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Name: Jessica

Age: ...stupid question much? I'm never gonna tell you

City: ...'Sauga...

...I have absolutely no idea what to put here. No I'm not stupid, i just don't feel like writing everything down that is in my shared account with Anti...As you can see, I am VERRY lazy. Meh I shall rant here...If you want my info, go search for anti-ica...have fun. Don't kill yourself in the process!

UPDATE 09/05/11

fdsakjfladsjkfsd. When I made this account in ninth grade, I was a stupid, bumbling idiot. Can't say I'm still not a idiot, but less of one now. I think. As of right now, I do believe that it is high time that I updated this thing and made into a real profile page...not whatever it is right now.

YOU SHOULD NOTE THAT: I enjoy being snarky and I usually have some smart comment to combat your idiotic tendencies. It pains me to no end that the fandoms these days are more lackluster than they used to be. If it was possible, I would live off k-pop, cuz its freaking amazing. Not that I'm subjecting you to my tastes.

I ENJOY: reading (be it manga, an actual book...whatever. Although I am highly selective.), watching anime (again, highly selective), being snarky (Alan Rickman as Snape is my GOD), people watching (watching life pass you by and the reactions that go along with it are the bomb. it feeds my soul. like reviews. there is nothing wrong with me. I swear.), eating (cuz ya know...its necessary) and sleeping (also necessary.)

I LOAAAAAAATHE: improper grammar, improper spelling, people telling me what to do, actually, I hate a lot of things. I think I could make an encyclopedia about the things I hate. urgh. I'm so totally sane.

Fave animes/mangas (in no specific order)

Prince of Tennis, when it more shounen...if that even existed. SPoT is weird and waaaaaaaaay to physics defying and trippy for my liking.

Fullmetal Alchemist, fraaaaaaaack. sooo amazing. go read it. now. NOW.

Bleach, although I personally thought it should have ended waaaay sooner than this. The new arc is like o.OO

Fruits Basket, made me cry, heartless person that I am.

xxxHolic, my god. words. it was awesome. bit of a mind screw, but other than that, highly recommended.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, the one above pretty much describes this one too. although it was much more trippy than needed. will probably not read it again due to MASSIVE MIND SCREW.

D.Gray-man, cuz its too cool. I don't actually know why I love it so much. prolly cuz of Kanda, the poor soul.


It would be nice if I could write Rikkai from PoT a little better. Some of you are just so hard to understand...-ahem- Jackal...I do think I shall start my little series as of now...albeit late.

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Sunday Mornings reviews
Sunday morning with Silver Pair.
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