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Monday: May 11, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile.

To keep it relatively simple, I'll stick to my username FireWolf12222.

While I'm not much of a writer, it is something that I do enjoy doing whenever free time is available. Being able to create something that plays by your own rules and logic is one of the biggest contributors that sparked my love for Fan-fiction and created that passionate desire inside to actually do it. All the bad press against Fan-fiction was stuff I had already known existed but while I could agree with some of their points, even then I just didn't buy it.

Sure, your reactions to something that is fan-created might vary based on the kind of person you are but hey, if you know what your getting into before hand then just stop right there. As the old saying goes, "if you don't like it, then don't read it!"

I am going to be truthfully honest here: even if something is garbage, and I mean anything not just Fan-fiction, then I can't truly hate it. Unless, it was made for cruel reasons. I just can not get behind stuff like political propaganda. I don't search around for stories to read, only to find stuff like that. But if I do find a story that was really made from the heart then I can't bring myself to go against it so negatively like a lot of others do. You know it's kind of ironic, I being a bit hypocritical to that saying I just mentioned a little bit ago so oops!

What exactly can you expect from me?

Well, in terms of what I like that can transition into a story there's not really much.

Things I like that can have stories written by me: Gamera, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Halloween, Exorcist, and...that's pretty much it.

Compared to anyone else, I am a simple taste kind of person who will, in reality, only wright for the things I'm actually into.

Now, this does not mean I hate other things like DC and Marvel, its just that I don't find them appealing save for some aspects of Batman or Superman. I just prefer to write for things I love.

Another reason is that I am just so far behind in grasping those things and since there never seems to be an end well, no sane reason to start now unless I make a story based on the film universes. Key there, because I've always wanted to do a revision of Tim Burton's Batman where the Joker is the main antagonist for all three stories of what I'll call a trilogy with the most simple titles ever: Batman, Batman II, and Batman III. I may go with those because in the case of movie series I am a big sucker for Roman Numerals.

Things you will have to understand about me while reading my stories.

I try an update as much as I can but there are some issues that I deal with that for all purposes is more than necessary for you all to know.

1. I suffer burnout a lot, and not the regular kind. This can really mess up my emotions.

2. I have a weird commitment thing to my writing. When I create a story for people to read then I feel obligated to keep it going at a steady pace and not make people have to wait so long for chapters. This is probably my biggest flaw as it makes number 2 worse as well as these next two.

3. Remember those pieces of media I mentioned earlier? Yes, the ones that I actually want to write for. Well, though I like these properties lets say my writing can be crap if my knowledge on them is spotty. Take Dragon Ball for instance, oh boy...

4. Some times I get too caught up in singular things that the story feels more like a movie script rather then a full blown story. It's really disappointing to me because I hunger to make a story that in every way possible feels alive.

5. Grammar, seriously. Do I need to explain. Well, there is something to mention. If you see bad grammar from me its kinda because when I write a chapter sometimes I can't think of what to fill it up with or I can't describe things well. To be a writer, I want things to smoothly flow and have a rich vocabulary. I'm dreaming.

6. Life outside of this. Definitely no explanation there.

Okay, so those are the issues I deal with.

Final Note and Conclusion: What will you see out of me primarily.

Well, if you have checked out some of my content already then you can tell that my stories revolve around Dragon Ball.

Specifically Goku and Kefla.

Here is something I need to explain. Goku and Kefla, yes their a shipping that I thought would be perfect if put in the right direction and so far, I don't think I've done a bad job but there is room for improvement that I will be doing in some time.

Here is the REAL thing I need to explain: I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH KEFlA. At least, not in a romantic aspect.

My real passion is for her character. Out of every single character in that media, she is my favorite. I see so much potential in her that you could say I was desperate to see realized.

Its not that surprising to see why she doesn't have much attention, but I think that needs to change at least a little bit. Which is why I am doing stories with her. So I can really show people the potential of her character.

Side Note: I also like to do Kefla stories outside of Dragon Ball where her core character is still there but everything around her is different. So if you have any ideas to share then feel free to Private Message me or leave a review in one of my stories. If I do use your idea then I promise to credit you.

Conclusion: Okay that's pretty much it. I hope you all will enjoy what I put out there and don't worry, when the time is right I will come back and improve them. See you all later my friends.

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