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Welcome one and all to the profile of Momentei

Ok so I spent a few months going over many fanfictions and decided "Hey maybe I could write like them."

I'm a twenty-two year old asian american college student. I like anime, video games, fanfics, movies, and shooting fire arms. I also love humor. Dark humor, stupid humor, puns, TeamFourStar, and other things.

Fandoms: PJO: I always loved the series as a kid as well as reading the myths. The first OC i ever created for the PJO series was an immortal son of Apollo and legacy of Ares that lived on a mountain that was infested with monsters. The hunt would have to ask him for guidance when crossing the mountain due to the heavy amount of mist that coats it that makes demigods lost if they wander. Yeah imagine all the tension from that.

RWBY: I love the idea of RWBY rather than the actual plot points that they have. That doesn't mean that there aren't good moments in the story, just that some key points could be done better. Although my favorite characters have to be Adam Taurus and Neo. Both have amazing designs that stand out, but i think they could have done much better with Adams character instead of just limiting him to Crazy ex boyfriend. I mean seriously they just killed him off so easily in volume six just for fanfare. Anyways i've really gotten into the Adam centric stories where he goes to beacon. Seeing him overcome his own prejudices and becoming a better person is just great for those authors that know what they are doing.

Bleach: Its just badass in my opinion. If i had to pick a faction than i would choose the arrancars. They are just cool.


Fairy Tail

Fate Stay Night: I'm just gonna say it. I hate Shirou Emiya. I am not a fan of him as a character. I know people love him and i can respect that, but i just can't seem to do that. For some reason i love Archer. i think its just the cynicism and realism that just makes him infinitely better as a character.

Though if i were to pick a favorite servant it would have to be Gilgamesh, Oda Nobunaga, Cu Chulainn, or Tamamo no Mae. I mean i know people crap all over lancer but he is actually a really good servant. He's Irish Hercules!

Current stories:

Percy Jackson and the Lost God: Percy Jackson is brought into the world of Greek Myths. Between monsters and gods how will he survive. Maybe the godly voice in his head can help.

- So basically this story is what i came up with when i read Champion of Hope and a bunch of other betrayal fanfics about a god or Percy/god that used to rule Olympus. So my thought process was hey lets not make Percy totally op and knowing of the events. This is kid Percy learning how to use his powers and some new ones. Chaos is a bit overused and having an OC god that plays a major role in the Olympians lives opens up room for more backstory. I would just like to say as well that I'm willing to let others use Adamos in their own stories so long as they ask me politely. Freedom of characters for all.

Percy's weapons:

Riptide (Duh)

Adamos's Spear of Ruin: A weapon on equal levels with the weapons of the big three. Modeled after a Partisan spear or a silver and blue version of the Gae Bolg that Scathach uses in the Fate Stay Series. Its basically a spear with an extra long blade and a guard for helping to disarm opponents.

Echo: A silver shield with an unblemished reflective surface that lets it resemble the full moon. Able to absorb and store damage within it and expel the stored charge. Doesn't multiply energy stored.

Magic: in this story magic comes in many different forms, from different pantheons. The Egyptians still use their form of magic words and symbols. The use of mist and curses and witchcraft are used by Greeks. Japanese use talismans and scrolls, and so on. Adamos uses a mix of all forms of magic to make his sorcery as he has been everywhere and learned as much as he could. The ranking for magic goes from low tier, mid tier, high tier, grand tier, and then world or god tier magic. There are also quick cast spells, which hold the same rank as low tier spells. The difference between quick cast and low tier is that you can't alter a quick cast spell's effect. The thing that you can change is how much power you put into the spell, but there is a limit to how much power can be put in.

Magic words: Not a necessity for the spell as Adamos has performed chantless magic. The word are merely a guideline to craft the spell. Just imagine making the magic circle and then speaking while you write about what you want the spell to do. Different magic words in the same spell can cause different outcomes. However if you've memorized a spell perfectly Than there is no need for the words.

Quen: The shield spell used in the Witcher series. Not the strongest shielding spell but quick to use and durable enough to block a potentially fatal blow. The downside is that it only protects against physical threats. Apart of the Quick cast series.

Aard: The force spell used in the Witcher series. Can be used just like in the game. Its not enough to kill someone but it will hurt to take it to the face.

Sha'an: A spell of my own. Used to pull things towards you or an intended target. Its the first low tier spell Percy learns, but it opens up more possibilities for him. It is far more versatile to situations.

Ignis Aard: A mixture of the basic fire spell Ignis and the Aard spell to make a large blast of fire. Not really a lethel spell bit it should set things in a wide radius on fire if their flammable.

