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Age: 39 (work) ? (varies at home) (Currently on indefinite Hiatus until further notice. My apologies for being away for YEARS. But the real world takes precedence before what I love (Keeping a roof over my head. Full time work. ETC.), SO PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR IT :(. I'll come back to you guys...someday. Pray for me...and thanks for still showing so much love to me and my stories. Later for now.)

The Fanfiction Forum: New! Old

Residence: Now residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hobbies: Reading and writing fanfics (Not so much lately since I'm tired as shit after work), video games, traveling, enjoying life as much as I can

Current anime favorites: Nothing at the moment

Current game(s) played: Senran Kagura Estival Versus, Walking Dead: Michonne, Minecraft Story Mode (Isa is a BEAST! Nice new character Telltale.)

Anime and Manga watched/read: Will always be too damn many to count or remember LMAO XD.

Favorite Naruto Characters: (Ninja)-Naruto, Gaara (Kunoichi)-Temari, Hinata, Sarada (A great character who in my opinion is a better developed character than her father and mother) Sakura (I will always have my issues with her. But she found happiness and closure. So I'm cool. Though seriously, Gaiden did her dirty.), Samui (Other)- Shion

Favorite Pairs-Games & Anime

Cousland (Male) or Amell (Male)/Morrigan- Brosca (Male)/Leliana- Aeducan (Female)/Gorim- Tabris (Female)/Zevran- Cousland (Female)/Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins)

Hawke (Male)/Isabela (Dragon Age II)- Extra Note: I know Isabela gets a LOT of grief due to her looseness (Which I do admit, is understandable.). But when you romance her, you get a chance to see how she ultimately came to be who she is (Which is expanded more in the comics), ultimately showing a broken and lonely soul behind that swashbuckling smile. A broken and lonely soul who's afraid to love again. Don't get me wrong, I like Merrill. But I can't see my Guy Hawke with anyone else.

Male Inquisitor/Cassandra- Female Inquisitor/Cullen or Solas (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Extra Note: See you in DA4, Dread Wolf.

Lee/Carly (Walking Dead Game) Extra Note: May Lee, Carly and the others who I liked and fell in Season 1 and 2 rest in peace. Clementine, I hope that you're well in Season 3.

Bigby/Snow or Nerissa (The Wolf Among Us) Extra Note: I know that Bigby and Snow are canon, but with the way Snow is acted in the game (I know it's 20 years before the events in Fables, but still...) kind of annoyed me (And yes, I know about her past, and Bigby's too.). It's kind of sad that Faith and/or Nerissa (If you saw the ending, you'll understand why I added the and/or.) treated Bigby better than the woman who'll bear his children in the future. Get it together, Snow. Try to at least understand Bigby's pain. Yours is not the only one that counts.

Claus/Lavie or Sophia or Tatiana or Alister (Last Exile) Extra Note: A truly classic series that I would recommend to everyone. It truly can stand alone, despite the weak ass sequels that followed it. Some things should just be left alone.

Ouri/Minai or Nozomi- Makina/Keisei (Shikabane Hime) Extra Note: As I once said in my current anime favorites, there are certain aspects of the series that seems to be too forced. Bringing Ouri and Makina together is one of the top ones. From what I've seen, they have NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL beyond just close friendship (Hell, she nearly killed Ouri, TWICE!). Keisei would have lived until the end of the series if he acted like the smart fighter he was in the early parts of the series instead of being so kamikaze in later battles (It was as if he was TRYING to die.). As far as Minai and Nozomi goes, they were two potential love interests for Ouri (Minai especially, after the way that bastard monk Isaki treated her, regardless of their 'link' in the OVA. He wasn't as bad as her husband, but he was pretty damn close.), one of which would've been a perfect partner to him, and they both ended up dying and being treated in a most sad and terrible way (Damn you Toya x(! You got off easy, despite your tragic past.). Simply put, it was truly a waste of two characters that could've been so much more than they were. May those two poor souls rest in peace :(.

Yuichi/Any Girl, Especially Mai, Makoto and Shiori (Kanon)- Extra Note: Another great series that is part of the KEY trio, this one is definitely a favorite of mine now. Yuichi can pretty much be with ALL the girls in the series. He's that good. Though series wise, I wish they would have held off on the Ayu kiss till near the end and not have Nayuki's story swallowed up by Ayu's (She may be his cousin, but I would make an exception with her. She is just too cute.). Her story deserved to be told without Yuichi leaving her alone like that and just thinking about Ayu, nearly killing himself in the process (Another reason I like Makoto. She really saved his bacon.). Other than that, I recommend this beautiful series to ANYONE.

Hisao/Lilly or Rin or Hanako (Katawa Shoujo)

Junichiro/Ran or Ell or Kuon (My Girlfriend is the President) Extra Note: It's a shame Kuon doesn't get a route in the game or the fan disk. She truly deserves one.

