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Twilight Fanfiction BotheredContest

Come one, come all – write and vote for the best of the worst and be ‘Bothered’ (uses best Rob and Fallon British accent).

Lately, we've been seeing more and more Facebook threads mentioning things that bother people in the stories they read. So, this is for you. Give us your pet peeves. Give us all the cringey words you can think of. Perfect virgin sex with several screaming O’s? Of course! Orgasms on demand? Sign us up! Tongues fighting for dominance? Get those tongues some weapons!

Need to get your cliched, cringeworthy creative juices flowing? Check out this OS by MyWindowIsOpen:
That's So Cliche

Secret Keeper and Validator:

April Salter aka Fyrebyrd

Banner Maker:




My Window Is Open



Emergency beta:

Edward’s First Kiss

Note: In order to keep the integrity of the contest intact, the secret keeper will not get a vote and will hide all pertinent information from the emergency beta if her services are needed so that the contest will remain anonymous.


Public Vote: First Place, Second Place and Third Place

BitterHarpy’s favorite

My Window Is Open’s favorite

Brierlynn03’s favorite

Alyscia’s favorite

MarieCarro’s favorite

Edward’s First Kiss’s favorite

Special Awards:

Best Snarkling Personality (best use of sarcasm)

Lemon Meringue Pie (best cringeworthy lemon)

Best Moist-urizer (best use of all the cringey words)

The Popped Cherry (best newbie author that takes this contest on for size)


Submissions: August 15th to August 31, 2019

Public Voting: September 1st to September 15th

Announcements: September 22nd starting at 4 pm CST


Submissions should be between 2,000 to 15,000 words.

2 entries per author will be allowed, whether they be single entries or collaborations.

All entries must be reviewed by a beta. If you do not have a beta, we will provide one for you. Contact the secret keeper at BotheredContest@ if you need our services or have any questions regarding the contest.

This is an anonymous contest. Please keep your entry between yourself and your beta.

Each entry must be a standalone OneShot, but you're welcome to continue it after the contest, and all pairings will be accepted.

We’re not going to restrict your cringeworthy creativity, but if it’s out of bounds, we will ask you to revise. Any entry containing sensitive or triggering subject manner should add a warning.

Submit entries to: BotheredContest@


Pen name:

Facebook name:

Story Title:




Word Count: (not including summary or title):

Disclaimer: All things Twilight is the sole property of Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.

Themes and Ideas:

Spontaneous combustion

Dual spontaneous virgin orgasms

Ruined panties at the sight of Edward, etc.

Story about bad spelling and grammar

Use every cringeworthy word or phrase known to man in one story.

Shy Bella suddenly becomes a vixen after getting Edward’s schlong.

Any of the unrealistic things in fiction exaggerated by ten

And because we authors get 'Bothered' too, give us an entry featuring the trolls everyone loves to hate

Whether it’s your peeve or one you think is ridiculous, give us an entry depicting it in the worst light imaginable.

We want to laugh at ourselves and you, so bring it!

2browneyes - Revenge of the Bella Barbie - May T Brown

ladylibre - Bella’s First Day - Denise Leora Madre

PearlyFox - Happy Anniversary & Empaths Anonymous – PearlyFox Fanfic

maniacalmuse - Give It To Me, Baby – Mani Muse

Sunshine1220 - Sin City Whirlwind – Cheryl Sunshine Edmonds

ghostreader24 - Magic Mac LXXXV – Kay Richard

Jadoina - Harder, By Other Name & Poe-tay-toe/Poe-tah-toe - Jadiona Noish


1st Place Public—Revenge of the Bella Barbie—2browneyes

2nd Place Public—TIE—Give It To Me, Baby (maniacalmuse) & Sin City Whirlwind (Sunshine1220)

3rd Place Public—Bella’s First Day—ladylibre

Judge BitterHarpy’s Pick—Bella’s First Day--ladylibre

Judge Alyscia’s Pick—Revenge of the Bella Barbie—2browneyes

Judge Brierlynn03’s Pick—Sin City Whirlwind—Sunshine1220

Judge MyWindowIsOpen’s Pick—Revenge of the Bella Barbie—2browneyes

Emergency Beta EdwardsFirstKiss’ Pick—Revenge of the Bella Barbie—2browneyes

Banner Maker MarieCarro’s Pick—Bella’s First Day--ladylibre

Best Moist-urizer Award—Bella’s First Day--ladylibre

Lemon Meringue Pie award—Give It To Me, Baby—maniacalmuse

Best Snarkling Personality Award—Empaths Anonymous—PearlyFox

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I'm pretty sure I regret this already. It was either enter the contest or print this story out and set it on fire. I'm still not sure I made the right choice…
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