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August 19, 2012

It's been a few years, huh? Crazy how fast time passes :) So here's a general update.

I still have my two dogs and added a third last year. I now officially have a "pack" lol and they're awesome. Although I tell at least one of the 'boys' to get off "my spot" on the brown couch every day. I'm Sheldon.

I'm living in the same house (going on 5 years!) and just finished painting the last room before I put a bunch o money into the garden. For a big reason though... I was interviewed and photographed by the New York Times! Article is coming out soon (Sunday edition woot woot) and I'm thrilled.

Two years ago now I put in notice at my jobs and began working in my own online business full time. It's complex but a ton of fun and has been growing steadily. I now have clients all over the US and internationally and will be launching new programs regularly in my field.

Also met my best friend online and if you thought I was weird, he's just like me. Yep. It's incredibly weird some times but now that we work together it's also amazingly fun! In fact we went to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Los Angeles earlier this year and next month are going snorkeling in Florida. I can't wait.

As for writing, I'm still doing fiction, in fact I self published a 400 page novel a few months ago (it's still in editing to be released publicly) which I adore. It was a 2 year project in the making and at some point I'm going to get over my fear and put it out there. Most of the time my writing is work related and in just the past few months I've been published in Forbes, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Women 2.0 and a slew of other sites.

I'm not sure I'll be back to write here (although I noticed at least one chapter was down so I'll fix that) so if you ever want to catch up just message me, whether about writing or online business.


August 17, 2009

Well I didn't think I'd be back writing here again but I saw a few notices that some of you put me on alert and listed my other stories as favorites. Thank you.

I was not able to see many episodes from the last season so please NO SPOILER TALK! Right now my cable is severely handicapped as I am cutting out most expenses in an effort to save money.

Other than that I'm super busy, as always, settling into my new house and adjusting to life as it comes. I might be back to update some of the stories I left hanging but do let me know if y'all have preferences. I'll do my best.

Thanks all,


April 2, 2009

I actually wanted to update this yesterday but with April Fool's who knows if I'd be taken seriously. As if y'all read my profile since I haven't updated in oh, months?

The biggest change in my life happened last month as my grandma died from Alzheimer's Disease. If you read the story "Why I Run" you'll get a small glimpse of how it's affected me. Which is to say I was closer to my grandma than anyone else in this world. So I'm a bit topsy turvey at the moment.

What else... oh, I bought a house and I'm in the midst of remodeling it inside and out. It's seriously hard to sit in my office, though beautiful, and write when I have bulbs to plant, trees to trim and dogs to walk.

I'm also a published writer and loving every second of it. I am the senior news writer at an established paper in my city and get my pick of assignments, mostly feature stories. I interview politicians, doctors and police chiefs, cover events and write op-ed pieces. I also get free concert tickets and the occasional backstage pass. I've recently taken up business writing for marketing and internal publications. These two jobs are on top of my 40 hour a week full time job and 20 hour a week part time job. Say it with me: Oy vey.

In the next few months I should have an opportunity to slow down my life and refocus on writing. Usually when I'm working heavily on a difficult topic like my novel I find fanfiction is a welcome release. Though I once again have cable and can thus watch new episodes of House and Bones, I honestly do not have the time. By summer I should have the last of my school loans paid off, been reestablished in my freelance gig and working on the next phase of my novel.

Best of luck to you all and feel free to email anytime.


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