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6/1/08: My immediate thing is to form attachments. And well, I have maybe like a billion. First and foremost, to Liam: Age 24 (25 now, really. You'll always be 24 in my heart.), Brit, soccer player, man to whom I knew for less than 15 hours, really (just under a too short hour and a half on sundays really doesn't do it for a girl.). But no, by my afore said statment, no we didn't do anything. All I know is that he smells clean, like soap, and I love his stupid hair, his dislike of his own city's team, 'stop standstill', the one Brit I've ever met who actually likes crumpets with tea, likes pizza, and otherthings that don't want to cross my mind right now. It's an absolutley terrible attachment, one that I come to resent. Chances of seeing him ever again are slim. Chances of him realising that 'That's the one', even slimmer. I should get over it. I dont want to. Ronaldo. God, why have you graced this world with him? Gaspard. Yet again you tease me with beautiful people. Stop, please. Elan. God almighty. I think you just know me vaguley as the girl who stares at you in awe and slight obbsession. Ok, scratch the slight. I'm hooked. You're beautiful, please, stop it. V.J. And this is where I draw the line. Get out of my head, my life, my dreams, get out. I hate you because you're stupid, but you have that something that drew me in and is still keeping me dangled on the line. The same on I've drawn? Perhaps. You make me feel like a laughing stock. Leave, please. My Barbies. Why should I throw you all away? So many of you were my minions! I loved you like the little sisters I never had. Ginger. My cat of three years. Three years. Longest standing, huh? I bet you feel all macho, you and your hankering Tom-catness. Watch out for Figaro, she;s a contender. To bad you couldn't stay long enough to meet her. She's pretty you know. Perhaps you know Eliza? Or did she not go up there? She was always such a little troublemaker. Kitty Heaven wouldn't take her in. Not yet, at least. And then here I am just left, feeling sad, not yet even sixteen, feel like I've lost the love of my life. Thats ridiculous. Fifteen year olds don't even have a notion of love, and I know that and accept it. So don't bother me. This thought has been on my mind since a long time. 3 am and I'm pouring it out. Good thing im not crying. So enough sadness. On the plus side, in 21 days I will be in camp. And I LOVE camp. Yay!

4/24/08: Rabblerousers. Hah. Has anyone seen that new episode of the Potter Puppet Pals? God, the wizard swears are so funny. Anyways, my best friend has an account now too, and I'd love for you to read her stories. Theyre about Twilight, and one is funny. The other one I have yet to read. I also watched Atonement a couple weeks ago, and omg do I love it. I really do, its one of the greatest movies I have seen, and the story is just beautiful. Muah kisses to the writer of the novel, the movie director, and JAMES. He is my 475757th love.

3/16/08: I am the slowest updater on the earth. Or, I'm just lazy. I'm reading LOTF in Enlish and I LOVE IT. A lot. I think that it will deffinately go in my mental list of top books that I love. Totally unrelated, but I did do this really nice portrait of Catherine from Wuthering Heights. =) My cat got ticks, which is annoying and my room smells like tick medicine, so I'm not writing anything productive. Enough rambling...I'm going to go read.

I am spontaneous, a little ridiculous, vain, artsy, compulsive, sloppy, meticulous, short tempered and lazy. Some of these seem like bad things, but they dont to me.

I come across as cold, haughty, snobby, a bitch, and mean most of the time. This is because I am socially retarded (not to use the mean sense of it) I suck at most conversations, and can't keep one up just because I don't want to say something stupid But if you get to know me, you'd know I'm loving, down to earth, compassionate, and unselfish.

My dream is to move to first, New York City, blow some money there for six months, then move to the UK for a year or two and live in different areas of Britian, and then come back home. I want to be a writer, or major in English or the Arts. I love to be creative, and is the only time where people aren't judging me. They're juding my writing, with which I am totally fine.

I'm fiffteen and I live in Boston. I am totally attached to Boston, and if anyone offered me to move anywhere but Manhattan, Lisbon, or the UK, than I would not go. I'm serious.

I am guy crazy. And I dont care; in fact, I love it, even if my friends can't stand it at all!

I'm Armenian, so I have culture. America sometimes gets on my nerves, and things we do irritates me a lot.

I adore my cats.

my best friend's username on here is TwilightSagaLover543.

I love sports. Playing soccer and volleyball is my life, and without it I'd be dead.

Books. God, When we got this reading assignment at school where we had to read 7 books of freewill and choice, by quarter three, half my class was like what?? I just looked at my friend and was like yes! I love to read, and I cannot stand when people say 'I dont read for fun'.

I have the ability to read more than one book at a time. I love it, and I can remember exactly whats happening in each book.

I have an affinity for classic books. =) Gone with the Wind. Read it, please. It is so heart wrenching, and powerful. It has reduced me to tears so many times. Wuthering Heights. This is my all-time fave. Heathcliff should have found love, but damn that Hindley that screwed everything up from the beggining. Oliver Twist. If ever there was a child I was sad for so much it was Oliver.

Other books I love (not in order): ANYthing by Sarah Dessen (this Lullaby=love), Shadowmancer, the Farsala series, Warriors series, books by Meg Cabot, Life of Pi, The Princesses of Bammare, Ibbotson, Harry Potter obviously, books by G.P Taylor, Pendragon, Outsiders, Rumblefish, and others.

I have a miscellaneous taste in everything. I like music that splays out in different genres. Same with books and guys. I think it makes life all the more interesting to like something of each taste of life, than just the same.

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