The Hunters who Flame
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Behold...your destruction!

If you are here...we have offended you.

In that regard I have this to say...grow a FUCKING BACKBONE SHITSTAIN!!

Still annoyed...fuck it!

Look he's an English bastard, just like I'm a psychotic Irish bitch. We both hate the French and find the Welsh extremely confusing!

Now...fuck off and annoy someone who gives a shit.

A "spechul" thanks to DMG18. Our first are honored!

Message of the day 16/6/07 - Crack out the most expensive wine that doesn't come France, the hunters are celebrating! Why you might ask. Well we have a story written about us. Not only that, my friend the Irish bitch is doubly happy because in this story she got that death threat she's been longing for. Isn't it grand!? Our gratitude to M. Soames. We didn't know you cared. We are absolutely delighted and we just thought we'd share the joy with everyone... not the alcohol though. That's just for us.