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The New Rose by TheDemonHiei reviews
Ruby is tired of being neglected, criticized, and being called a brat by her team. After an incident with them and Team JNPR, she decides to do something about it. With a new outfit, new weapon add on, and a new combat style Ruby sets to become the huntress she always wanted to be. Question is, will her team be happy with that?
RWBY - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 24 - Words: 153,528 - Reviews: 464 - Favs: 997 - Follows: 1,183 - Updated: 8/20 - Published: 9/16/2020 - Ruby R., OC, Team RWBY, Team JNPR
Time Erodes All by Spartansneverdie312 reviews
Issei gains the memories of his past life as Morax, and is content to live out his retirement as a mortal. Unfortunately, something is wrong in the Town of Kuoh and it is up for him to figure out what.
Crossover - High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D & Genshin Impact - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 22,453 - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 608 - Updated: 8/12 - Published: 7/2 - Zhongli
Round Two by Rouge Ebony reviews
Joker defeated the false god... but at what price? His friends lay dead around him as he pulled the Trigger to drive Yaldabaoth out of existence. But Fate is kind to the Trickster for once and grants him a Second try to make things right and save those closest to him. Will he succeed? what else has changed in this new game? Akira Kurusu x Harem. lots of genderbent characters.
Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 252,677 - Reviews: 792 - Favs: 1,970 - Follows: 2,266 - Updated: 7/28 - Published: 10/30/2018 - Akira K./Ren A.
The Data Hero: King by DonutMaster2000 reviews
Normally Izuku Midoriya is born quirkless and proves himself worthy of the greatest power, but here the circumstances are different. Here he was born with a special quirk that allows him to befriend some strange creatures. Now they must prove themselves worthy to be called knights and Izuku their king.
Crossover - Digimon & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 16 - Words: 101,255 - Reviews: 161 - Favs: 497 - Follows: 555 - Updated: 7/10 - Published: 12/4/2021 - Alphamon, Dukemon/Gallantmon, Omegamon/Omnimon, Izuku M.
A Wolf in Remnant by Endoa reviews
Cloud expected to join the Lifestream when Loz and Yazoo shot him from the back and unleashed an explosion right into his face. Instead of joining Zack and Aerith in the Lifestream, he instead got another assignment: Save a world from destruction all by himself.
Crossover - Final Fantasy VII & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 100,697 - Reviews: 216 - Favs: 669 - Follows: 853 - Updated: 7/9 - Published: 5/17/2020 - Cloud S.
Sword and the Stone by LetsJustForgetThis reviews
Shirou Emiya had not been ready for the Clocktower. He lacked roughly seven years of the background required to do anything of value there, and the attempt to teach him was cutting into Rin's own research time. So Zelretch decided to send the boy away to another world to complete his 'magical primary school education'. Not like he has the power to say no.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Fate/stay night - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 38 - Words: 137,643 - Reviews: 1894 - Favs: 2,943 - Follows: 3,685 - Updated: 6/27 - Published: 4/6 - Shirō E.
Game Time (HIATUS) by CrimsonRev reviews
Izuku had been diagnosed Quirkless when he was four, causing his life to spiral down a cycle of ostracism by his peers. Ten years afterwards, he discovers a new Quirk, a Gaming Quirk... his own Quirk. [M-Rated for Harem and steamy parts from Chapter 11 and onward] [This is a collab fic with DavidHatter16] [Cross-posted on A03]
My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 121,439 - Reviews: 238 - Favs: 896 - Follows: 1,116 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 7/20/2020
The multi king wizard by dannyrockon122 reviews
" To think I just wanted to have a normal year here, but curse my Potter Luck as I am in a tournament where I could die but oh well time to count up the medals.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Kamen Rider - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 35,640 - Reviews: 87 - Favs: 120 - Follows: 111 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 6/14/2021
Just when you think by lasilia reviews
Belladonna Melania Potter-Black knew that she wasn't normal even for wizarding standards. But getting stranded in a different world after an accident took the cake. Hey, at least she didn't have to deal with Britain... she was going to make the best out of her situation no matter what. May have some romance down the way. Minor three-way crossover with Fate/Stay Night.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 33 - Words: 383,850 - Reviews: 488 - Favs: 1,608 - Follows: 1,696 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 3/18/2017 - Harry P., Sephiroth, Angeal H., Genesis R.