Natsu/Erza or Lisanna-Grey/Juvia-Loke/Lucy (Fairy Tail) Extra Note in regards to Natsu/Erza: As much as I love the sexy Lucy (Despite her being a bit of a diva. I actually liked Edo Lucy more.), the chemistry and deep feelings shown between the hot badass knight and our favorite dragon slayer is UNDENIABLE (The whole Jellal/Magic Tower arc alone is proof of this)! And yet there are so many fics with Natsu and Lucy as a pairing, while there is little to none of this one! What's worse, not only are there more fics of Erza with Jellal, but Hiro Mashima himself seems to have brought them together, despite the fact that he does NOT deserve her after the crap he pulled on her (Brainwashed by Ultear or not, it's still no excuse.). Even Jellal himself agrees, despite that very close 'deer caught in the headlight' kiss in the manga! WTF were you thinking?! Lucy and Natsu are close, but I see nothing beyond really close friends (Haru and Elie of Rave Master had more chemistry.). This pairing needs so much love, it hurts.

Tomoya/Any girl, ESPECIALLY Tomoyo (Clannad) Extra Note: Great characters, great story, great series overall. As for the girls, the beautiful badass with the gray hair holds a special place for me and is VERY compatible with Tomoya (Her arc, the anime episode and her Visual novel proves this.), arguably more than Nagisa herself (She reminds me too much of Misuzu from Air, though that's not a bad thing.). Nevertheless, this is another series I recommend to anyone.

Takashi/Saeko or Saya- Kohta/Saya (Highschool of the Dead) Extra Note: Why is it that Rei is not included in my favorite pairs, despite her being a hottie? Answer this question. If Hisashi had lived in the beginning of the series, would Rei be clinging to Takashi like she does now? HELL F'ING NO. Besides, the way she hurt Takashi throughout the series with her thoughtless words, her selfish and jealous moments, and how she callously broke up with him by dating his best friend BEHIND HIS BACK and not even facing him when he found out the truth (She didn't even apologize to him for doing it until much later, which made it even worse.) shows that ultimately, SHE DOES NOT DESERVE HIM. PERIOD. Even the sharp girl with the sharp tongue Saya (Who genuinely cares about him and has feelings for him despite her occasional tsunderish ribbing.) is a better catch, though I do like her with Kohta slightly better. Saeko is beautiful, badass, honorable, sensitive, mature, honest and truly cares for Takashi, a person who she respects, treats like a man and who completely accepted her, dark past and all. A feat that not even Rei could do in all the years she knew him in their childhood, even with a childhood marriage promise. Honestly, there is just no comparison.

Muneakira/Yukimura and/or Matabei (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls)

Kazuma/Any Girl EXCEPT Ayano- Ren/Ayumi or Kanon (Kaze no Stigma) Extra Note in regards to Ayano: Sorry Ayano fans, but there are 4 reasons why I dislike her with Kazuma. 1) Most of the cast are more mature and, as far as certain women go, a better catch for the wind user than her. 2) She can't hold a candle to Cui Lin, and not only is she dead, but there were only a few flashbacks of her! 3) She is a selfish, jealous, petty, arrogant, high maintenance, thoughtless bitch that rivals Naru Narusegawa in temper. And 4) HER AND KAZUMA ARE FAMILY! A FAMILY WHICH TORTURED AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSED HIM AS A KID, AND NOW WANTS TO SET HIM UP WITH HIS COUSIN JUST TO PROTECT THEIR FAMILY LINE x(! Need I say more?

Reiji (Zwei)/Cal (Drei) or Mio (Phantom: Phantom of Inferno) Extra Note: As much as I end up respecting Elen (Ein), especially after the awesome fight in her ending, if she had not protected that nasty SOB Scythe Master from being killed by Zwei at the harbor, none of the insanity that happened afterwards would have happened (They're more brother and sister than a couple anyway, even in her ending.). Besides, Reiji and Cal are more alike and have been through more things together in that one year than Elen and Reiji did in nearly three (Though admittedly, their ending did kind of suck.). Still, I feel for all three of them, and Mio too. No one should be handed a cruel fate like they were dealt. May they all find peace.

Shinjiro/Ratchet or Subaru (Sakura Wars: So Long My Love) Extra Note: I may love Gemini and the others (There really is no one you can truly hate in this game, though Sunnyside came close with me LOL XD.), but Shinjiro's interactions with these two are truly romantic, cute and unique, which is what sets them apart from the other ladies, Gemini included. And unofficially or not, Subaru will always be female to me (There are too many hints that prove otherwise if you pay attention.). I hope they bring Sakura, Ogami and company to the states as well. It may be old school, but it's a great game and series all the same.

Minato (Makoto)/Mitsuru or Elizabeth or Fuuka (Persona 3 FES) Extra Note: As canon as Yukari (Too many 'I'm a bitch' moments with her. Especially with Mitsuru, Junpei, and ironically enough, Minato himself.) and Aigis are (I do like her, but her development with Minato was WAY too late. You don't even see her for a WHOLE month! And no, The Answer does not count as far as I'm concerned. EVERYTHING is WAY too forced.), these three ladies, despite being shafted by the game and fans alike (Shame on them x(!), shared the most intimacy, cuteness and romance with Minato (Makoto), especially Mitsuru and Elizabeth. Mitsuru admitted loving him since the beginning at the end of the game. They wasted too much time with her and Yukari. And for the record, the fact that Yukari was the one cheering up Mitsuru in Kyoto after her father died, which she admitted to Minato (Makoto) she kind of wanted in Yakushima, was kind of sad and stupid. In addition, her relationship with Akihiko was PLATONIC, which they both admitted to honestly and without embarrassment. Furthermore, she calls him by his name WITHOUT the suffix, showing that she was DEEPLY in love with our hero. As for Elizabeth, not only has she made love to Minato (Makoto), but is currently looking for a way to revive him, WHICH IS CANON and, unintentional or not, kind of negates what happened in The Answer. There needs to be more stories about these three, seriously. Canon is not always best, whether it be in games or stories. That's one of the reasons why there is fanfiction. Remember that authors, fans and readers.

