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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Batman.

I have decided it's high time i expand this profile. Brace thyself.

While I prefer writing my own original stuff (which at this point contains such an insane amount of text i think i'm going to flip), because you can twist your characters about like silly putty and you know them better than any other, sometimes there's just a character you heart so much that you would be a bastard to try and alter them in any way. One of my favourite characters is Piccolo, hence Dislexi (which won't die, i'm just sick slow at updating because I'm a lazy cow).

Though i've always liked him as a character (because it's the goddamned Batman), i was just recently absorbed into writing Indigo, because the movie was the shiz. Still, i do know enough about the comic to hold my own for the most part. As far as fics go, i also tend to gravitate towards yaoi, probably because they tend to be characterized in a way which i like, while ones featuring the lead women tend to be craptastic, except for some shining gems of awesome which are too cool for words. My favourite ever was a DBZ Pic/chi fic called A Light in the Window (it appears to have been removed from the site, though, so if anyone knows where to find it i'll love you forever). My favourite DBZ slash was a Pic/Veg, that had something to do with daffodils though i don't remember the name because my cousin printed it out for me. I also like several Eyeshield 21 fics with Hiruma, one bag of awesome Inglorious Basterds fic (even though I thought the fact the movie made me want to root for the Nazi's meant the protaganists were a little off) and of course Bat/Joker fics--because they're awesome.

My English is somewhat bastardized in its spelling due to being of American decent and having a British-influenced education, so you may see some inconsistincies in the way I write, like i spell words like recognize and solemnize with Zs as opposed to Ss, but in words like favour and colour, i put in the u, just because i prefer it for one reason or another. Lord knows that screwed me over more than once in school, though.

I'm a big fan of Boston Legal and House, my favourite webcomic is Sluggy Freelance (it's nifty), and I own around 200 manga, though i've only watched a handful of anime. The dubs don't count. They tend to suck (though Goku sounded like a chick in the original, so they did him some good). I'm also a continued watcher of YuGiOh: the abridged series, even though it eats my bandwidth like a pirahna.

As far as books go, I've recently been absorbed into the Dresden Files, I think a lot of mainstream books these days are just bad, and I haven't picked up a book i really enjoyed in a long while. When i do enjoy books, i tend to forget the names of the authors anyway, so yeah. I have a special place in my heart for Shakespeare, who wrote beautiful sonnets, and is still being praised as a literary genius despite his gaping plotholes, his blatant interference in organic progression of events, and the fact that the majority of his characters are just juggling the idiot ball back and forth the entire time. Even Iago, the only character to ever be awesome, only does so because the rest of the cast is a marauding band of morons. Thank you, Shakespeare, for proving that true crap can survive the ages and be taught as 'true art' to high school students. Your flippant use of innuendo is training many, many generations of SNL writers to come in the art of subtlety. I know Shakespeare is well loved and I probably offended some people by saying he's bad, but really, his stuff is so charged with nonsense that it's basically a modern day equivalent of sentences like 'he pulled his sword gently from its sheath and stroked it slowly, a chill running up his spine as he neared the tip'. That's the equivalent. When you know the euphimisms (as people in Shakespeare's time did), it really becomes about as subtle as an anvil to the head. Even without the fact that the man can't keep his mind out of the gutter, the idiocy that drives plots like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet is frankly unforgivable. And what's the point of writing in iambic pentameter if you're just going to burst into prose for no apparent reason? I mean, fine, he wasn't total crap, but does he deserve to have his works preserved as masterpieces for hundreds of years? no. Just no.

Okay, yes, sorry, need to back off a bit on the Shakespeare. Still. damnim.

Anywho, i really like all sorts of silly little things, and what have you and what not. For the people who read my fics, again, i'm sorry about updating lazyness, but lets put this in perspective: my laptop is used, five years old, blue screens every which way, is missing two keys, and i swear it delibratley wants to make me hate it. This thing was clearly not made for typing. Even though i love it anyway. Thanks for reading all my stuff and i hope i can make reading this it.

This is for all the fabulous people who've been reading Dyslexi and haven't given up on me. It looked a hell of a lot better in pencil, but hey, i hope you like it regardless. Thank you!

The below pic was for all those who saw Indigo to its conclusion, though I can honestly say I've improved since this pic and I only leave it on because my gratitude towards those people still remains, and thus I leave proof of my horrible drawing skills for all to see.

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