The Red Dragons Realization by Dark Ray Destroyer reviews
During Issei's fight with Vali, he realizes something he should have a long time ago, filled with rage and a new attitude what will he do? Godly strong Issei, less prev Issei, smart Issei, Anti-Hero Issei, Issei x harem, otherwise it won't be Highschool DxD, along with small elements from other anime's, like Dragon Ball, and Fate/stay night, and etc. Even some Ooc characters
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 38 - Words: 287,410 - Reviews: 370 - Favs: 1,512 - Follows: 1,416 - Updated: 3/21 - Published: 1/1/2017 - H. Issei, S. Irina, Raynare, Kuroka - Complete
Phenex by Avenger06 reviews
Full summary inside. Short summary: Now that everyone in class 1A has their provisonal hero licenses, it is now time for their first mission. Operation Phoenix Hunt
Crossover - Gundam UC & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,872 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 2/8 - Published: 2/2 - [Izuku M., Rita B.]
Solo by CrazyClouds reviews
Trapped in the virtual reality game turned death-trap, Kirigaya Kazuto- known as Kirito here- has only one choice: beat the game. Unfortunately, Kirito doesn't trust anyone else to do it. So, he embarks on a journey to destroy this world single-handedly. Armed with a secret, Kirito is able to stay far ahead of the front lines- several floors ahead. And hopefully, closer to the end.
Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 14,661 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 400 - Follows: 522 - Updated: 11/27/2021 - Published: 4/3/2017 - Kirito/Kazuto K.
A Dragon's New Purpose by Saber of Red reviews
After the berating he received from his friends, Issei chooses to become strong for himself and not others. But he somehow feels lacking in his drive. At that time, a certain dimension crossing vampire shows up and makes him an offer. Join Issei as he becomes stronger and gains a new purpose in his life, with assistance from the great troll Zelretch himself. OP!IsseixRavelxHarem.
Crossover - Anime X-overs & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,796 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 450 - Follows: 498 - Updated: 10/15/2021 - Published: 3/26/2020 - H. Issei, Ddraig, Ravel P.
Zero-One Deku by Firem78910 reviews
All his Life Izuku Midoriya has been told he could not be a Hero and to seek out a new dream but he perseveres until All Might himself told the same with no hope life came back home to learn his Great grandfather from his mother's side passed away but has left him with both the Power and the Words to become a Hero now armed with the Zero-One he take UA by storm Izukuxharem no OFA
Crossover - Kamen Rider & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 10 - Words: 43,616 - Reviews: 108 - Favs: 368 - Follows: 368 - Updated: 9/5/2021 - Published: 1/1/2020 - [Izuku M., Melissa S., Ochako U., Tsuyu A.]
It's How You Play the Game by Trace Carter reviews
In the world of Remnant, there are dark forces that lurk behind the scenes and monsters that prowl the night, preying on the innocent. Huntsmen and Huntresses are trained to fight them, but now, an individual emerges with the power to change the the game. Gashat! I'm a Kamen Rider. Being edited by RSBCS
Crossover - Kamen Rider & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 18 - Words: 39,680 - Reviews: 55 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 139 - Updated: 8/11/2021 - Published: 12/18/2017 - [OC, Ruby R.] Team RWBY
Infinite Stratos: The Iron-Blooded Devil by Azure Dragon of the East reviews
During the Mondo Grosso, Ichika was believed to have died in the chaos of his kidnapping. five years later, a new student has come to IS Academy with a bizarre new IS. "Let's go, Barbatos!"