Souji (Yu)/Naoto or Yukiko or Chie or Rise or Ai (Persona 4)- Souji (Yu)/Naoto and/or Marie (Persona 4 Golden) Extra Note: I must admit, it was tough choosing a lady love for our hero in this game (And in Golden, with the exception of Marie, you should only choose one, OR ELSE...). All of them have great qualities and have good reasons to be with him (As much as there are fans of Yosuke and Chie, what our kung-fu lover says to him when fighting Izanami shows she loved Souji (Yu).). Souji (Yu) and Naoto reminds me so much of Minato and Mitsuru. Cute, romantic and intimate. They are my #1 favorite pair in the game, with Marie from Golden being a strong rival (A tsundere done right. Who knew LOL XD?). As for Ai, despite how she is in the beginning, I can understand and sympathize with her from my own personal experiences, and she easily became a favorite after finishing her link properly. I'm glad I can play it now and am looking forward to Persona 5.

Croix/Mir (Jacqli) or Cloche (Ar Tonelico 2)

Lyner/Misha or Shurelia (Ar Tonelico)

Aang/Toph- Zuko/Mai or Katara (Occasionally)- Sokka/Suki or Ty Lee (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Extra Note: Yeah, yeah. I know Avatar is considered a cartoon. But it has anime qualities that most animes don't these days. I still can't believe Nickelodeon created it. And for the record, in my personal opinion, Katara and Aang will just be friends/brother and sister to me, regardless of that series finale kiss or The Legend of Korra. The relationship was WAY one-sided (She had more chemistry with Zuko! There is a reason it is the #1 fan pairing in the series.) That badass earthbender with the attitude had more in common with our airbender. If the two had more interaction (She went on the journey FOR AANG!), which was SEVERELY lacking due to the creators intervention, they would be a couple. PERIOD.

Korra/Bolin- Mako/Asami (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) Extra Note: As far as the new series goes, it was definitely interesting and fun to watch. Though, to be honest, the season finale felt rushed, weird and too complete (Though I did enjoy watching it.). Everything was pretty much done at the end unlike in the old Avatar series where Aang and the others had a purpose to continue during their season finales. It makes me ask "What's the point of making a second season?". One thing is certain, Korra is a badass. And even though Mike and Bryan now has officially set the Korra/Mako pairing in stone despite BEING OBVIOUSLY RUSHED AND FORCED (How in the blue hell did he know where Korra was after she left and met Aang? And how did he get there?! He could've just waited for her to come back, seriously x(.), once again, like Toph and Aang, the lovable earthbender still has more in common with our waterbending tomboy. Though having Bolin's heart broken by watching her and Mako kiss did kind of piss me off. He DID NOT deserve that x(! As far as Asami goes, I'm not pleased with Mako, at all. The fact that he not only couldn't be honest with her about his feelings for Korra, but didn't give her the kindness or courtesy to break cleanly with her in order to spare her feelings just angers me and annoys me to no end. No character in the old series would have done this. After everything that's happened to her, from losing Mako to Korra, her home and family name being ruined, and her sorrowful situation with her father, SHE DESERVED BETTER! BOLIN DOES TOO! Nevertheless, she and Bolin are still great characters with great potentials that I hope both don't fall by the waist side if they decide to make a new season. What made the first Avatar series great was ALL THE CHARACTERS, good and bad, were enjoyed, remembered and respected by the fans. Not just a pairing that fans thought were cute. Remember this, Mike and Bryan.

Eva (Molly)/Jordan (Oban Star Racers) Extra Note: Yet another cartoon that has anime qualities, Oban Star Racers was the best series on Jetix, period. It's still one of my all time favorites. I finally got the chance to watch the classic series again in its entirety. Though these two didn't get as much romantic time together as I'd like, they had their moments, which easily earns them a place here, despite their sad parting of ways :(.

Hotohori/Miaka (Fushigi Yugi) Extra Note: Don't get me wrong. I personally like Tamahome/Taka. But there's something about these two that screams pure romance. Even though Hotohori got married in the end (The fact that she looked like a certain character who died I will not get into.), I truly felt sorry for how Miaka brushed him off (It may have been unintentional, but it was kind of cold how she did it, especially after he saved her life. It would probably lessen all the hate she gets from fans.). Ah well, C'est la vie. It was a good series all the same, despite all the unnecessary drama.

Setsuna/Marina- Saji/Louise- Allelujah/Soma (Marie) (Gundam 00)

Kira/Lacus or Flay (Gundam Seed) Extra Note: It kind of sucked that Cagalli and Kira were related, no disrespect to Athrun mind you (They just looked so cute together in the early parts of the series.). Despite the sins she did, may poor Flay rest in peace :(.

