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Name: Megan

Age: 24

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Studies: Animation and Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design! :D

Hobbies: Fanfiction, fanart (check out my gallery!), animation, fangirling, being a geek, and very little else! :P

Links of note:

I think of myself more of an artist than a writer, check out my fanart!


Updated October 27th, 2012

So, update on my life since I'm too busy for fanfics I'm sorry I'm sorry I know I'm sorry!

I'm an animation major at one of the best schools for animation, Savannah College of Art and Design. My main project I'm involved with right now is, get this, a FAN FICTION in the form of an ANIMATION! :D My Little Pony! No, don't run away, hear me out! It's AMAZING! I encourage all of you guys to go check out Double Rainboom! I'm backgrounds supervisor, as well as animator and storyboard artist. When the film comes out in early 2013, you'll see my touch here and there. :)

I'm also working on 4 other not-fan-fictiony student films, work as a Student Ambassador, and sleep. However, I DO occaisionally, late at night, when I can't sleep, think of a certain tortured young hero and the stories he's yet to finish living out... *sigh* hopefully sometime I'll finally update.


So, apparently all of my Teen Titans fanfics are rated as part of the top 50 best Teen Titans fanfics on the site based on favorites, reviews and follows... Thank you so much guys!! If you got here because you read Revenge of the Joker and loved it, you should go and read Never Alone! I honestly love it more than RotJ... and that's saying something.

(Should also be noted that, last I checked, I was THE TOP NON-ROMANCE TEEN TITANS STORY ON FANFICTION.NET! o_O Is this the real life??

Teen Titans: Revenge of the Joker/Return of the Joker

My pride and joy.

For those of you guys who are new to my stories, and worried about the M rating on this, it is what I would like to call a SAFE rated M. If it were a movie, it'd probably be rated PG-13, borderline R. Basically, my rule of thumb is if you can handle The Dark Knight, you can read this. I promise. xD I just want to try and keep the little kiddie kids away. (I know that doesn't really work, but it's a nice little try)

The sequel is on hiatus right now. I'm sorry. I know those two chapters are a total tease and it's uncool, but... I kind of psyched myself out on the sequel. I have a story I'd like to tell, and I want Robin to get back to the Titans... but my biggest fear is having a sequel that is so terrible it will ruin the original story, and I don't want to do that to you guys or to my story. Maybe one day, I'll get it done, or at least get something going... I just can't remember how the heck Robin gets out of Wayne Manor! XD

Teen Titans/ Never Alone

COMPLETED! If you read one of my fanfics and want more -- READ THIS ONE! This is actually my favorite story I've ever written, and it needs a LOT more lovin'!

Teen Titans/ Be Gentle With Me

This is the story I'm having the hardest time writing, which sucks because I actually know everything that's supposed to happen... Boy lovin' broke my heart, okay? Give me time to heal! xP

Mysterious Skin/Aftermath

I may end up rewriting this story, but I'm not pleased with where it is right now. However, there is SO LITTLE Mysterious Skin fanfiction out there -- While I get my shit together, people, PLEASE WRITE SOME!!! pleeeeeease!

Danny Phantom/A Terrible Loss

I dunno if I'll ever finish this one... maybe one day, but I'm actually quite sick of DP, and I wrote this AMAZING chapter 6 in April 2007 that made me cry all night, and then, my computer effing LOST it !! So, yeah. This one probably will be on hold for a long while yet. But I picked up the TT story after 4 years - maybe I'll do the same with this one? XD

If you enjoy my fanfics, you'll enjoy my FANART even more! Check out
(BE FOREWARNED!! Just because I didn't write my fanfics in forever doesn't mean I didn't draw them! There are spoilers!)

And the following fanfics of mine will never, ever, ever be completed, so don't ask (fortunately, no one ever does, because they are shite. I only keep them around for nostalgic purposes).

Witch Hunter Robin - Hacker of Solomon
Harry Potter - The Ring of Slytherin

Any comments, ideas, concerns, or declarations of war can be sent to melimsah at gmail dot com, but please, no insulting or flames or whatever. I am an overly sensitive person, and as such, insults from complete strangers can ruin an entire week for me. (And in result, a chapter can take that much longer to get posted)

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