Adamos: God of the Earth, destruction, disasters, battle and weapons skills, constellations, falling stars, deep waters, currents, volcanoes, miracles, life, knowledge, stories, entertainment, creativity, exploration, woodcraft, a minor god of art, sorcery, waves, and night.

-Father of Tiamat and Eris, creator of crows and ravens, collector of all the worlds treasures,

-Some domains he was born with, others he gained through feats, and others were granted by other gods.

Demigod of the Deep: A fate diverted from its true path, a choice that needed to be made. Now the future is shrouded in darkness for the titanic son of Poseidon, and that suits him just fine. For when all is consumed by utter darkness, there is nothing left but forward.

- This story is one i came up with after reading another crossover story using League of Legends and RWBY. Then I began to think of what champions go with Percy. I went through many ideas. One was to have Percy be possessed by Diana and Leona, and have his powers and personality change with the day and night cycle. Another was to put Kayle and Morgana in his head and have them argue constantly while trying to influence Percy. I could imagine the mental anguish Percy would be put through with three minds fighting in one body. I briefly had the idea of an insane Percy by using Shaco but i tossed that out after a moment of thought. Then it came down to the water based champions. The only champions i thought that could be used were Nautilus and Pyke. I just flipped a coin for the choice and it landed on Nautilus.

Story ideas: Should anyone use any ideas i ask that you send me a link to the stories

Just because I come up with these doesn't mean I'll write them



Two children born from the virgin moon goddess. twins. One a girl...and one a boy. Life isn't fair in the hunt. The life of one is celebrated while the other is cursed and shamed. He struggles for affection and she is showered with it. And there is only one reason according to their mother. Strength and skill are all that matters and he has none. No matter what he does it doesn't matter. No matter what monster, how many, or even how he kills them, it is never enough. But if they're not enough than what is? With a twisted smile and a warped desire to be loved he figures that what better way to prove yourself as a master hunter than to hunt those that hunt the monsters.

PJO x My Hero crossover or just a My Hero story

Project: Pantheon

An organization has been abducting children with potentially powerful quirks. Many of these children are orphans, or live in broken homes. The endgame? To craft their very own heroes under their every command. With hero popularity making waves in society, imagine the control that they can exert over the public and government when the most popular heroes support the government officials in their pockets. The tests and conditioning are beyond inhumane and many children don't survive. The story can be about Percy, Thalia, and Nico, or be an OC insert into class 1-A.

PJO x Fairy tail

Of Fairies and Gods

Percy was the only one to fall into Tartarus. For ages he traversed the pit, slaying all kinds of monsters and meeting gods and titans that had long since been lost. The pit of Tartarus is an realm that exists outside of time and space. Now Percy finds himself lost in the land of Magnolia. He now serves as a member of the guild of Fairytail. Going on quests with different members of the guild and maybe he'll even find something in a certain barmaid.

Percy would use water and earth based magic and possibly godslayer magic due to him killing immortals.

PJO x Naruto

Sage of the Oceans or Shinobi of the Seas

The second gigantomachy ended by storm. Percy sacrifices his life in order to defeat the earth goddess. The resulting destruction sends the demigod to the land of fire, but he wasn't the only one to cross over. Now Percy is bound to the repenting earth goddess, making him an unofficial jinchuriki. With the villages on the edge of war our loyal hero can't leave things be. Then what better way than to train as a ninja.

- Basically I looked through a bunch of crossover stories and didn't find anything of Percy in the Naruto universe, only stories of Naruto in the PJO universe. It seems like this story would take many chapters to write. But my thought would to have Percy take Sai's spot on the team or possibly acting as a chunin or jonin. Imagine Percy becoming a sage or developing his own jutsu. Maybe using a summon jutsu and summoning blackjack or Braireus the hecatoncheires. Or maybe his divinity lets him break out of genjutsu. Or has a genjutsu the summons Tartarus.

PJO x Black Clover

The Blue Bull

In the clover kingdom every one gains a grimoire when they come of age. Each person gains a three leaf tome, each leaf representing faith, hope, and love. But those that possess the fourth leaf are blessed with fortune. The fifth leaf houses a devil. But there comes a sixth leaf clover and no one knows what to make of it, but legends say that in the sixth leaf rests the powers of a god.

PJO x Bleach

The Ocean in Hueco Mundo

An ocean has sprouted in Hueco Mundo. In the center sits a lonely little island and its sole occupant. A unique hollow that seems to be content with just wandering around in the endless expanse. He doesn't know why he's here nor what the emptiness in his chest is. But maybe he can find his purpose if he just keeps wandering. HollowPercy!