Yusaku/Kyoko (Maison Ikkoku) Extra Note: Even though I like Love Hina, the charm, maturity and humor of this series makes Maison Ikkoku a timeless classic, even after 20 years. Nicely done Rumiko Takahashi. This is the only series you have that I have no issues with. I wish Akamatsu had taken a few pointers from you.

Lelouch/C.C. or Kallen or Shirley or Sayoko or Kaguya or Milly (Code Geass)

Manabu/Yuki (Galaxy Railways)

Van/Hitomi (Escaflowne)

Klien/Veola (Atelier Iris) Extra Note: I would choose that cute, cookie eating shopkeeper over that jealous, petty Lita ANY DAY. I ALWAYS wear the Ring of Love accessory she made me :)! Why she did not get an ending I will NEVER understand :(.

Renton/Eureka-Dominic/Anemone (Eureka Seven) Extra Note: A great end to a great anime. Well done Bones :)! I wish all the Eureka Seven characters the best :). And may Ray and Charles rest in peace.

Light/Misa (Death Note)

Simon/Yoko (Gurren Lagann) Extra Note: May that annoying, idiotic, reckless and brave badass chatterbox of a hero Kamina rest in peace.

Yukito/Any Girl (Air)

Tohru/Kyo or Momiji- Yuki/Machi- Haru/Rin (Fruits Basket) Extra Note: Don't knock this series. It is a surprisingly great, powerful and realistically emotional series. I'm glad I took a chance with this. I can see why it held the #1 manga spot throughout the world back then.

Negi/Any Girl, especially Kaede, Makie, Ayaka, Nodoka, Yue, Setsuna and Evageline (Negima) Extra Note: The only ten year old who can see a woman's intimate parts and have the girls still go crazy over him, even in the end of the series! King of the Marshmallow Empire indeed ROTFLMAO XD! Though seriously, Akamatsu, next time you make a series with a lot of ship tease, let the hero have a happy ending with at least one x(!

Haschen/Melvina or Sherris (Growlanser: Heritage of War) Extra Note: Don't get me wrong. I love the sexy fan-wielding princess of Cyriltia. But the goddess like, cool scythe wielder of the PMB has a great depth of character that is rarely seen in females in RPG's as of late that slightly edges her out from Sherris. Now if only they bring out Growlanser 1 and 6 to the states, even for a Vita port or digital download. Get to work Atlas! It's truly sad this awesome series is so underrated :(.

Keitaro/Any Girl, Especially Motoko and Kitsune but EXCLUDING Naru (Love Hina) Extra Note in regards to Naru: I may be a gentleman, but this needs to be said. Naru is THE BIGGEST fickle, impulsive, jealous, petty, selfish, shallow, hot-headed, spiteful, evil, violent, wishy-washy, bi-polar BITCH I have ever seen in all the years I've read mangas and watched animes x(! She's like 1st Arc Sakura, Asuka and Kagome all rolled into one (Shudders in fear)! Hell, even Keitaro's adopted sister Kanako is a better catch (Much props to her knocking the shit out of her in the manga :)!)! If it wasn't for her fan service, her popularity would pretty much drop to zero ROTFLMAO XD!

Train/Saya or Kyoko or Saki- Sven/Eve or Rinslet (Black Cat)

Saya/Haji- Kai/Irene or Mao (Blood ) Extra Note: I know that Saya and Kai are not related by blood (No pun intended XD.), but them being in a relationship since they're brother and sister is just too weird to me :p.

Ash/Misty or Anabel or May or Dawn or Angie-May/Drew-Brock/Q. Lucy or Holly (Pokemon) Extra Note: Dawn may be a sprite ten year old girl, but there are some cute stories of her and Ash on the site (Why artists make females in anime so cute is beyond me LOL XD.). In any case, when it comes to Pokemon and girls, Ash is da man, even if he is clueless LOL XD! . Good luck being a doctor Brocko :)!

Naruto/Any Girl Especially Temari, Hinata, Shion and Samui (Naruto) Extra Note: Wow. After 15 years, Naruto is over. Though the series will continue in other medias. Did I have issues with the series? Yep. Did I fall out of love with it sometimes? Definitely. But I'm glad I stuck with it until the end. And despite how people may feel about the ending (Shipping or otherwise, filled with a crap ton of hate on the net, by Kami :(.), one thing is clear. The world is at peace, the characters we fell in love with are happy, and Naruto's dream came true, he became the greatest Hokage in Konoha. And I'm content with that. Thank You Kishi, and Thank You Naruto. It was a hell of a ride.

Ichigo/Senna or Rukia or Tatsuki or Riruka- Uryu/Orihime or Nemu (Bleach) Extra Note: I have nothing against Orohime. She is a beautiful and smart girl, despite her weirdness and horrid cooking skills (Though Kubo really made her character TOO complex, especially during the whole Aizen/Hueco Mundo Arc. And don't even get me started on that stupidity she did during the Muramasa filler arc.) LOL XD. And Tatsuki is very cute too. But there's just something about the chemistry between the two soul reapers (Or Shinigami to you Japanese fans) that just makes them so great together (Despite Kubo's relationship chart.). But then again, Senna could have given her a run for her money. I truly wish she were canon. She was a great character. May she rest in peace and always be remembered in Ichigo's heart :(. And take care of yourself Riruka :(. Ichigo won't forget you, and neither will we. I wished you had stayed. And Unohana, if you are truly gone, please rest in peace :(.

