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Where to begin... I guess it's a no-brainer to say that I'm a huge Phantom fan. I was fortunate to see the show on Broadway with the original cast, and I fell completely in love with Michael Crawford. Truly, he was so commanding as the Phantom that I was gripping the armrests of my seat whenever he was onstage. My friends and I even waited at the stage door in the bitter NYC February cold to get his autograph (ALW was also in attendance that night, so I got his autograph in my Playbill too; it's one of my most prized possessions). I practically wore out the grooves of the POTO cast album (yes, an actual LP) playing it so much, and I finally broke down years later and replaced it with the CD. I refused to see the POTO movie version because Crawford wasn't playing the Phantom (who could do it better?), but I finally relented when it came out on DVD and OMG, I watched it three times over the course of one weekend! I had never heard of Gerard Butler before Phantom of the Opera, but I sure am a fan now.

About me... I live in the southern half of the United States, I'm an aspiring writer, I love dogs and cats (but I have two cats because you don't have to walk them), I love all kinds of music (especially classic rock, classical, jazz and country), and a few of my favorite movies include:

POTO (of course)
Shakespeare in Love
My Cousin Vinny

Vertigo (amazing Hitchcock film with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak)
Rear Window (another great Hitchcock film with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly)
Must Love Dogs
The Taming of the Shrew (Liz Taylor and Richard Burton--need I say more?)
Sling Blade
2012 (hey, who doesn't love an end-of-the-world flick--and it's got cutie pie John Cusack playing a writer!).

And now for a few of my pet peeves... OK, so I'm a writer, and I've also worked as an editor, so they're all about spelling and grammar.

1) Your and you're.
Your is a pronoun: This is your book; I'm going to your house.
You're is a contraction of "you are": You're going to be late; Don't you think you're driving too slowly?

2) Its and it's.
Its is a pronoun: The dog is chewing its bone; the cat is playing with its toy.
It's is a contraction of "it is": It's a beautiful day; It's about time I mowed the grass.

3) Alright.
There is no such word in the English language. If you are agreeing with someone or something, the term is "all right." Two little words. Enough said.

4) Please, please, puhleeeeeze -- proofread your stuff before you post it! I guarantee you'll find and correct lots of errors. I proofread my writing many, many times, and even then I still find a typo, or a missed word, or a better way that I could phrase an idea. After all, we're all here to try to be better writers, aren't we? And don't rely on your word processor's spell check, because if your typo is an actual word, it won't be caught!

OK, English 101 is now over. Go and read something. Or better yet, go and write something!

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