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Author has written 15 stories for Supernatural.

Update: October 24: Am hoping to update the two open stories more regularly.

'Through the Never' - Chapter 18 is up. Sorry for the reeeaaaally long delay on this one. We are heading into the finale, which, true to form, will be at least two to three chapters (I never do things the easy way). Watch this space...

'Shadows' - Chapter FIVE is finally up - the plot thickens...

Special Shout Out to Ria Lucas for supplying me with my avatar image. All hail the Dragon Slayer!

Now onto my profile. Let me see... I do have a better profile from the left...

I'm an Aussie spec-fic writer with a horror/dark fantasy bent. Am a HUGE fan of Supernatural (obviously) and am surrounded by the insane. My partner (he denies it), my kids (who revel in it), a cat who I'm sure is bi-polar, a new kitten that drives her crazy (and I'm sure she hates us for), a dog who thinks he's a person (and who sadly passed away last week). A heap of friends (though they'll never admit to it) and the fantastically gifted fanfic writer from the UK - drum roll please... Kes Cross! (Yo, Kes!) whose insanity has linked us over the oceans. I'm sure the dark lord himself put us together, but that came back and bit him on the bum. :-) Check out Kes' work, it'll blow your socks off...if you're wearing socks, that is. If not, well that's really none of my business is it?

I'm also one of five writers who banded banded together to write a 'Series 3' season of Supernatural, as a way to fill in the void left after the writer's strike (GO the WGA!). 'SNSIE' (Supernatural Stand-In Experiment) was the lame name we gave ourselves. Like SN Season 3, ours was also a short 'season'. The link is below for anyone who wants to take a gander:-


So I'd just like to say, let your imaginations run wild. It's a wonderful ride!

Oh, and we all know that reviews are the food that keeps a writer alive. So feed us! Please!

Well the voices in my head have said that's enough for now and the cat has just pee'd on the rug...bugger.


Story Series:

Battle Weary; To Hell and Back; Armageddon.

Follows the journey of Dean and Sam from discovering a new 'ability' to the battle to end all battles. They form a new and strange friendship with two others that are more like them than they realise.

The Crone; Return of the Dragon Slayer; Through the Never.

AU. When Sam's visions drag him and Dean to New York, little do they realise it will set them on a path that has been destined for millennia. Portents, prophecies, myths and death follow them on a journey that began as a simple hunt then turned into a fantasy-filled odyssey.

Forsaken; Holier Than Thou; Requiem.

Dean and Sam's lives are turned upside down in a back-water town that holds a dormant evil with special plans for the brothers. But the arrival of two others sets in motion an alliance that could either save them or break them. Secrets are discovered as the brothers are forced to deal with their inner demons. (Note: YED still in play.)

Echo; Shadows.

Myth becomes frightening reality for Dean and Sam as they are dragged into a clash against what they always believed to be superstitious lore. Legends are dispelled and others become startlingly real as the Winchesters are faced with a choice that could tear them apart - a choice that hangs on their trust of a mysterious stranger.

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Rae Artemis Is Crazy by Rae Artemis reviews
The title is true. These are in no particular order, I will let you know in AN's for each chapter. More to come, yes that is a threat, evil laugh, please R&R.
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Through The Never reviews
AU. Dean remains haunted by his son's kidnapping. Held by a madman determined to corrupt his boy & bring about the destruction of all worlds, how far will Dean go to save him & who will he sacrifice to do so? Third in The Crone series. Reviews appreciatd
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 24 - Words: 109,212 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 8/28/2016 - Published: 8/25/2007 - Sam W., Dean W., Bobby S.
Shadows reviews
A haunting scream from the past, the malevolent whisper from damned lips and a troubled dream puts Dean back on a destined path. A path he and Sam must take to save someone who believes all is lost. A path that's mapped out in shadows. Sequel to Echo.
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