Roger Smith/Dorothy and Angel (Big O) Extra Note: Why should he pick just one? With his mad skillz of negotiating, Roger could have both ROTFLMAO XD!

Felt/Noin (Atelier Iris 2) Extra Note: Tell me Noin did not look SEXY in that dress! Too bad Felt was so clueless and Noin wasn't more aggressive (Viese is his SISTER you knuck knuck XD!).

Ramza/Agrias or Meliadoul (FFT)

Samanosuke/Kaede (Onimusha 1)-Jubei/Oyu (Onimusha 2)-Soki/Jubei and/or Ohatsu (Onimusha 4)

Shinji/Misato or Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Extra Note in regards to Shinji/Misato: I said it before and I'll say it again. KAJI DOES NOT DESERVE MISATO, THE DIRTY S.O.B.! If only Shinji was 10 years older, AND EVA 3.0 DID NOT EXIST x(. Rest in peace, my favorite fan service girl :(.

Mcdohl/Kasumi (Suikoden 1 and 2)

Riou/Eilie (Suikoden 2) Extra Note: It would have been funny if Eilie and Rina had tag-teamed the boy LMAO :)!

Hugo/Chris or Lilly or Belle- Thomas/Cecille (Suikoden 3)

Lazlo/Millay or Mizuki or Paula or Mitsuba or Kika (Suikoden 4) Extra Note: It may not have been the best Suikoden, but at least Lazlo (Or Trent as I first called him when I got the game.) was surrounded by just as much hotties as Prince Falenas (Or Rofel as I first called him.) ;)!

Prince Falenas/Miakis or Luserina (Suikoden 5) Extra Note: Sorry Lyon, but you're JUST TOO OVERPROTECTIVE! Give him some space! Oh well, Miakis is MUCH better anyway ;). A great fighter and spellcaster, very attractive and has a great sense of humor :)! STUPID KONAMI x(! They should've switched bodyguards!

Jaden/Alexis (Yugioh GX)- Red Hat/Alexis (Yugioh Tag Force 1-3) Extra Note: It's too bad Alexis wimped out like Tea and Mai did in Yugioh. As king of duel academy, Jaden deserved his queen :)! But at least you can interpret her ending any way you like in Tag Force 3. Now if only I can get a copy of the DAMN GAME x(!

Yusei/Aki (Akiza) (Yugioh 5D's)- Red Hat/Sherry or Misty or Akiza (Yugioh Tag Force 4-6) Extra Note: I wish Aki (Akiza) the best as a doctor. I hope she'll meet Yusei again someday. Now if only they translated Tag Force 6. STUPID KONAMI x(!

Yami Yugi/Tea-Yugi/Rebecca-Jowy/Mai (Yugioh) Extra Note: I really wished Yugi had told Tea about Marik possessing her. I would have paid to see her beat the hell out of that cowardly bastard (He got off WAY too easy x(.)! Dartz deserved to be stomped too (Possessed or not.)! And as far as I'm concerned, Ishizu (Isis) will always be a hottie to me ;)!

Wein/Riviera or Arieta (Growlanser II)

Slayn/Yayoi or Monika (Growlanser III) Extra Note in regards to Slayn/Yayoi: I just wish the good ending was more satisfying. The Bad one was better. Go figure.

Crevanille/Any Girl, especially Maggie, Silverneil, Pamela, Eliza and Frayne (Growlanser IV) Extra Note: I'm so glad that this game came to the West, and that they added new content to it compared to the original, especially the new characters and endings. My favorite of the new characters being Maggie. Smart, Sexy and absolutely Adorkable. I wish her and Silverneil were playable characters.

Tai/Sora-T.K./Kari-Takato/Rika or Jeri (Digimon)

Fuu/Jin-Mugen/Yatsuha (Samurai Champloo)

Haseo/Shino (.Hack Roots)-Haseo/Alkaid or Shino (.Hack G.U.) Extra Note: Atoli is just too naive and annoying for my taste. Besides, I got two words that make Alkaid and Shino the best choices for the adept rogue in G.U. Honeysuckle Blades LOL XD!

Kite/Blackrose or T.Ryoko or Natsume or Gardenia (.Hack games)

Hero/Medea or Jessica (Dragon Quest 8) Extra Note: Too bad there isn't an alternate ending with Jessica. I think her and the hero had just as much chemistry as him and Medea.

Hero/Rosa or Scarlet or Charlene (Metal Saga) Extra Note: I wish that Scarlet ending rumor was true. A sad fate for such a kickass character. And why didn't they give Rosa an ending since you can do so much stuff with that rich tank hottie? STUPID ATLUS X(!

Claude/Chisato or Precis (SO2) Extra Note: Let Dias have Rena. She definitely seemed to want him in Disc 1. Big brother MY ASS x(!

Fayt/Maria or Nel (SO3) Extra Note: Sorry Sophia, Maria fits Fayt so much better (Intelligent, beautiful, strong and just plain sexy in all her outfits :)!). I'm surprised she wasn't the main female. Too bad there's not too many fics on this great couple (Why there are SO DAMN MANY Fayt/Albel fics is something I'll never understand. And all because of one stupid, poorly worded Private Action. Blech :b.).

