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A Little Bit About Myself:

My name is Anna.

I live in England (I feel this is important to include because English and American writers use very different spelling and content and I get confused sometimes between American and English fics, although I have no preference between).

I absolutely love to write. I write both normal fiction and fanfiction. If I just want to write without having to put much effort into it, I write fanfictions because the backplot is already basically constructed for you and with a little imagination it isn't hard to create a story.

I only write Harry Potter fics for two reasons:
They are so well known that if there is any information you are unsure of you can just look it up and you'll find the answer. It is also so popular that whatever you write about is sure to be understood by almost anyone.
2. Because Harry Potter is a book based on magic, there isn't a thing you can't create as a plot without it seeming plausible. This gives you complete free reign on your imagination.

Full Story Summaries:

Multiple Chapter Stories:

Selling Souls
My attempt to tackle a stereotypical plot choice used commonly in Harry Potter fanfiction: The old Headboy and Headgirl stuck sharing a tower story . . . Hermione sells her soul to Draco to prove a point: that it isn’t actually possible to own another person’s soul. But weird things start happening and she soon finds out that she shouldn't have been so hasty to sign that slip of paper. She knows she has to get Draco to give her back her soul before things go too far, but Draco has realised what is happening and is enjoying his new found power over Hermione. How long before things start to go horribly wrong? And to what lengths will Hermione go to get back what is truly hers? Rated M for later chapters.


Rated M



Pictures for the inspiration of the costumes and ballroom can be found here!

An Orange Sky Sirius and Remus are granted a youth potion by the ministry, for their huge contribution to the War, which turns them into their eighteen year old selves. With the War fresh finished and the destruction just being cleared, they find themselves with no where to go back to. Dumbledore kindly grants them a summer stay at Hogwarts while homes and lives are rebuilt. Harry, Hermione, Draco (who switched sides during the War), Fred and George jump at the chance of residing in Hogwarts with no teachers and pupils and Dumbledore away on business, and request to join them. Together they plan for a fun Summer with little hard work and a relaxing time after the strain of the War. But a strange guest joins them. Estelle is a ghostly figure from the past and with her comes memories and feelings most have been struggling to keep hidden. She too is suffering from memories she has been running from her whole life and familiar faces may cause her to break. Meanwhile a strange power hidden within the castle is growing stronger and more powerful. Lying undiscovered, it is only a matter of time before it escapes its prison. Can the group help each other forget and heal or will the strain of past memories split them apart? And what is the power threatening to escape its bonds? What will happen if it does?


Rated M


Warning: Includes Rape/violence!

COMPLETE! (the SEQUEL A Night's Sky is officially up! Please check it out!)

This is for those of you who are curious to know what I think Estelle Harper looks like. (click link)

A Night's Sky - Eirlys Harper has built a life for herself at Hogwarts, away from her crazy mother, despite the fact that she must put up with her classmates calling her a squib. But after the strange death of a Housemate, Eirlys doesn't feel quite so safe anymore. Suddenly her friend Bettany is insisting the teachers are lying and that there is something more to the simple explanation the Headmistress has given for the death. Could it be there is some kind of plot going on? Determined to find out why she is being lied to, Bettany enlists Eirlys and their friends to find out what is really going on. But as the body count rises, things begin to become more and more dangerous for them. And without being able to tell which teachers are lying to them or not, who can the friends turn to for help? It seems like there is an enemy around every corner as they try to find out what is really happening before more people get hurt. Who or what really killed the students? And why does everything seem to be linked back to Eirlys?

This story is perfect if you are looking for a fic that has the real Harry Potter vibe to it, i.e. a whole host of new students and teachers, quidditch, lessons, house rivalries, fantastic plot twists and secrets, unfathomable characters, and all set within Hogwarts' walls. Especially good for those who love a good murder mystery with plenty of twists and turns of events. Expect to see a few old faces too! Set approximately 17 years after the books, this is the SEQUEL to An Orange Sky but can be read on its own. In fact, I encourage people to read this story before reading An Orange Sky!

Mostly OC, but with a few characters from the books

Rated M


On Hiatus.

Healing Grief -
After losing his parents and beloved sister to the Dark Lord, Lucas, a loner who attends Hogwarts, finds that he can transform into a merman, his tragic experience causing him to become a Magimagus. With his new skill Lucas enters into a new and comforting world in which he finds he can finally fit in. But the school is under seige from Deatheaters and Lucas finds that he must choose between his new life and the one he is so eager to leave behind. Can he choose right from wrong? And what path will allow him to heal his grief?


Rated K.


On Hiatus.

Founders, Keepers


Rated M


DELETED as I am thinking of turning it into an original story.


The Snowgirl - A picture perfect scene, the snow rolling in a perfect white blanket, she was so happy. It's a shame it had to be spoilt. The snow is muddy brown now, stained by her blood. A tragic oneshot of a love that couldn't survive the War's influence.

HG/DM or if you have read An Orange Sky it was meant to be between Estelle and Damiene.

Rated K



Paradise Lost
- Written for the challenge Paradise on the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum, and which came in second place, this is my interpretation of events involving the Order between the years 1980 and 1981, when many members of the Order of the Phoenix were brutally murdered. I tackle the growing tension in the Order as more members are killed and the rising suspicion as it is discovered there is a mole amongst them. I've also tried to include a few little details about every member. Depicted from the point of view of Marlene McKinnon, who was killed along with her family in July 1981. The story is a LOT better than the summary.


Rated T



Don't Be Hasty
Ron watches helplessly as Hermione falls for his older brother. A short songfic written to the song Jenny, Don't Be Hasty by Paolo Nutini.


Rated K



Hidden meanings in An Orange Sky:

For information on Estelle's Middle name (Chapter III) visit this website:

For information on Lilith (Chapter XIII) visit this website (you don't have to read the text but pay close attention to the pictures!):

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Selling Souls reviews
Hermione sells her soul to Draco to prove a point. But weird things start happening and she soon finds out that she shouldn't have been so hasty. She knows she has to get Draco to give her back her soul before things go too far, but Draco is enjoying his new found power over her. To what lengths will Hermione go to get back what is rightfully hers? HGxDM
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An interpretation of the events between 1980-1981, involving the First Order of the Phoenix and its members, when many members were brutally murdered by the Dark Lord and his followers. From the point of view of Marlene McKinnon, who was killed along with her family in July 1981, and showing the shifting suspicions within the Order as they begin to realise a mole lurks among them.
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