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- Hanging yourself? Oh yes, it’s like making yourself taller!
My dad does that; when the bill collectors come, when mother left him, when his work closed down…


Name Just call me Illume.
Age; In between thirteen and sixteen.
Occupation; Student, writer.
Star sign; I’m a little fish.
Location; England.

All you need to know about me really is that I want to be a writer real bad. But I’m not quite sure that I’m good enough. D:

I am a weird girl who only really go’s out of he room when I have to go to school or Cadets. Dx Or my friends. :33
I love the interwebs too. 8D

Anyway, I love to write crossover fics with Kagome.
For she is my favourite all time Character!
But don’t get me wrong, I will sometimes write stories for other manga’s or anime’s.

Favourite parings.

Warning Kagome-centric

Kagome Sesshomaru- Although it’s not cannon I love it.
Kagome Naraku- Its forbidden. ;D Therefore godly.
Kagome Sasuke- Its not gonna happen, but I can dream right?
Kagome Itachi- See above
Kagome Nastume- See above
Kagome Naruto- See above

Basically Kagome and almost anyone (I do have some boundaries).


21/12/07- Penname changed
21/12/07- Deleted story ‘Koiku’


Just how long is forever?

Genre; Romance, humour, angst.
Anime/ Manga; Inuyasha.
Parings; NarakuKagome
Summary; Kagome is left all alone in the final battle. Friends she considered family, now dead corpses, strung about like lifeless dolls. While she herself has atop of Naraku himself, pining him down. Kagome is ready to strike, but Naraku has his own thoughts and feelings.

In progress/ Completed/ On hold

Other; To be revised.



Genre; Romance, adventure/ action, humour.
Anime/ Manga; Inuyasha and Gakuen Alice. Or Alice Academy.
Parings; NatsumeKagome?
Full Summary; Every once in a while, people all over the world are born with a rare power called a Alice. These powers are almost always unique and different to a person or family. These people at birth are often called freaks and are soon taken away by the government to a secluded part of Japan no one can find called the Sanctuary. Only Alice’s can go in, and some non-Alice’s, who are allowed in by the owners of the Sanctuary. And almost always Alice’s aren’t allowed out.

But when a new girl joins the Sanctuary problems arises as people start trying to break in. Who exactly is she? What is her Alice? And what has she got to do with the people who breaking in?
Other; AU. Not set in the Academy. To be decided, I might not make it. x

I've been thinking of creating a few storys, but I need you to tell me what you want first and I'll get to it.

I'm going to start a Kagome-centric one-shot story to help me get started on writing again. x

But anyway, here is the list of Stories I'm thinking of doing, I'll put a poll up for you to vote on which one you want.

Don't worry, I'll make all of them, but the order of the poll determains which one is made first and so on. xD

> A Gakuen Alice x Inuyasha. Parings would be either Kagome x Natsume or Kagome x Ruka. Or if you want A NatsumexKagomexRuka. 8D

> A Fruits basket x Inuyasha. Parings would be Akito x Kagome or Yuki x Kagome, or like above both boys with Kagome.

> Kuroshitsuji x Inuyasha. Now this is a relativly unknown manga and is fantastic! I'm in love with it, and seriously many of you guys would be. The parings would be Ciel X Kagome.

> Gravitation x Inuyasha. Of course Kagome would be male. 8D -drool- Anyway~ It'd contain quite a few oc characters and be a little odd, but you guys can take odd, right? It's probably turn out to be a Kagome/Male harem.

> Death Note x Inuyasha. I'm in LOVE with this anime/manga. I havn't finished it, but eh oh well. xD It'd be a L x Kagome paring.

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Kagome is left all alone in the final battle. Friends she considered family, now dead corpses, strung about like lifeless dolls. While she herself has atop of Naraku himself, pining him down. Both have their thoughts. NarKagome On Hold
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,521 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 5/29/2007 - Published: 4/29/2007 - Kagome H., Naraku
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