Crossover - Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> & Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 35,427 - Reviews: 195 - Favs: 543 - Follows: 617 - Updated: 7/22/2021 - Published: 10/31/2018 - Ichika O., Houki S.
The Dragon Joker! (CW) by Codey-Wraith reviews
Events can change a man, for Issei it was seeing the tears of the one he owes everything to. With the aid of his adoptive uncle he will make things right. I don't own Kamen Rider or Highschool DXD.
Crossover - Kamen Rider & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 66,843 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 125 - Updated: 7/22/2021 - Published: 11/15/2016
Bakugan: True Evil by Bakuganman reviews
(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Bakugan, just this story) Not long after Dan and Drago leave, a Dimension Tunnel opened, sucking in Dan's and Drago's boat. They find themselves in the Doom Dimension and were greeted by... Apollonir! After battling him, he and the other Ancient Warriors explain that the universe wasn't saved, a new evil was coming. Who or what is this New Evil?
Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 44 - Words: 51,737 - Reviews: 110 - Favs: 55 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 6/28/2021 - Published: 11/19/2016 - Complete
Medusa's Kid by ZeaDragon reviews
If anyone were to pay attention to the Servant at that moment, they would see Medusa's expression gradually shifting into looking like a deer in headlights, even through her blindfold. Her, a mother? It only took a single glance at the little one and those sparkling green eyes to see what he thought about that idea. She groaned inwardly. (actually a fem!Harry fic)
Crossover - Harry Potter & Fate/stay night - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 8 - Words: 46,821 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 1,212 - Follows: 1,580 - Updated: 5/21/2021 - Published: 12/13/2020 - Harry P., Waver V., Medusa
The Dragon of Bael by TheMaousEmpire reviews
Issei was relieved from Rias after he freed her from Raiser. But instead of being stripped of his pieces, he's traded to Sairaorg, heir of the Bael clan. With a new start, he'll make new bonds and grow stronger not for oppai but to show the woman he fell for how big of a mistake she made.
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 22 - Words: 93,602 - Reviews: 1546 - Favs: 3,772 - Follows: 4,248 - Updated: 4/7/2021 - Published: 11/9/2017 - [H. Issei, Kuisha A.] Sairaorg B.
Alternate Chronicles: The Xros Heart Familiar by DragoHeart57 reviews
In another alternate universe, Sean Sky was on his way to visit a friend and show off his new Digimon collection, that is, until he gets pulled into the world of Halkeginia by a certain pinkette. Now, living life as a Familiar and as the leader of Xros Heart, Sean Sky must be ready to deal with all kinds of crazy. T for blood, violence, sexual themes etc. OCxTabitha
Crossover - Digimon & Familiar of Zero - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 5 - Words: 23,313 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 92 - Follows: 92 - Updated: 3/31/2021 - Published: 4/15/2014 - Shoutmon, Tabitha
Daughter of Night Raid by Avenger06 reviews
After the fall of the Empire, Akame found a way to bring all of Night Raid, including the dead, and their teigu to remnant. Here, she got married and had a Daughter, Ruby "Gin'nome" Rose. Watch as we explore Ruby's adventure with multiple teigu thought Beacon and beyond. Updates will be at random as I am busy, Please comment and critique as this is my first story.
Crossover - RWBY & Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,481 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 65 - Updated: 3/25/2021 - Published: 12/26/2020 - Ruby R., Akame
Heroes of Remnant by mtnetwarrior reviews
Upon learning that humanity on Remnant is teetering on the brink of extinction, Philemon travels there to make a bargain with Salem. A handpicked team of heroes will attempt to appeal to the Gods of Light and Dark, and change their hearts about mankind. What Salem doesn't know... Is that her own heart might be changed in the process...
