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Name: Michel Hazard


Gender: Male

Birthday: September 3, 1990

Ethnicity: Ecuadorian

Occupation: Student

Bout Me:

Well, can't say much but I'm just your regular kid (yea right). I live in Chicago, Illinois. I've been here for 10 or so years. I'm a Junior in High School and have basic days (wish I can have a normal day). I'm funny to be with and joke around with. I can be serious when I want to be. I get along with everyone. I find myself to be rather caring towards others. My cousin calls me a humanitarian because of my scientific personal projects and theories. I'm going to major in Psychology and I'm aiming to go to U. of C. Outside of academics, I'm laid back kinda guy. I don't go outside to much, except if I'm in the mood or if the moment calls for it. Musically, I do play the Bass guitar and I'm planning to get me a regular guitar and just basic that thing out.

Anime I like/Have watched:

Naruto (Both Parts), Bleach, Lucky Star, Love Hina, Fooly Cooly, Ichigo 100, Full-Metal Alchemist, Full-Metal Panic (All 3 Seasons), Eureka 7, Tenjou Tenge, Pani Poni Dash, Fruit Baskets, Himiwari, and Amaenaideyo (both seasons).

This account and the story "These Eyes of Mine" is my first attempt to get my writing out to the public.


"These Eyes of Mine" UPDATE 12/04/07 IT'S UP!!! Finally it's done and everyone can read it complete. It took a while to finish but it is now done and that's the good part. This is the story of my OC character, Kuro, and his involvement with the Hidden Leaf Village and Anko. Thinks happen between them but will they survive through it?

"A Different Morning" UPDATE 09/17/07 IT'S UP!!! A story about how Rukia wakes up in a strange place. SHE'S ON SOMEONE'S BED. But whom is the question. Read to find out. UPDATE 1/28/08 "A Different Night," Chapter 5 will post Monday 28, 2008. 12:00:00 CENTRAL TIME. Final chapter so beware. It's time to wrap this up. Everything will go down today and end in a way we forgot it would. Watch out for the Lemon.

"Gone" UPDATE 09/17/07 IT'S UP!!! This is somewhat of a One shot. It's short and directly to the point but it shows feelings that would be considered behind the scenes. It's a story about Hinata's feelings a couple of day's after Naruto leaves to train for those 2 and 1/2 years. This story was inspired by the song, "Dreaming with a Broken Heart" by John Mayer.

"Beginnings" UPDATE 11/20/07 IT'S UP!!! TwoTails' and I's story. We had are little "evil" moment and it's finished. Hope you all had fun. It's a story of Asuma and Kurenai and how they got start and some of the "fun" before the series.

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A Different Night reviews
Sequel to "A Different Morning." The next day after Ichigo and Rukia's "encounter" things happen and a certain Orange Haired Girl comes into memory. Lets see how things "plan out." Lemon in last chapter. Don't own Bleach.
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