Inuyasha/Kikyo (Alive) or Sango or Ayame- Michiru/Sango (Secret of the Cursed Mask) (Inuyasha) Extra Note: I wish someone would tell Kagome to 'SIT!'. A selfish, jealous and just plain petty brat x(! Gives Inuyasha all that grief, yet she always screams his name when she's in danger. And his friends ALWAYS take her side, even when she's wrong! WHATEVER x(! Let Koga have her! And Miroku, you may have gotten Sango in the regular series (I still feel he does NOT deserve her and that their relationship was forced.), Michiru will ALWAYS own you, and he'll ALWAYS have Sango's heart in the game. He truly deserves her, and the demon hunter thinks so too. Why Takahashi did not make him and Kaname canon in the series, despite the fact that she created them, is yet another thing I'll never understand x(.

Ulrich/Yumi-Jeremy/Aelita (Code Lyoko) Extra Note in regards to Ulrich/Yumi: Just friends huh? MY ASS! I wished they'd just hook up in the end!

Ed/Winry or Rose (Full Metal Alchemist) Ed/Winry- Al/Mae Ling (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Extra Note: I thought Lyra was hot too. DAMN THAT DANTE X(!

Luffy/Nami or Vivi or Boa Hancock or Nico Robin-Zolo/Tashigi or Nico Robin (One Piece) Extra Note: I know I put Nico Robin for both Luffy and Zolo, but after reading the Water Seven Arc (Where she wore that SMOKING HOT outfit), our rubber pirate definitely deserves a crack at the sexy genius!

Keiichi/Belldandy or Urd or Skuld or Peorth or Hagall (Ah My Goddess!) Extra Note: I personally like Peorth. That sexy french goddess can shower me with affection anytime ;)! And Hild's #2 girl is insanely smexy. I wouldn't mind see some fanfiction of her. K-1 is such a LUCKY BASTARD XD!

Katsushiro/Kirara-Kikuchiyo/Komachi-Shichiroji/Yukino (Samurai 7) Extra Note: If Kirara wasn't so wishy-washy with Katsushiro and Kanbei, she wouldn't be alone. A beautiful, but stupid girl. What are you gonna do XD? At least her younger sister had more sense LMAO XD!

Tidus/Any Woman Especially Lulu (FFX) Extra Note: I like Yuna and Rikku, But I LOVED flirting with Lulu. Waaka doesn't deserve a HOT spellcaster like her ;)!

Vahn/Mei (Legend of Legaia)

Jack/Alicia or Morgan or Flau or Rachel (Cornelia) or Elena (human) or Ridley (non-human) (Radiata Stories) Extra Note: It was a great game, but the endings on both sides were a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT :(! Oh well, at least I got a date with that Vancoor hottie Alicia :)!

Adol/Terra or Olha (Ys-The Ark of Napishtim) Extra Note: Terra may have an annoying voice, but being a young pirate hottie is her saving grace LMAO XD! Besides, you can always play the game with the Japanese voices.

Meis/Any Woman except Palma and Nelsha (Thousand Arms) Extra Note: Palma may be an attractive priestess, but she is THE MOST HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRL I'VE EVER SEEN (Taking five baths a day?! MY ASS!) x(! I know she had a childhood incident, but come on! Even frog cap wearing Marion is more normal than her LOL XD!

Locke/Celes and/or Terra (FFVI)

Serge/Leena (Chrono Cross) Extra Note: If Kid wasn't such a tomboy and didn't nearly destroy time, she'd be more of a catch. She should've gotten Lucca's letter sooner.

Chrono/Marle (Chrono Trigger)

Ginta/Snow (Koyuki) or Dorothy (MAR) Extra Note in regards to Dorothy: There's something about that hot red-head of a witch that makes her so appealing :). Why she's in love with that goofball of a hero is beyond me ROTFLMAO XD!

Rudy/Jane (Wild Arms, Wild Arms Alter Code: F) Extra Note: I have nothing against Cecilia, but I think that gun-slinging cutie in the yellow dress fits our wandering hero like a glove :)!

Lang/Nancy or Sharon (Legaia 2)

Kiyo/Megumi-Zatch/Tia or Kolulu or Laila-Wonrei/Li-en (Zatch Bell)

Tetsuro/Maetel and/or Claire (Galaxy Express 999)

Al/Leona (New Dominion Tank Police)

Lenneth/Lucian (Valkyrie Profile) Extra Note: That kiss they shared at the Weeping Lily Valley is still one of my favorite RPG romantic moments.

Harlock or Tochiro/Emeraldes (Various classic anime movies) Extra note: Harlock is one of the most COOLEST characters in classic anime next to Queen Emeraldes herself. They will always be my favorite space pirates ;)!

Vanilla/Connie or Savory (Steambot Chronicles)

Chrono/Rosette (Chrono Crusade) Extra note: It's a very good anime/manga. It just sucks that almost everyone dies, especially that german hottie Satella, yet that bastard Aion lives in the anime :(! Sigh, oh well...

