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Author has written 3 stories for Star Trek: 2009, Enchanted Forest, and Holes.

Basically, I'm all or nothing in all that I do. I am usually a lurker, leaving no comments on the stories I read. However, when I find a really special one, I go all out, and write a freakin' page of a review. When I submit a story, I don't do installments, and I don't do grammatical errors. It's either perfect or it never happened. If you check, the only stories I have are complete and really, really long. Yeah, it's a pattern. No, it's not actually on purpose, it's just the way things are.

I have many different interests that all seem to lead back to my inherent quirks. One of them is fanfiction. Another is Star Trek. Another is Hajime no Ippo (this goes by the English name Fighting Spirit on ff.net, but whatever). Another is Batman. Another is slash. Another is... well, there are a lot more, but right now I consider them slightly impertinent, as in they are not of consequence at this moment in time.

iWrite, iDraw, iPaint, iRead, iPlay, iListen, etc. I'm dominantly right-brained but I can handle left-brained stuff pretty well because I'm balanced, so I do artsy stuff in my free time and non-artsy stuff in my work time.

My writing style: For all those who are unaware, as many should be, my style is highly quirky and sarcastic. I like to create a premise within a specific, recognizable genre and then directly cross the usual stereotypes within that genre. Sarcasm comes naturally to me, so sometimes I don't even know when I'm using it. No, really. Within a chapter, I like using ambiguity in things like point of view and intent. Denial in intention is one of my specialties within flow of consciousness, followed by slow realization of the truth. I'm a very philosophic person, and so usually I go for ultra-deep philosophic meaning within my stories (don't worry, this is all inherent within the situations presented and the following reactions to these situations by the characters, so you don't have to follow it like a Socrates debate... just read the story to have fun, seriously).

I don't write stories because I feel that I have to - I write because I enjoy it. I post them online afterwards because I feel that maybe others could enjoy them, and who am I to deny others happiness? I hate it when my favorite authors stop writing, so I guess that's why if I start a story and post it I must finish it.

One quick thing: I swear, completely swear, that every single word within my stories has been pondered over and contemplated. NO WORD is within a story by accident. NO WORD is a mistake. They are all on purpose. Bunches of ambiguity or double meaning are inherent in my work. If you want the whole picture, don't just skip over stuff and ladidadida. No. You read the carefully crafted text that has been prepared for you if you want to criticize it.

I try to go for realism and believability in my work. That means that I don't use random made-up characters, I only use what has already been made within the series. Otherwise, I think it's cheating. Also, I research things that need to be researched. So don't doubt those things, because I definitely know what I'm talking about when I spout off facts within them. If I didn't know, I looked it up. You can do the same if you like, but hey. I saved you the effort already. If I am writing a story about a slash pairing, I go for actual love and buildup of feelings, not just random spurts of uncontrollable desire. So don't count on that type of thing, because it ain't gonna happen.

About reviews: First thing: REVIEW! There is no better spark to my day. But here we go: what does happysquid008 like the most in a review? Well, you see, I appreciate comments about the storyline that deal with possible speculation, I appreciate comments about character development, about theme, about tone, about humor, about anything that makes you laugh or feel generally happy. I even like comments about what I did wrong, if they are actually constructive. What happysquid008 does NOT like in a review? General bashing of the themes and beliefs that I have attempted to express within this medium. I don't care if you don't like slash - just don't go looking for it when you hate it so much. Don't click on the link when you see it, geez.

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