Zanpakuto: Leviatan; Just Spanish for leviathan or Megathirio which is Greek for Leviathan

release phrase: Destroy, Leviatan

mask fragment: a three point crown on his head that resembles a trident

One technique that i just can't stop thinking of is Percy summoning a hurricane and then infusing it with a cero making each drop of rain as destructive as a bala. The name is called Cero Tormenta. Sounds so cool out loud as tormenta is spanish for rain and it sounds close to torment in english.

A Watery Death

There once was a meeting. One between a god of the seas and a death goddess. Perseus Unohana lives his life, making his mother proud and having fun with his two best friends Kisuke and Yoruichi. But when Soul Society is infiltrated and betrayed by Aizen, how can he leave the fate of everything to a fifteen year old kid.

-So basically Percy is born as a soul reaper. His mother is Retsu Unohana, one because she's nice like Sally but can be as terrifying as Poseidon. The story could be either Percy as a lieutenant in the Gotei 13 when it happens, or he can be forced into hiding with Kisuke and Yoruichi, acting in the shadows against Aizen.

Zanpakuto: Shuken Enkai (遠海主権) meaning deep sea sovereign

release: Drag all into the depths, Shuken Enkai

Causes water to pour from the blade, can summon large waves of water.

Bankai: Hakai no Kaigen, Shuken Enkai

Transforms the world around him by flooding the ground with water, making geysers arupt and a hurricane to form in the sky. Percy has full control of all water around him. Can summon phantom sea monsters that travel through a separate dimension, treating the ground as the surface of the ocean. Any opponent dragged into the dimension will have to escape or be eaten or drowned.

PJO x Fate Stay Night

A Holy Greek War

Percy is sent on a mission to Japan. His goal? To investigate the malicious mana gathering in Fuyuki. The last thing he was expecting however was to dragged into the middle of the Grail war after helping a collapsed woman.

-A Percy master fic with the servant of Caster. In fate stay Caster killed her original master before aligning with Kuzuki. But what if Percy found Caster and became her master.

The Unknown Hero

A story that no one's ever heard. A hero that no one even knows exists. His feats put him on level that very few heroes of legend ever reach. Now he is summoned but with no wish of his own. Only the loyal desire to see his master safe and happy. The other servants better beware because the seas are filled with many mysteries, and to underestimate it means certain death.

-Basically Percy is summoned as a servant in the Grail wars. The idea is basically to have his master be Illya or maybe Sakura. Based on his achievements and feats in the books, Percy would obviously become a top level servant. One that can be on equal footing with Heracles or Gilgamesh. Also as a demigod his stats are above most others as well as his noble phantasms being numerous. This story can also be a sequel to Holding Back the Sea as Sakura summons Percy as Rider. But can you imagine Percy as Berserker. That would be pretty cool.

Remember that the stats of a servant correlate to their legends and classes

Percy's Fate Stay Stats

Hero: Perseus 'Percy' Jackson

Height: 185 cm (6'1)

Weight: 164 lbs

Alignment: Chaotic good

Class qualifications: Saber, Rider, Berserker, Ruler

Represent Rider or Saber stats (Berserker)

Strength: A(A)

Due to Percy going toe to toe with gods, titans, and phantasmal beasts before he had even reached full adulthood, his strength can be considered Herculean

Endurance: A(A)

Percy has suffered wounds that would have killed a normal person or demigod. He survived an erupting volcano and has traversed through Tartarus as a mortal. Needless to say that he is far more enduring than a normal servant.

Agility: B(A)

Percy was never the most agile warrior, however his demigod heritage and masterful skill in combat gives him a natural edge above mortals in this regard.

Mana: B(A)

Percy has demonstrated incredible abilities with his inherited gifts. He has even been mistaken for his father due to his appearance and how strong he is. This leads to the belief that he has a vast source of mana to pull from.

Luck: C(B)

Percy has some of the best and worst luck. He has often found himself in the worst situations due to bad luck, but at the same time it ends up working in his favor.


Magic resistance: B (His adventure with mages of Egypt and natural partial resistance to the Mist grants him resistance to mortal magecraft and magics)

Pioneer of the stars: EX (from uniting the Roman and Greek demigods under a banner against Gaia)

Riding: A (Due to Percy riding two phantasmal beasts and his heritage as a son of Poseidon he is a naturally gifted rider)

Eye of the mind(false): B

Madness Enhancement: D-A (Once rage reaches a certain point, enhancement changes)

Bravery(Not active during madness enhancement): A

Charisma: B

Traverser of the Pit: EX (Percy isn't affected by bounded fields or debuffs to his status while in another servants territory. Grants immunity to most poisons as Tartarus holds some of the worst poisons to exist)

Affront to Nature : EX ( Percy is the enemy of Gaia and is naturally at odds with her. This causes Percy to have an increased cost of upkeep for his body. Nullified in enemy territory or workshop.)

