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July 11, 2009: Anyone looking for a Beta Reader with almost impeccable English? Email me at: I'm free most of the time (especially in the summer and on weekends). I'd love to be your Beta Reader ;D !

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Favourite Harry Potter characters: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, The Marauders (inevitably excluding Wormtail), and Peeves!

Favourite quote: Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean I’m wrong!

Ambition: Asylum. 'Nuff said. But, of course, I want to be an English teacher for the underpriveledged. No one really pays them much attention these days, because everyone's too busy worrying about themselves.

Hobbies: if it keeps me occupied, I do it. And turning on the stove and melting things.

Things I hate: Cliques! Get some originality, World.

Guilty Pleasure: J-14 Magazine. But mostly, MuggleCast, Imprint, and Smart Mouths Podcasts. Seriously, guys, look 'em up on iTunes. You'll be glad you did ;D



I JUST SAW HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. We went to the movies with the inentions of seeing Ice Age, but we saw the ads for HBP, and without speaking, bought tickets. It was AMAZING. The beginning, especially, with the Death Eaters flying around... WOW. JUST LIKE, WOW. I cried really hard at the end, and was pretty disappointed at the fact that there was no fueneral, and Harry didn't break up with Ginny. But, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. Cheers! Oh, and, REVIEW, DAMMIT!


In total for the month of July, my stories have had 551 hits. Why do I only have 0-3 reviews? Honestly, guys, it hurts. I mean, I'm thankful that people are at least reading my stories, but leave me a word. Just say 'good job' or 'I listen to MuggleCast, too!'. Personally, no matter how crappy a story is, I reveiw. I think of how much work the authors have put into their stories. Let's say your mom made you a birthday cake. Would you just eat it, and not say anything? No! you'd thank her, right? So how is this any different (other than the obvious fact that reading fanfiction doesn't pack on the caloriesxD )?


I am in LOVE with Turkey! My GOD. It's freaking beautiful! So far, I ate a LOT of traditional foods and delicious ice cream, bought lots of accessories and stuff in the beach bazaar, got a henna tatoo on my neck (more to come, though!) and learned a few simple Turkish phrases. Oh, and if I though Syria had gorgeous men.. WHOA. Let me just put it this way: my cousin and I were oggling the garbage men! Squeal :D Anyways, Just letting you know that I'm still alive, for any of you who are on the look out for a new story... sorry! You're going to have to wait for a while. But I promise there's one in my documents folder. It's half complete though. And it's angst. Alright. My grandma's on my case about going on the internet while on vacation.. gotta go! or, as they say here, hosh chekel! :D


I'm updating so much! I have so much free time and so many plots keep popping into my head, I just can't stop updating. Gues that's good news for you readers :D I'm off to Kuwait in one week isa, so no fics from then until maybe september 5th. Idk. Anyways, keep reading and reviewing. Oh, and new update! You can now follow me and get sneak peaks to new stories and stuff on twitter. Follow me, CharahxD :)


Guess who's back with an all-new romance fic, Love Stinks? ME! Alright! So I've been watching this epic Japanese drama called Hana Yori Dango... WOW. I've never cried or laughed this hard for a mere show. It's inspired me to work harder to acheive my lifelong dream of going to Japan. Sigh. Back to reality. Grade 12 sucks, but at least I get like 3 Study Halls per day. Basically, 3 nap times xD. I'm taking the SATs in December, so that has my knickers in a twist (ah Malfoy), and I'm having a hard time choosing which universities to sign up to. So many I'd like to attend.. it sucks that I can only choose three. Ah, well. What can you do? Life. Enjoy. :)


I bet you're surprised to find me well and alive! I haven't been updating much because my life has been out of control. I used my laptop for a collective amount of 2 hours weekly. I recently found some old fanfiction emails, and decided to post a new one-shot entitled Sirius Gets an Education for the heck of it. Read and Review! :)

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Sirius Gets An Education reviews
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