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I apologize to those of you who are sticklers for grammar. I somewhat am, but going back and re-reading my pieces I find loads of spelling mistakes--some catastrophic. I'm not bad really. It's just that I am a night owl and never edit my stories more than I make silly mishaps. Sorry! I will attempt to fix myself.

My interests: Lately I've been really into watching Korean dramas online. They're so addicting! I also have been listening to lots of K-Pop since the summer of 2011, and I haven't looked back since! As these things tend to happen, I'm not so obsessed as I was before, but I would say I still love it to bits. I still read, though not as much (you can thank the K-dramas for that). I've been really enjoying scyfy books lately, as well as fantasy ones. I don't read historical fiction as much anymore. I wrote once here that I was afraid of oven, and I am proud to say that that is no longer the case. I cook! I love zucchini and shrimp and ramen and fruit... *drools* I still love writing, and, for the past two years, I have participated in NaNoWriMo. Novemeber is National Novel Writing Month, and the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel with a stress on quantity rather than quality. The point is to push something out and then perhaps edit afterwards. I've reached the goal each time, however, my stories are hardly ever finished. I intend to do it again this November as well.

Books I really like: Crown Duel, The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, Agnes Grey, All the King's Men, The Blue Sword, Persuasion (my favorite Austen book!), The Blue Castle, Ella Enchanted, The Ballad of Sir Dinadan (all of Gerald Morris's books), most of Tamora Pierce's books, Garth Nix novels, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Orson Scott Card writes some amazing scyfy novels, and Terry Pratchett is pretty hilarious with his Discworld series. Important note: read Georgette Heyer, a woman justly dubbed the Queen of Regency Romance--not the bodice-ripper kind, but very Austenesque, hilarious and just good plain fun! I would recommend Regency Buck, Frederica, Faro's Daughter...and basically all of them. Don't read Bath Tangle, though, however naughty it sounds. It's a frantic wreck, but besides that you must give Heyer a chance.

Movies I enjoy: Ever After, the Bourne movies, Bridget Jone's Diary, Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 miniseries), Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Master and Commander, The Princess Bride, Serenity, Little Women, Roman Holiday, Myazaki anime and The Golden Door.

K-Dramas that I love Let's Eat, Flower Boy Next Door, Pasta, Secret Hotel, Fated to Love You, Marriage Not Dating, All About My Romance, Protect the Boss, Princess Prosecutor, Mischievous Kiss... there's more I'm sure, but that's a few for you to chew on for now.

Music I tend to listen to: The Shins, The Decemberists, The Posies, Coldplay, Black-eyed Peas, Classical music, A Fine Frenzy, Jem, Dido, and more and more oldies than I can think of right now--the usual oldies radio clamor, I suppose... I also like Electric Light Orchestra, Band of Horses, He & She, and Foster the People. I have a love for non-lyrical music, mostly electric. I don't know the name for it exactly. In light of that, I love Ratatat, Blackmill, Emancipator, and Gramatik (just to name a few).

Current News: So a lot of time has passed since I last updated my fanfic account. I think I was a junior in college, and I am now on the brink of being 27 years old! AHHHHHH! It's unbelievable and cool at the same time. I realize I haven't written a lot, yet, despite that, people still seem to trickle in and read my stuff. I think I will eventually get back to grinding my fanfic gears and put a few things out. If you are interested in any non-fanfic related writing of mine, please head on over to my new blog, 500 Words at a Time! (500wordsatatime . blogspot . com) I will be practicing my creative writing skills on a minor scale, writing posts of 500 or less words. This is my attempt to write more and stall less. To those who are stopping by for the first time, thanks for reading my stories, and I wish you luck in whatever writing endeavors you guys participate! Oh, and I did graduate college in the spring of 2012--go me! Though I haven't done much in the way of finding a job related to my majors (I ended up double majoring in English and Russian!).

Authored Stories:

Meeting Over Music (officially a work in progress!!): Mary Bennet is tired of playing dance music for everyone, and she feels no one appreciates her talent--they never get to hear her play sonatas that are anything but silly. During a ball at Christmas time, where she is trussed up and uncomfortable, Mary slips away to play her sister-in-law's piano forte. What happens next is not at all what Mary was expecting. Sadly, I do not own the characters of Jane Austen and her marvelous Pride and Prejudice. Thanks to all the reviewers, and it is because of them that this story has been continued. The long-awaited sixteenth chapter is up! I hope not everyone gave up on me--I'm not entirely hopeless.

A Melodic Quiet (completed): Written about Mary Bennet after all her sisters are married and she is left alone with her trifling mother and a piano. It is written in second person (I think that's what it's called). I do not own Pride and Prejudice and all its genius--though I wish I did. Remember, I love getting reviews.

She Climbed a Tree (in progress): A little something to spur my imagination on while I was attempting to write chapter 12 of Meeting Over Music. This is about Margaret Dashwood and her, you guessed it, love of climbing trees. I'm not completely sure of where this is going, but suggestions are acceptable. We'll have to see, I suppose. Well, I'm mightily proud of myself, because CHAPTER THREE IS FINALLY UP!! Partay!!

A Stumble in the Night (completed): Teehee! Jane has her famous illness at Netherfield and Elizabeth is with her. Can't say much more except that Mr. Bingley is awesome!! If you have read this already and are scandalized, then sorry.

Sleep (perhaps going to progress, perhaps not): Just a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. I suppose one could call it somewhat of a dark-ish story, but what fairy tale originally isn't? There is some bloody action going on, but I hope it isn't repulsive. This is something I started looooong ago, and when I was listening to some awesome cello music on YouTube I felt inspired to finish this peice (or at least the chapter...). I won't say much because it might just give something away! Enjoy, by the way! Chapter two is now up.

A Different Kind of Persuasion (in progress): This is intended to be a short ficlet. Maybe a chapter or two. We have here an Anne not yet ravaged by love, just about to fall into it and not aware of the rippling effect it will have on her for the rest of her life. The first chapter starts with the Elliot family celebrating Anne's nineteenth birthday. She has a run-in with you-know-who. Though Lady Russell is a major friend/surrogate mother in her life, I thought I'd add another friend for her, one that's easier for her to relate to. She wasn't entirely friendless back then. I hope you enjoy(ed) it!

A Modern Confession of Love from Fred to His Only Love, Anne (completed): This is my modern take on Jane Austen's letter from Captain Wentworth to Anne Elliot from her amazing, amazing book "Persuasion". It is not a heart-wrenching, passionate piece that is on Austen's level, however I couldn't help but attempt to rewrite it from a different time period. This is my first time posting on this account in EONS so I hope you enjoy this piece and don't mind the dust and cobwebs that you need to battle to get to this piece. I need to do a bit of house-cleaning.

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