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Author has written 9 stories for Naruto, and Bleach.

Age: Legal
Location:7th Layer of Hell
Sexual Orientation:Don't really care, whoever looks good I guess
Likes:Food, sex, alcohol, nicotine, sleep, drawing, writing, reading, porn, you know lifes basic necessities
Dislikes:Annoying people, stupid people, fat people who don't know why they're fat, over analyzing novels (thank you english teachers), videogame addicts, those who are so attached to their cell phones that they have an emotional breakdown when something happens to them, horrible fanfiction that looks like they were written by a fucking 6 year old!! I can't stand it, you people piss the hell outa me! Pick up a book, look at how it's written, and follow that format goddammit :@
Future Goals: Officer in the Army Corps of Engineers
Favorite TV shows:Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, South Park, Family Guy, Mythbusters
Favorite Movies:South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut; Independence Day
Music: Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, In Flames, System of a Down, The Offspring, Iced Earth, Heidevolk, Finntroll, At The Gates, Iron Maiden
Sports:Football, basketball, hockey, skatebording, rollerblading, racquetball, baseball
Games:Chess, Shogi, Hold 'em Poker
School Subjects:If you care about this, you're kinda weird...but I'm majoring in psychology for a reason.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, playing guitar/bass, web designing, camping, shooting, chillin

I have been called antisocial, psychopathic, sadistic freak, the devil's spawn, Queen of Darkness, Princess of Darkness (I actually got demoted once!), Dutchess of Evil, the Devil incarnate, and a few other things I can't remember. I'm not gonna say which are true, but some of them are. I do hear voices in my head, but they don't cause problems, and are actually quite interesting to talk to, keep me company.

One thing I will say, I will never make a chapter that is an Author's Note, ever. That is a promise. I hate when writers on here do that, get my hopes up then steps on 'em. If there is anything you wanna know about fic updates or what not, check my profile! I promise the answer will be here somewhere, probably in the updates section. If you don't see it, feel free to PM me with a valid question. "Are you dead?" is valid, "When the hell are you gonna update?" is not valid cause I'll update whenever I damn well please, get it?

Favorite Pairings (in order of preferance):


NejixGaara, which is why I am doing a nice long story for this pairing







Itachixjust about anyone cause Itachi pwns...


AnkoxHinata...thank you to a particular author for opening my eyes to the possibilities -cries tears of happiness-


TatsukixChizuru...it's so funny

TatsukixOrihime, but not always entirely sexual (I know, wow huh)


YoruichixSoi Fong

RukiaxOrihime-I can't believe how unpopular it is

KarinxYuzu, gotta love that incest


YoruichixIchigo, but not in a romantic relationship (basically only if she takes advantage of him)

Least Favorite Pairings:


Sasukexanyone, I really dislike Sasuke...

TemarixTenten most of the time, though I have read a few that are very good.

NarutoxHinata, sorry but I just don't see it on a romantic level. and hinata belongs with Kiba


KakashixIruka, where the hell did this come from o.O


Orochimaruxanyone, yeah, no thank you -.-

Jiraiyaxanyone directly (peeping makes for funny)


OrihimexIshida, this is the only one I really have a problem with. Ishida is clearly gay, and even if he wasn't, Orihime is to busy with Rangiku, Tatsuki, Ichigo, or Chizuru to be with him anyway .

My Stories: Wow,I never thought my stories would do this well. Thank you for all your support, you keep me writing. But I'm just gonna come right out and say it, I suck at updating, I know this. I constantly have ideas going through my mind, but I have too much to do to just sit down and write them all (school, work, and ROTC take up a lot of time, and I'm usually sleeping when I'm not busy). I promise though, everything I have planned here WILL get written...it just might take me a while.

So wrong, so sudden, so good: My first Bleach fic. I like this pairing even though it ain't that common. The story isn't that great, a spur of the moment thing, but I still like it. I am shocked to see how popular this fic turned out to be...and how many perverts there are out there. It appears I will be doing more of this pairing in the near future.

Free Afternoon: Part of the first contest I had with my buddy Xhin. I probably coulda made it into another Icha Icha, but decided against it, yeah.

Lost: -gasp- a oneshot of mine that isn't porn O.O! yeah, well, this was another contest I had with xhin. This is a horror fic with shikamaru that I actually really like...seriously. Expect more horror from me as time goes on.

