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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, One Piece, and Legend of Zelda.

Welcome all to the profile that probably won't get looked at! Alright, how do I start off...


Name: Wi-wait. Sorry, classified. I'm afraid of pedophiles...

Age: 12. I was born 1995... on December 7. It gets confusing when people know my birthday but not how old I am...+Sigh+

Race: Black

Shag Carpet: I mean hair! It's black and nappy as hell. No I won't moisturize it, that stuff feels like wax. But the 2 month mark... CUTTING DAY.

Eyes: Blond. Platinum blond. Buuut on off-chance they weren't, they'd be brown. They're also broke, so I need glasses. That's a cool color for an eye though, isn't it?

Height: Wait a minute... 5ft 6in. If you were my neighbor you'd know since my mom shows me off.

Weight: Just Weig-OK no.124 lbs. Whatever "lbs." means.

Hobbies: Laziness. I'm completely serious. No joke. I'm the laziest guy you'll meet. Aside from that I... play video games. DON'T JUDGE ME!!

Friends:...My uncle J, aunt A, aunt R, uncles C, cousin D, my friend K (Who in all truth is more J and C's friend), my gigantic Ultimate-Poochy Dozer, my stuck-up Christmas Kitty Moxie, my big ol' Tiger Joe, and my chicken (green-cheeked conure) Artemis...

Gaara smile and voice+ And you...

Favorite Show: Youtube. Don't argue. It's how I roll.

Favorite Song: Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It! May the jiggy be with you.

Favorite Anime Character: Shuichi Shindou. What's not to love? He's awesome. He may be spastic, but that's funny. I wish I had Shuichi power. I'd get transformation powers and things from nowhere conviently, not to mention a big head!

Favorite Color: Cobalt and Navy Blue. I mean, really, you can put those with any color except light pink.

A bit about J and C:

J is my best friend ever, but since were family, and only 2 years apart, we argue alot. He owns me at everything (except the ability to type) imaginable. We often talk over the phone and say mock-insane things to eachother while playing Maplestory.

ALSO J is someone you probably heard of, the nasty pscychotic and doesn't-know-to-spell-or-punctuate KAIYOSHI+Shakey words+ DON'T READ HIS STORIES. THEY WILL WILL SCAR YOU, MAKE YOU VOMIT, PUT YOU IN COMA, AND BURN OFF YOUR SKIN. But what kind of nephew would be if I meant that? They're pretty good, but they'll catch you by surprise. He'll mention me one day...

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Hide Or Die by Kaiyoshi reviews
Every genin in the world left to a camp That they must survive to become a chunin. And Naruto loves his pranks, but when he plays this one, looks like he's never going to play another prank again...
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Hate Me by Imprisoned Fire reviews
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Nothing Will Ever Change That by YoungBoch reviews
The beginning... eh, just read it, by now I'm sure most of you have read at least a little of it. After that, think of this as more of a TV series with diffrent plots for every few chapters. Shinji x Asuka and OC pairings. FINISHED! Hope you all like it!
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Seeking Something reviews
Neji is bored. That's it. But he doesn't want that to be it. Look as he makes a huge change in his life. Mostly from Neji point of view POV . PLEASE READ I have almost no hits on my stories. Just click on the story and I'll get a hit. You might enjoy it!
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