Divinity:A (Due to Percy being offered godhood twice and hosting a god he qualifies for the highest divinity)

Son of the Sea: EX (A personal skill that allows Percy to rank up his stats while in contact with water. Allows him to supplement his masters prana with water and heal wounds. He only needs an anchor to stay in the war.)

Noble Phantasms

Deception of divinity:(From the Holding back the sea story) EX (Anti-world)

Due to Percy being a bastard he should have never received his powers, but he did. In a world where the age of gods has ended long ago, Percy's control over his fathers domains is itself a deception as the domains themselves believe that he is his father. The noble phantasm elevates Percy's divinity to the level of a divine spirit.

Anaklumos: The tide that takes one by surprise: A(Anti-divine) (Anti-army)

A blade that has bathed in the blood of monsters, demigods, and gods alike, as such it has a legend that keeps it on par with some of the greatest weapons in history. It is a sword that chooses its owners and comes to their aid in their time of need. Channeling the powers into the blade it can unleash a disaster of epic proportions.

The Curse of Achilles: C (Anti-Unit: Self)

Percy bore the Curse of Achilles in the second Titan war. Any non divine noble phantasm or attack is nullified. Attacks from divine constructs and entities are reduced unless they exceed his divinity

Mrs. O'Leary: The Faithful Hound of Shadows: C (Anti-battalion)

A faithful hound that has been by Percy's side for the longest time. Legends of a pitch black hound made of shadows following and dragging his enemies into the darkness, never to be seen again.

Blackjack: The Noble Black Pegasus: A (Anti-army)

A direct descendant of the original Pegasus. A loyal steed that comes at Percy's command and as a phantasmal beast, it can move faster and more efficiently than any mortal vehicle or non phantasmal being.

Legends of Olympus: The Second Age of Gods: A (Anti-army) Only Ruler class can fully utilize

A reality marble that brings one into Percy's legend. As with his books the enemy must face his trials and the armies that he has commanded. Each individual can be considered an servant in their own right.

Akhyls Corrosion: The Journey Through the Abyss: B (Anti-Battalion) (Anti-Unit)Only usable for Berserker class

A noble phantasm that fills the area with poison from Tartarus and indiscriminately controls the blood those nearby. If one doesn't have a high enough magic resistance than they will find their agility restrained.



-The Schnee name is one that means something. When Nicholas Schnee made a name for himself it was one other family that stood by his side and supported his ambitions. The Masamune clan, a faunus family of legendary craftsman, supplied him with everything he needed. It wasn’t until many years later that the two families became tied in blood.(faunus Weiss)(AU)

-Weiss is not the daughter of Jaques. instead she was born from the love of her mother Willow and the last of the main Masamune clan. The two of them knew that Jaques would never allow Weiss to live so she was taken to live in Mistral with her father. Trained with blades and the crafting secrets of her clan she heads to Beacon as her own right of passage.

-based of the combat of Nier Automata and characters from Fate Stay


The Hollow Beast

-(OC Story) This is a story that takes place with a hollow OC. Its your standard rebirth kind of a story where the OC dies and turns into a hollow. It would be either a hollow form of my own creation or the OC would take the form of Godzilla. Why because Godzilla is cool.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Requiem for the Hollow Rose by sreshtiyer reviews
After witnessing the death of Pyrrha, white fills her vision and the Rose huntress finds herself in a desolate and bleak place. Confused, lost and still grieving the loss of her friend and her own helplessness, little does Ruby realize that was just the beginning of her arduous journey. Innocent to Mature Ruby. Rated M for psychologically disturbing themes (non-sexual).
Crossover - Bleach & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Tragedy/Supernatural - Chapters: 39 - Words: 488,074 - Reviews: 676 - Favs: 568 - Follows: 719 - Updated: 7/27 - Published: 8/19/2020 - Ichigo K., S. Aizen, T. Harribel, Ruby R.
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At 19 years old, Percy Jackson had thought that the greatest challenges before him were graduating college and saving up for marrying the girl of his dreams. Now, he's 200 years in the future, homeless, and a wanted fugitive. Wait…did that girl have bunny ears? What the hades is even going on here?
Crossover - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 26 - Words: 184,206 - Reviews: 1121 - Favs: 2,818 - Follows: 3,331 - Updated: 7/25 - Published: 5/29/2020 - Percy J., S. Sosaki/Mandalay, 1-A Students, Rumi U./Mirko
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