whatever they're calling those couples now. I'm actually hoping to find stories about Kelsi/Ryan. They're two characters i really like (yes i know Kelsi's with Jason but this is fanfic ppl!)

Away from that i love writing for Heroes (endless fanfic possibilities there) but surprisingly i look out for any Matt/Audrey stories (i don't see why... It doesn't look like she's coming back any time soon) And i'm currently in love with the Sylar and Elle pairing that's started on the show.

Let's see...oh yeah how could i forget. Im currently watching re runs of Friends here in Australia even though i never really watched it when it was actually aired (i cant really ignore it when its on every day of the week! And on a prime channel!) And another 'embarrassingly' (none of my friends or family watch it) i have started to write fanfics for them too. Why can't Joey and Phoebe be together? why?

I also want to write X-Men fanfics, because if there ever was a cool superpowers movie n comic, it was and always will be X-Men. I follow the movie because the pairings i like are actually viable in them (unlike the comics were Rogue and Angel are unthinkable). I like the pairings Angel/Rogue, Storm/Wolverine (just remember im very random), and others whom i cant think of a.t.m.

Lastly but there will definitely be more (when i get off the comp and curse myself as millions more shows and books come rolling into my head-lucky for you guys who'll only read all of this) i really like writing about House, CSI and sometimes CSI:NY. I used to be an avid supporter of Aiden/Danny (from CSI:New York, does anyone even remember her?) but they killed her off! Thanks stupid producers who couldn't even keep her alive at least so she could guest appear (to maybe keep Danny and Lindsey apart-lol-im also a tad bit evil) on the show.

But now that Aiden is no longer with us (and henceforth my fanfic interest in CSI:NY has also died slightly) i channel my forensic romance fanfics into a new fic couple, Wendy and Hodges from CSI although i'm starting to notice that they're not really being focused on anymore.

Wait here's a lastly (i think). The big shocker for some people who might just deem me weird. Because im from an Indian background and we have indian cable at home (dont laugh), i get to watch alot of unrealistic and dramatic yet alluring bollywood soaps and because, when i see a cute pairing, i cant keep my fingers away from my laptop or a pen (whichever's closer at the time) And even then i dont write about the main crisis filled protagonists, i write about the smaller characters. The ones that vanish into thin air or who are replaced or sent overseas without a backwards glance and who provide the realistic storylines suporting the Unrealistic main one.

I've also taken a keen interest in stories about House/Cuddy from House M.D. I think they're definitely made for each other.

Anyways, iv blabbed on for more than a while and if you haven't fallen asleep by reading this then congrats! You're immune to the Verina100 intolerable chatter disease! My friend Lauren knows about this (but she may know it as another name-wink wink nudge nudge)lol

I hope you all enjoy reading my fanfics and keep reveiwing so i know how you like them.

Bye. Verina100

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