Ranmaru/Kureha and/or Sakura (TOKKO) Extra note in regards to Kureha and Sakura: They're both sword swinging hotties to me LOL XD! If it were me, I'd choose Kureha. It's not everyday you meet a strong, fun loving and flirtatious woman who only has her butterfly tattoo and her open jacket to cover herself ROTFLMAO XD.

Spike/Faye (Cowboy Bebop) Extra Note: I'm such an idiot for not adding this classic anime pairing. For two people who constantly get on each other's nerves, the chemistry they have together is undeniable.

Jinto/Abriel (Crest of the stars/Banner of the stars I, II and III) Extra Note: Another classic anime pairing from an underrated, but awesome sci-fi anime/manga. Who says royals from different worlds can't love each other completely LMAO XD?

Abel/Asta or Noelle- Ion/Esther (Trinity Blood) Extra Note in regards to Ion/Esther: Yeah, Yeah, I know that they show Abel and Esther together at the end credits. But I personally think the methusalan prince and the nun turned queen are a better match (Even Empress Seth agrees :)!). Besides, those two spunky women (Especially Asta.) would definitely give Abel some good lovin' ROTFLMAO XD!

Noata (Ta-kun)/Any or all girls (FLCL) Extra Note: Why the hell do all the brooders get the women in anime these days :b? And women wonder why chivalry is dead ROTFLMAO XD.

Favorite Anime Songs (In no particular order) Note: Sadly, due to Youtube's BS, most of these are not available due to some copyright nonsense. Still, hope you like the ones that do work. If you find new links to these, please PM me. Enjoy :)!

Over the Sky by Hitomi Kuroishi (Last Exile Ending) Regular- Full Version End Angel Feather Version- Extra Note: As I mentioned before, Last Exile is one of my favorite anime series of all time. This is one of the reasons why.

Cloud Age Symphony by Shuntaro Okino (Last Exile Opening) Regular- Full Version-

Sky's the Limit (Persona 4 Animation Opening) Regular- Full Version-

Beauty of Destiny (Special Mix Version) (Persona 4 Animation Ending) Regular- Full Version-

Key Plus Words (Persona 4 Animation Opening #2) Regular- Full Version-

Kizuna No Chikara (A.K.A. The Way of Memories) (Persona 4 Animation Ending #2) Regular- Full Version-

Beginning by Angela (Shikabane Hime) Full Version-

Beautiful Fighter by Angela (Shikabane Hime Opening) Regular- Full Version-

My Story by Angela (Shikabane Hime Ending) Regular- Full Version-

Hikari, Sagase Naku Tomo by Angela (Shikabane Hime Ending #2) Regular- Full Version-

Adieu by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop Episode 25) Extra Note: Truth be told, I just recently found the full extended version of this classic, which only played for less than a minute in the episode. And I'm glad that I did. A truly beautiful and sad song that's deserved to be heard fully.

Hoshizora No Waltz (Waltz of the Starry Sky) by Minami Kuribayashi (Rumbling Hearts ending song) Extra Note: A beautiful and sad song that will make you smile and/or cry at the same time (I kid you not). Fitting for such a beautiful, controversial and real story that Rumbling Hearts tells.

Secret Sorrow by Koizumi Kohei (X: The Animated Series ending song)

It's not easy by Hitomi Tohyama (Wicked City song)

Kiss me sweet (Sakura Wars: So Long My Love ending song) Extra Note: A beautiful, cool and romantic song that is sung by the Hoshigumi ladies (Gemini, Subaru, Sagiitta, Diana and Rika). You can't help but enjoy it. Special thanks to moufusan on Youtube for making such an awesome AMV for this song.

Karinui by Noto Mamiko (Hell Girl Ending Song #1) Regular Version Video by Noto Mamiko

Aizome by Noto Mamiko (Hell Girl Ending Song #2) Regular Version Video by Noto Mamiko

Konoyo no Uta A.K.A Saya's theme (Black Cat) Extra Note: A beautiful, but sad song that will tug at your heart strings. May the beautiful and spirited sweeper rest in peace.

Tori no Uta by Lia (Air Opening Theme) Live performance by Lia

Yakusoku wa Iranai (A.K.A. No Need for Promises) by Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne Opening Theme) Regular Version Full Album Version

Hikari no Naka E (A.K.A. Walk into the Light) by Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne song Ep. 24) Full Album Version

Tomodachi by Maaya Sakamoto by Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne song Ep. 6 & 8) Full Album Version Live Version with Yoko Kanno on piano and Yakusoku wa Iranai medley opening

Kutsuzure by Ryoji Matsuda (Black Cat Ending theme #2)

Colors of the Heart by UVERworld (Blood Opening song #3) Regular- Concert Version by UVERworld

Brand New Map by K (Blood Final Ending Song) Regular- Full Version

Ai no mi (A.K.A Who Theme) by MINMI and Fujabes (Samurai Champloo Ending Song Ep. 12) Concert Version by MINMI

Rewrite by Asian Kung Fu Generation (Full Metal Alchemist Final Opening Song) Concert Version by Asian Kung Fu Generation

I Will by Sowelu (Full Metal Alchemist Final Ending Song) Regular- Video by Sowelu

Tobira no Mukouhe by Yellow Generation (Full Metal Alchemist Ending Song #2) Regular- Full Version-

Yasashi Yoake by See-Saw (.Hack Sign Ending Song) Regular- Full Version-

Sayonara by Mary Macgregor (Adieu Galaxy Express 999 Ending Song)

Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung Fu Generation (Naruto Opening Song #2) Video by Asian Kung Fu Generation-

You by Kazami (Samurai Champloo Ending Song Ep. 17) Regular- Video by Kazami (Jap.Version)- Extra Note: If there was a theme song that reflects the NaruTema romance in my story The Clan of Currents or that reflects the Michiru/Sango romance in OrionPax09's series Legend of the Cursed Mask, THIS IS IT :).