Crossover - Persona Series & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 79 - Words: 170,378 - Reviews: 99 - Favs: 182 - Follows: 199 - Updated: 10/5/2020 - Published: 3/28/2020
Blond Devils by Metamorcy reviews
One day, an announcement is made that there will be a new Director of SOLDIER and Turks, setting off a series of changes among ShinRa Corporation, and an uproar of unimaginable proportions. It's just another day at ShinRa at this point. Brother!Rufus and Cloud, BAMF Director!Rufus, BAMF Director!Cloud, minor slash for SOLDIER(mainly ASGZ)xCloud, TurksxRufus, and CloudxTsengxRufus
Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 102,843 - Reviews: 501 - Favs: 1,337 - Follows: 1,300 - Updated: 8/12/2020 - Published: 10/14/2016 - Cloud S., Tseng, Rufus, Sephiroth
Red Dragon Revenant by Pravus666 reviews
What if during Issei's last moments he simply refused to die, what if he wanted to avenge his death and gain vengeance on those who killed him. Well this is the story of through sheer force of will and focus on revenge that Issei becomes a revenant and sets himself on a journey of revenge and change. Rated M for Mature Themes and Violence. Issei X Kuroka.
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Angst - Chapters: 24 - Words: 186,941 - Reviews: 171 - Favs: 764 - Follows: 734 - Updated: 7/25/2020 - Published: 9/5/2018 - H. Issei, K. Yuuto, OC, Kuroka
Shackles Shattered by Kamen Rider Dimension reviews
His time was over, peace was all he desired. But when that man appeared before him again, there was no chance of escape - The Trickster must act once more. "Listen closely! I am the demon of Shibuya, the leader of those who the corrupted fear! I have only two words for those who would seek to take advantage of the weak, to spread their taint upon humanity: Joker's back!"
Crossover - Persona Series & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: 11 - Words: 70,077 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 459 - Follows: 608 - Updated: 7/12/2020 - Published: 12/9/2018 - [Akira K./Ren A., Haru O.] Lavenza
Smash comes to Leblanc by Smashfan10 reviews
These are a continuation of MisterDrBobs story, The New Regulars. I don't know why he stopped writing so I thought maybe I can finish for him and if he wants me to take it down I will. Also I don't own the rights to any of these characters in the fanfiction.
Crossover - Super Smash Brothers & Persona Series - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,518 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 9 - Published: 5/11/2020
The Today that They Strive to Protect by 322n reviews
After defeating Evolt, they've finally paved the way to a future of Love and Peace for the New World with their sacrifices. But what about Banjo? What about Sento? What ending do they get, for two people that do not belong to the new world?
Crossover - Kamen Rider & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 20,284 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 100 - Follows: 118 - Updated: 1/29/2020 - Published: 6/24/2019 - Sento K./Takumi K./Build, Ryuga B./Cross-Z
Infinite Cry : RE by Qin W.X reviews
Ever since his last demon exorcising job, Dante sealed himself away from the world waiting for his time. Upon the fateful discovery of a WWMD known as Infinite Stratos, Dante set off to confront a vile group in far-east Japan. With ghosts of the past standing on his way and loose strings to be tied, his final journey would never be simple.
Crossover - Devil May Cry & Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: 22 - Words: 89,773 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 181 - Follows: 189 - Updated: 1/27/2020 - Published: 6/13/2016 - [Dante, Chifuyu O.] [Ichika O., Houki S.] - Complete
The True Red Dragon Emperor by Showstopper issei reviews
What if during Kobabiel's fight He reveals something more than God's death.What if Issei was a tad bit smarter in using his power and does he truly have what it takes to be at the top. Smart Issei/Op Issei/ single pairings/Gremory bashing
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,196 - Reviews: 84 - Favs: 346 - Follows: 391 - Updated: 10/7/2019 - Published: 8/17/2019 - H. Issei, OC, Ddraig
Solo Leveling x Familiar of Zero Crossover by Xandral reviews
There were no story on here (that I found) about this great novel yet so here is the first ever Solo Leveling fanfiction which is also a Crossover with Familiar of Zero. Basically, our dear Shadow Sovereign Jin-Woo is being summoned to the world of Halkeginia! Will the Familiar of Zero bad guys survive the wrath of the unstoppable shadow army? Who knows? (Read Solo Leveling before)
Familiar of Zero - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,428 - Reviews: 75 - Favs: 320 - Follows: 380 - Published: 8/28/2019
The Rose Of Kuoh by Dragonheart Of Ireland reviews
Nineteen years ago an event known as The Great Cataclysm occurred that caused several separate realms to violently collide and combine with each other. In this warped and twisted world, Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee become the Red and White Dragon Empresses respectively due to worlds colliding caused by the war with Trihexa. Question now is, how will they survive on the same team?
