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Real life sucks losers dry, if you want to fuck with eagles, then you have to learn to fly.

Dont take life so seriously, no one makes it out alive anyway.

Im not weird, my normal is just different than yours.

In a world full of cherios, be a fruit loop.

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned of their motives.

There are two things you can do. Nothing, and like it. -Aj Styles

In life there are winners and there are losers. Be Jealous! -Mizorrison

Nice guys finish last. Thank God I'm an asshole! -Mr. Anderson...Anderson

Pro-wrestling is real...Mr. Anderson. People are fake...Anderson.

Is that a Tara shirt? We sell those? -Matt Morgan

Put some gold around that waist to go with those cool tattoos...and make up...and hair gel. -Matt Morgan

Chapter 22 section 6 in the book of DILLIGAF says both of you can kiss my tattood ass. -Shannon Moore.

I want to congradulate you on your magician skills, cause' later on you made your partner disapear.-Shannon Moore.

I shine when I sell.-Jeff Hardy.

Whether Im a heel or a face Im gonna get my shit in.-Matt Hardy.

Brother just because I got on flower tights doesnt mean Im gay.-Matt Hardy.

Before you even had your Hardy boy starter kits. -Alex Shelley

Exactly what are you here to save us from?...Well your boring personality for one...-Chris Jericho & Randy Orton.

I did not sleep with that young intern..., as a matter of fact, I was up all night(insert crotch chops and DX music.)-Shawn Micheals

It is better to be pissed off than to be pissed on.-Shawn Micheals

You could be my son... I sure as hell hope not.-Jeff Hardy to Vince McMahon.

I'm going to be your hero, whether you like it or not.-Randy Orton

Life is like a linebacker, it hits you hard and fast.-David Cannon.

Bands/Artists I listen to:

Limp Bizkit, Atreyu, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Hinder, Afi, Linkin Park, Lost Prophets, Saliva, Makeshift Romeo, Aries, Rev Theory, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Seether, Disturbed, framing hanley, hollywood undead, Five Finger Death Punch, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Veer Union, Medina Lake, Like A Storm, Papercut Massacre, Downstait, Deepfield, In This Moment, Halestorm, Strait Line Stitch, Cavo

Shows I watch:

TNA, raw, smackdown, ufc, bodog, WEC, Tapout, and the Ultimate Fighter. (I love fighting.)

Tna stars I like:

Aj Styles- One of the greatest showmen ever, has the most potential of any new-be I've ever seen. Respect him because he has been through hell to do the moves he does just so we can be entertained. He hurts for our sick pleasure of watching it.

Samoa Joe- Deserves his title, title shot, or match. Give him just about anything he wants, and give him respect, he's earned it.

Petey Williams- Has the fourth most kick ass move ever, and deserves another title shot, because he has been screwed out of everything he's done lately. But, drop the Little Petey Pump gimik. (Former but still TNA in my heart.)

Matt Morgan- I've made this statement before, I like em' big or small there is no happy medium. Matt Morgan is a prime example. Great person, a lot of fun in person, and easily distracted when there is one random girl in the audeince(ME!) yelling for him. Super nice guy, loves his fans. If you ever get a chance to meet him, while he is face or in normal mode, do it! And when he tells you to boo him, don't listen, he doesn't mean it.

Tyson Tomko- Thank you for going to TNA, it is well past your time for a good push.

Eric Young- I love EY. Its something about these scratchy voiced men that attract me. Deal with it.

Jeff Hardy- Like is an understatement. I spend every moment I can spare thinking about him, and wishing him the best. He drug me out of my little dispair world and took over. A fantastic athelete, the next Shawn Micheals, a title justly deserved, one of a kind, and one of the biggist fan favorites ever. No matter what happens he always has me, I will never leave him. I wish him the best of luck in his future away from WWE.

Rob Van Dam- For all of those five star frog splashes, split leg moonsaults, and rolling thunders, I thank you.

Hernandez- True talent, nice guy, and great onscreen personality.

Consequences Creed- So this is not for Lethal Consequences, it is just for Creed. He's a good athlete but I love him because he was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. Great great person, no questions asked, and oh so polite. (Former, but always in my heart.)

Mr. Anderson- For those of you that hate Anderson, really get to thinking about it, why do you hate him? Is it because he is a loud mouth? Or is it just something about him? Well guess what, shut up, he has done exactly what he had to do to get to where he is.

WWE Stars I like:

Randy Orton-Let us see, he is sinfully sexy, hott as hell in his viper pose, has the greatest butt known to man, the best pair of thighs since RVD, a smirk that I would melt in the presence of(Did nearly pass out from), a smile that could break any defenses, never alowed to say the f bomb because I would die, and let us not forget that is without a doubt one of the greatest talents ever seen. A true blue sweetheart who even though was having a bad day spent time with us signing autographs taking picutures having a conversation with us and being a genuine person. A fantastic athlete, a drop dead gorgeous man, and a personality that i would love to lick as much as his thighs. For those of you that are currently thinking he is an asshole, you are right; he's cocky, you're still dead on. Guess What Bitches: I love that in a guy! To be blunt, my absolute favorite ever, something just makes me melt about the mans personality, and the looks help. But in reality his character and the person he is off screen are two totally different people, and it just makes me love him more. I have a Legend Killer complex, and you can ask my friends, I would defend him til the end of time.

Matt Hardy- Without him Jeff never would have made it and I know it, so thank you for pushing him to be what he is, and for keeping him out of trouble. Deserves a singles title, give it to him!

Evan Bourne- This is for those of you who think that I follow only main stream wrestling, I loved him as Matt Sydel too when he was in WSX. Any man who does the shooting star press earns respect and mucho love from me.

Edge- I do not like Edge as a heel particularly. I do not like the Amy situation. But as a person Adam Copeland is a good guy who got into bad stuff, I may not always like him on screen, but I do like him.

Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Micheals, and Chris Beniot- Honorable mention, Just kidding, you did just as much as anyone else on this list, God gave you talent, and you took it to great limits, keep screwing the critics and doing it big!

Christian- You are without a doubt the Instant Classic, and despite my greatest efforts to hate you, it has never been possible (except when you were feuding with the Hardys and John Cena), you are a great talker, and you are empowering, when you speak, I listen. Thank you.

For Eddie Guerrero, Chris Beniot, Andrew "Test" Martin, and Umaga- No matter what the results say, I love you all, wish you hadnt left us so early, and God be with you.

Ted Dibiase Jr.- Okay so me and my friends spent like in total an hour or so talking to him and I will say right now that he was the sweetest, most lovable, biggest fan oriented, southern gentleman, and had a great sense of humor. He even remembered us the second time through. If you ever get a chance to sit down and talk to him do it, you will not regret it.

Cody Rhodes- He gets honorable mention because he can roll with the punches, ask my mother about yelling at him for a picture.

About Me:

Dont hate me, because you dont know me, if anything I've said offends you, deal with it, because its my opinion and I have a right to state it. Im an individualist, dont like me dont look at me. Love Jeff Hardy and everything about him, you have a problem with him dont tell me. If you have a problem with Randy Orton, I would have to tell you to go puck yourselves, but that would be mean, so... you can slit your wrists, get pissed, and go jump off a bridge. Nicer?

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