Go! (Fighting Dreamers) by Flow (Naruto Opening Song #4) Video by Flow-

Seishun Kyōsōkyoku by Sambomaster (Naruto Opening Song #5) Regular- Full Version-

Wind by Akeboshi (Naruto Ending Song #1) Video by Akeboshi-

Ryuusei by TiA (Naruto Ending Song #6) Regular- Video by TiA-

Soba ni iru kara by AMADORI (Naruto Ending Song #11) Regular Full Version (AMV)

Hero's Come Back! by nobodyknows (Naruto Shippuden Opening Song #1) Regular- Video by nobodyknows-

D-tecnoLife by UVERworld (Bleach Opening Song #2) Regular- Concert version by UVERworld-

Thank You! by Home Made Kazoku (Bleach Ending Song #2) Regular- Concert version with interview by HOME MADE Kazoku-

Turquoise Blue by Fujimaru Yoshino and Hitomi Ono (Golgo 13-Queen Bee) Regular (Warning: Contains spoilers for ending)- Concert Version (Jap. Version)-

Silly-Go-Round by FictionJunction YUUKA (.Hack Roots Opening Song) Regular- Video by FictionJunction YUUKA-

Suigetsu Kyouka by ALI Project (.Hack Roots unofficial Haseo/Shino song- Various early episodes) Extra Note: When this song played during the Haseo/Shino scene at the nighttime Arche Koeln waterfall in .Hack Roots episode 10, it was truly romantic. It remains one of my favorite moments in the .Hack series.

Unlimited by Nanase Aikawa (Samurai 7 Opening Song) Regular- Extended Version-

"Fuhen" (Ubiquity) by Rin' (Samurai 7 Ending Song) Regular- Full Version-

Voices by Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus) English Version Japanese Version Extra Note: One of my all time favorite anime songs. The melody is so haunting, emotional and beautiful. I love both versions :).

Living Inside the Shell by Steve Conte (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd Gig Ending Song) Extended Version

A Cruel Angel's Thesis by Yoko Takahashi (Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Song) Regular Full Version Extra Note: One of the greatest anime opening songs for one of the greatest and most controversial animes of all time! Nuff said ;)!

Kiseki no Umi by Maaya Sakamoto (Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Opening Song) Regular- Full Version- Extra Note: The series may not have been as great as the original Record of Lodoss War, but it's opening song is better than the original opening in my opinion. The original should have gotten this song LOL XD.

Give a Reason by Megumi Hayashibara (Slayers Next Opening Song) Regular- Full Version- Extra Note: Ahh, Slayers :). One of the best animes of all time with it's great blend of action, drama and comedy. Very few animes these days can mix these genres so great together like this series.

Jama wa Sasenai by Masami Okui (Slayers Next Ending Song)

Breeze by Megumi Hayashibara (Slayers Try Opening Song) Regular Full Version- Extra Note: I just love the guitar player in this song :).

Midnight Blue by Megumi Hayashibara (Slayers The Motion Picture (A.K.A. Slayers Perfect) Ending Song) Full Version

Shounen Heart by Home Made Kazoku (Eureka Seven Opening #2) Regular- Fickle Remix by Home Made Kazoku- Extra Note: The Fickle Remix of this song is interesting to say the least. Check it out.

Fly Away by Izawa Asami (Eureka Seven Ending #2) Regular Video by Izawa Asami

Sakura by Nirgilis (Eureka Seven Final Opening Song) Regular Video by Nirgilis

Ride on Shooting Star by The Pillows (FLCL End Song) Regular Video by The Pillows

Shooting star by Home Made Kazoku (Naruto Shippuden Ending song #1) Regular Full Version


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Shinobi Rule Number 25- A NaruSaku WAFF and NaruTsu family oneshot based off of manga chapters 404-406 (Complete)

Naruto Flower Tales: Ino Remix (Complete)

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Honeysuckle-A .Hack Roots/G.U. HaseoxShino oneshot. (Complete)

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A Month of Winter Chapter 1: The 'Beast' of Hinata House- An interactive dark LH story where I start it off and other authors finish it. (Complete...for now.)

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TCOC Temari-

TCOC Naruto-

Sandy Kisses (NaruTema pic. Not from story.)-

Clan of Currents- Festival (Naruto, Temari, and their children Takara and Arashi.)-

Naruto, Temari and Baby (NaruTema pic. Not from story, but can be intrepreted from it :).)-

NaruTema- Moonlight (NaruTema pic. Not from story, but can be intrepreted from it :).)-

NaruTema- With Your Life (NaruTema pic. Not from story.)-

NaruTema- Chibi Love (NaruTema pic. Not from story.)-

Naruto and Temari (NaruTema pic. Not from story, but can be intrepreted from it :).)-

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