Like the Moon to the Stars: hinataxhanabi. I love this pairing as well, but I don't see it that often

Cigarettes and Slaughterhouses: It is not porn, but more of a soap opera. I am trying to get it finished eventually which is why my Icha Icha Paradise Collection Books are so short. It will get depressing later, but I am trying to make it realistic to my experiences and those around me. I might make a sequal, but i doubt it. maybe a prequal.

Dead End: The story from my third contest with Xhin. A bit more depressing than my others, and one of the few stories with yaoi...sort of. It isn't blatently obvious, but it's there I promise ;;;

Icha Icha Paradise Collection: Ok, this is a series of short stories, erm...porn. The stories are not chapters to a longer story, but individuals, I think some people were confused by this.



BOOK 1: LESSONS: shikaxtemari, inoxshika, inoxsakura, and sakuraxshika kinda. I have to admit that I was inspired by an actual porno from the 90s, but I tweeked it and made it my own (not to mention better).

BOOK 2: VACATION: narutoxsakuraxsasuke, yes a threesome. I don't typically read threesomes, but I decided to give it a shot anyway, yeah.

BOOK 3: DOGTAGS: Based on my own little fetish with sakuraxshika, AU


(Not in any particular order, kept changin my mind before, yeah...)

FORREST FANTASY: im lookin forward to this one, kibaxhintata.

DIPLOMACY: just inoxtemari for now, but maybe a little shikaxtemari

HOTEL: GaaraxItachi by request.

MUSIC: I've decided on sakuraxino, what can I say.

PAPERWORK: Also by request, TsunadexKakashixShizune.

SPICY: Idea given to me by a fan. kinky ankoxsakura (might be posted on adultfanfiction.net, I'll have to see how kinky it actually turns out)

PEACH: narutoxsakura. Sakura loves to taste Naruto's lips after he smokes a peach cigar.

UNTITLED: sasukextayuya

UNTITLED: nejixsakura

UNTITLED: sakuraxitachi

UNTITLED: inoxhinata

UNTITLED: inoxnarutoxsakura

UNTITLED: gaaraxtsunade wtf i know, but i got a request so ima do it, yeah

UNTITLED: inoxtsunade, I was lookin at random pairings on here, and there were none with this pairing, so ima give it a try.

I am looking for a good akatsuki pairing. it isnt something I delve in very often, but I want to give it a try.

If you have any ideas for a pairing, please tell me. I know there are a lot of stories here, and I am trying to get back up with my writing. Do not fear though, I will get all of these done, and whatever ones I add to the list. I think I am going to set myself a goal of 20 stories. If they are popular enough (which they appear to be) and if you are lucky I will form them all into one long story. If I do that though, I will no longer continue the series. However, if I keep getting requests, I will keep writing.


Yay, it's summer break O.O I have a lot of plans for my writing...but with as lazy as I am, I'll probably only get like 25 of them done. I suppose you can look out for C&S and at least 2 Icha Icha. Those are the ones I've been thinking about most. I'll probably do an Icha Icha before any C&S, but we'll see. Oh yeah, I'm also thinking more and more about those other two stories I have listed but haven't started. I don't know when I'll get around to that next KarinxYuzu fic, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Maybe a christmahanakwanzika (and pagans too :D) gift for you all. Oh yeah, aren't I ambitious.

28Feb2008: Finished Like the Moon to the Stars, one of the one shots that was previously listed for the future, check it out please (''\o.o

20March2008: Finished the second chapter to So Wrong, So Sudden, So Good it wasn't expected, but I did it anyway.

09April08: Finished chapter 6 of C&S finally. To all fans of that story, I'm so sorry that it took me so long. Do not fear though, I always have ideas for it flowing through my head, and I have no intention of abandoning it.

28July08: I started working on the next few Icha Icha stories as well as the first chapters for my two new fics. Prolly wont get 'em done for a while though cause I'm lazy and would rather work on my music right now.

For the Future:

To Live Forever: NejixGaara. My all time favorite yaoi pairing, and because of this, I decided to not make it a simple one shot. This one will not be as long as C&S, and hopefully will be updated more often. Yeah, this one will be AU cause I have slight difficulty making this pairing as great as it could be otherwise.

Legality of Love: I am looking forward to starting this one. It is a multichapter inoxsakura fic, with narutoxgaara as a minor pairing. This one will not be AU, but it is sort of my own mini-protest of homosexuality being illegal in the U.S military.

Things That Go Bump (In the Night): Yes, yes, I said I would, and I will. This is another karinxyuzu one shot.

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