Crossover - High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,560 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 49 - Updated: 8/23/2019 - Published: 8/22/2019 - [Ruby R., Blake B., Weiss S., Yang X.L.]
Issei Hyoudou the wanderer by PersonaJoker reviews
Issei Hyoudou 16 years old boy, pervert Trio. But everyone including him doesn't know that he had many promise of marriges since he was little and aquire many thing from his journey. Crossover with "Magical Lunatic Marrige" and many game and manga elements.
Crossover - Game X-overs & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 12 - Words: 43,269 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 151 - Follows: 146 - Updated: 8/6/2019 - Published: 5/23/2018 - H. Issei
Demigod by Drakai reviews
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Naruto was found by one of the Ancient Greek Goddesses? Well, let's see, shall we? Warning Smart/Strong/Godlike/Naruto, SauSaku bashing Rated T for safety; NarutoxFemKyuubixOCxLadyxFemHakuxKurenaixMizukage
Crossover - Devil May Cry & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 34,385 - Reviews: 500 - Favs: 1,854 - Follows: 1,655 - Updated: 7/31/2019 - Published: 12/7/2009 - [Lady/Mary, Naruto U., Haku, Kurenai Y.]
Ancient Dragons returning by Dragons123d reviews
The retirment of Koneko in the rating game changed Issei, unleashing something. How dangerous is this new power? How will it change the boy that wields Ddraig?
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,573 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 234 - Follows: 259 - Updated: 5/29/2019 - Published: 2/21/2017 - H. Issei, Rias G., A. Asia, Ddraig
Dragon Pact by godsofancientpast reviews
Yusei lives in a world where magic is common and a part of everyday life. So are Duel Spirits, and since Ancient Times these Spirits and people have combined their powers to fight against evil in its every from. Yusei meets a strange dragon fighting an evil creature and makes a pact with her, finding himself in one of these ancient wars. Duel Academy was never ready for this.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 29 - Words: 205,356 - Reviews: 181 - Favs: 240 - Follows: 247 - Updated: 3/23/2019 - Published: 2/16/2015 - [Yūsei F., Aki I.] Jack A., Crow H.
Persona 5: The Phantom Investigator by Accendere reviews
Akira Kurusu, a close friend of the Investigation Team and a member of the Shadow Operatives is sent to probation in the city of Tokyo after being falsely charged for assault. However, at the start of his school year, he discovers another alternate reality and is given a mission by the leader of the Shadow Operatives to investigate it.
Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Supernatural - Chapters: 13 - Words: 41,272 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 167 - Follows: 212 - Updated: 3/7/2019 - Published: 12/29/2018 - Mitsuru K., Akira K./Ren A., The Reaper
A Gamer's Guide to the Underworld by Roguehunter11 reviews
AU. Because Argo is far too devious to be human and Kirito is doomed to forever be pulled into dangerous and unbelievable circumstances for as long as he lives.
Crossover - Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 55,300 - Reviews: 630 - Favs: 2,119 - Follows: 2,363 - Updated: 12/21/2018 - Published: 1/1/2016 - Kirito/Kazuto K., Argo
The Quantum IS by Ukilhim reviews
The Dialogues to come were over, understanding had been Achieved. As Setsuna and Tieria prepared to quantize back home something happened that sent them into a world both very similar and yet shockingly different to their own. DEAD/ADOPTABLE
Crossover - Gundam 00 & Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,569 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 95 - Follows: 107 - Updated: 5/9/2018 - Published: 4/1/2018 - Setsuna, Tieria, Chifuyu O., Tabane S. - Complete
Respawn by TheGamingOstrich reviews
Asuna tries to save Kirito by falling in front of Heathcliff's blade but fails. In turn, Kirito dies but is saved by a mysterious hacker known as Anarus, who has been hiding in a corner of SAO for ages. Kirito still needs to take down Heathcliff, but can't reveal his identity in fear of the Cardinal System killing him for his exploits.
Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,356 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 38 - Published: 4/12/2018 - Kirito/Kazuto K., Asuna/Asuna Y., OC, Heathcliff/Akihiko K.
A Shinobi's Crying Demon by Venom Spirit reviews
Vergil seeks knowledge where ever it can be found and will use any means to get it if it will bring him closer to his goals, including the use of an ancient unknown hell gate. However He finds a boy beaten by humans, accused of being a demon. Disgusted with these humans, he decides to give the boy a demon's power, so he can control his own fate as a demon.
Crossover - Devil May Cry & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 33,972 - Reviews: 98 - Favs: 403 - Follows: 482 - Updated: 2/20/2018 - Published: 7/29/2017 - Vergil, Naruto U.
Final Soul-Arc Fantasy by Lone-Old-Man-Logan reviews
Instead of Jaune receiving three Naruto characters souls, he instead receives three of the strongest swordsmen souls in all of rpg history. From one of the greatest franchises of all times: Final Fantasy. Will Jaune be able to tame his new found power and control his inner darkness as sephiroth's and cloud's memories haunt him with a third set of memories and powers also appearing?
Crossover - Final Fantasy VII & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,843 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 131 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 8/29/2017 - Published: 8/16/2017 - Cloud S., Sephiroth, Jaune A.
Accelerating Courage by Dark Mage Wyvern Lord reviews
What if there were 6 signers instead of 5? What if he came from another world? What if, he was the chosen one of Courage. Expect multiple Original Card Designs.
Crossover - Digimon & Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 82,334 - Reviews: 149 - Favs: 207 - Follows: 145 - Updated: 7/30/2017 - Published: 9/17/2009 - Taichi Y./Tai K.
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Bonus Level: Kamen Rider Kirito by Pikatwig reviews
(Set after Arc 2 but before Arc 3, and after Ex-Aid Episode 6 but before Ex-Aid Episode 7) One day, Kirigaya Kazuto recives a mysterious package in the mail with cartridges of SAO and ALO. The following day, Sugou returns with new powers. Alongside two heroes from another world, Kazuto calls upon the power of SAO one final time...
Crossover - Kamen Rider & Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 5 - Words: 28,360 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 7/23/2017 - Published: 11/27/2016 - Kirito/Kazuto K., Asuna/Asuna Y. - Complete
It's normal in Nibelheim by ectocosme reviews
OS. Genesis want to kill an unknown trooper, Zack is in love with a handsome unknown trooper, Angeal deal with infantrymen for the first time and Sephiroth has to take care of the SOLDIER exam this year. The connection? One little Cloud Strife. (I tried humour, so I can hope it's at least cute)
Final Fantasy VII - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,538 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 61 - Published: 5/27/2017 - Cloud S., Zack F. - Complete
Digimon: Flame Within Miracles by Loki921 reviews
Davis holds a secret about himself that the other the Digidestineds, except for Ken, don't know. What does this secret have to do with the mysterious digimon that has been spotted recently and Kari seems to know? When evil once again rises, the Digidestined better be prepared for all they know to be turned upside down and a fight for their lives. Season 2 and 4 Crossover. DaiKari
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 7 - Words: 60,035 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 211 - Follows: 209 - Updated: 2/8/2017 - Published: 3/22/2016 - [Daisuke M./Davis, Hikari Y./Kari K.] Chosen Children/Digidestined, Legendary Warriors
DEVIL HUNTERS ONLINE by ren tsugami reviews
Rewritten. Before Kirito could give his answer to Heathcliff's challenge, something horrible happens...
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