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"I always had a chance to fit in,

but for the first time in my life...I want to stand out!"

~ ikachu :) ~

I'm in this world, not of this world. but, hey!, I have my own world!
and this is one of the gateways to my world! so step into my world.
I'll take you're hand...

and discover.. me! in my make-believe world. :)

Ika was..
a regular girl, with regular hopes, and regular dreams, very ordinary.

Ika is..
a bitchy gal, with dangling-on-a-string hopes, and over-extraordinary dreams,

going wild...

and she is looking for..
her heart.

"I have traveled half across the world

and came back home

just to find what I'm looking for"

"Well i'm going home

back to the place where i belong

and where you're love has always been enough for me

i'm not running from

no i think you got me all wrong

i don't regret this life i chose for me

but these places and these faces are getting old

so i'm going home"

"I don't want to fall to pieces

i just wanna sit and stare at you

i don't want to talk about it

i don't want a conversation

i just wanna cry in front of you

i don't want to talk about it

cuz' i'm in love with you"

~ we d0n't have t0 lo0k perFect t0 l0ve perFectLy ~

" there's n0 p0int 0f hiding

I am a hiKari "

" i wanTed y0u . . .

t0 fiGht f0r me "

~ l0ve was neVer bLind, iT seEs buT it doesn'T

minD ~

girLs aRe speciaL 0ne’s creaTed bY G0d,

iF y0u praiSe heR, shE thinKs y0uR lyinG

iF y0u d0n’T y0ur g00d f0r noThinG

iF sHe taLks sHe waNts y0u t0 liSteN

iF y0u Listen sHe wanTs y0u t0 taLK

iF y0u kiSs heR y0u’Re n0t a gentLemaN

iF y0u d0n’t y0u’Re n0t a maN

iF y0u agrEe t0 aLL her likes y0u’Re a wiMp

iF y0u d0n’t y0u’Re n0t unDerstanDinG

s0 simpLe

yeT so compLex

s0 weird

yeT s0 beAutifuL

tHat’s a girl!

A n0n-unDersTandabLe creAture

wh0m guY’s l0ve t0 l0ve a l0t!

~ if y0u reaLLy l0ve something set it free

if it c0mes back t0 y0u

its y0urs

if it d0esn't

it was never meant t0 be . . . ~

" d0 y0u kn0w why i picked y0u?"

he asked

" because f0r y0ur in formation

i d0nt think any guy in the right mind w0uld bE in a reLati0nship with y0u"

she just wanted t0 slap him there and then

"d0n't sLap me just yet"

he answered t0 her th0ught

"i think y0u a seLfish, inc0nsiderate, sp0iled braT tHat 0nly caRes ab0ut herself"

tHe m0st n0n-undersTandabLe pers0n

i haD eveR met in mY wh0le lifE!"

he sTated

" lo0k, hiwaTari, iF y0ur trYing t0 win mE back

y0u'vE goTTa tRy beTTEr tHan tHat"

sHe l0oked at her side, anD wHat awaits fr0nt

"lo0k, i g0Tta go--"


he sh0uted to her

sHe was g0ing t0 g0 away anD he d0esn't wanT tHat,

he neVer wants heR t0 leave his siDe


Some words of wisdom and some of the most famous lines I used or will use in my upcoming or coming up fictions.

About ME:

Sex ( just gotta love that word ) : Please refer to paragraph 5 of the words of wisdom

Nationality : I am a filipino, puntangina sa mga nagsasabing walang ka-talent-talent and mga tao dun! well, fortunately i'm 100 pure pinay so...just shut the fuck up!

Age : I am at the bid line of 12 and 14, duh?! I'm thirteen years old ( omg! so lng )


Never look forward if you can't face the truth ( brace yourselves )

Favorite Anime:

DN angel

Tsubasa Resevoir Cronicle

Full moon wo sagashite

Ouran Highschool Host club

Chobits ( XD hehehehe )

Theif and Detective ( hahahaha . . . YAOI! )

Queerie Eerie ( yaoi! yaoi! )

Naruto ( it's not actually one of my favorites but it'll do )

Favorite Pairings :

Numbah 1!

Numbah 1!

SatoxRisa duh?!

Meroko and Izumi ( in the manga of full moon wo sagashite, they look so sweet )

DaisukexDark hahahaha, i always wanted the good guys to be with each other forevermore, besides Daisuke and Dark looks like -GAY-

KradxRiku ( I always wanted to read something like that . . . )

or what if (XD)

Krad on top of Dark who is on top of Daisuke whose on top of Riku?!

that'll be so much fun to read something like that . . . hehehehe


Least or hatest pairing :


To the following pairings, no offense but I just really don't like'em, it's not my fault I just don't, so please to people who likes the pairing I despise the most, sorry, I just sorta hate when the characters that I like is paired with another. I have my likes and you have yours, like what they say, "we don't HAVE to look alike to think alike"

So here it goes:

Dark and Risa ( ewwww )

Riku and Satoshi ( barf . . . )

and to make it so much shorter, pairings that includes Satoshi and Risa NOT being together


Mei Pic. Mei Crush! Zero from Vampire Knights..haha! avatar from


LET'S TALK! disturb me, disturb you!, chat me, chat you!, mail me, mail you! haha! talk to me! whenever or even wherever. i'm here to talk about it!...n0thing, i'm just 0ut of my head, but if you guys want to talk about something about FanFiction or not or whatever, love me or even hate me, whatever just add me up! at your Yahoo! Messenger lists it's:

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