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謳う丘 ~Exec_Harvestasya - Kaleido Star

Anime: Kaleido Star

Song: Exec. Harvestasya from Ar Tonelico, the game.

Video Name: 謳う丘 ~Exec_Harvestasya - Kaleido Star

My Channel On Youtube:

Favorite Animes

Code Geass

La Corda D'Oro

Red Garden

Kaleido Star



Princess Tutu


Ouran High School Host Club

Air Gear

Air TV

Boogiepop Phantom

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Elfen Lied



Lucky Star

& Inuyasha

Current Mangas Being Read

Negima (Volume 15)

Yotsuba&! (1st Volume)

Cherry Juice


Princess Resurection

Persona 3

Clan of the Nakagamis (Yaoi)

LoveHOLIC (Yaoi)

The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes (Yaoi)

Anime's I've Watched So Far (There's alot! So I'll just add recent ones... ones in bold are favorites!)

Code Geass, Red Garden, Gundam Seed Destiny, Maburaho, Godannar, Princess Tutu, Naruto, Kaleido Star, Kaleido Star New Wings, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Air TV, Air Gear, Nerima Daikon Bros, Jinki Extend, Excel Saga, Geobreeders, Boogiepop Phantom, RahXephon, Elfen Lied, Vampire Princess Miyu, Blood+, Bleach, Naruto: Shippudden, Le Chevalier D'eon, Solty Rei, Romeo x Juliet, Kare Kano, GTO, PIANO, and ALOT MORE!!

Favorite Bishonen Characters - Lelouch Lamperouge & Xingxe (Code Geass) ; Yuri Killian & Leon Oswald (Kaleido Star) ; Yukito Kurosaki (Air TV) ; Alex Row (Last Exile) ; Haji and Solomon from Blood, and Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)

Favorite Bijin/Bishoujo Characters - C.C., Shirley, Kallen, & Euphemia (Code Geass) ; Sora Naegino & Layla Hamilton(Kaleido Star) ; Nyu/Lucy (Elfen Lied) ; Misuzu (Air TV)

Favorite Pairings -

Lelou/C.C. (All time favorite), Lelou/Shirley, Lelou/Kallen, Lelou/Suzaku, Euphie/Suzaku, & Rivalz/Milly (Code Geass)

Sora/Leon, Layla/Yuri, Sora/Layla, May/Layla/Sora, May/Leon, Yuri/Leon (WHOOHOO, CRACK YAOI PAIR! lol) & Kalos/Sarah (Kaleido Star)

Madlax/Vanessa, Madlax/Margaret (Madlax)

Kowai/Fuka (Yotsuba&!)

IchiRuki, Ichigo/Orihime, Orihime/Uryu (??), RenjiRuki, Byakuya/Rukia, Byakuya/Hisana, & Yoruichi/"Mr. Hat & Clogs" (Bleach)

Haruhi/Tamaki, Haruhi/Kyouya, Hikaru/Kaoru (TWINCEST!!), & Tamaki/Kyouya (OHSHC)

Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Sakura, Sakura/Sasuke, Sakura/Sai, Sasuke/Naruto, Sasuke/Itachi, Sakura/Itachi, Hinata/Neji, Neji/Tenten, Minato/Kushina, and Sasuke/Karin, only because they're so dysfunctional! (Naruto)

Hihara/Kahoko, Kahoko/Len, Kahoko/Tsuchuira (La Corda D'oro)

Haji/Saya, Saya/Kai, Saya/Diva, Saya/Solomon, Saya/Phantom, Julia/David, Mao/Kai, Mao/Okamura, Moses/Karman, & Irene/Kai (Blood+)

annnd so many more!!

Characters I Created:

Dimitri Soldano(Kaleido Star) - A Russian trapeze artist that knew Yuri when they were little. He doesn't really show up in the story until later on (I was going to replace Takeshi with Dimitri, but got a good idea!), he's Nadine's partner. He's quiet and stoic, much to Sora's liking (he reminds her of Leon) and Nadine's chagrin. He has a fatherly affection for Sachiko and Machiko, often complying to anything they say or want. He's also one not to start conflict, often getting between fights and trying to stop them. But he isn't all what he seems. He has a penchant for womanzing, often sleeping with women with "pretty faces". He also has a much sinister side, much like Yuri's.

Sachiko & Machiko Asahi (Kaleido Star) - Two twins who are in the story "Opposites Attract" for comical reasons. Sachiko seems to be the more loud one, compared to Machiko being the sweeter one.

Takeshi (Kaleido Star) - A performer who is in Sora's troupe. He's in love with her, but doesn't really show it, until a little "something" happens between them. He's jealous of Leon because Leon seems a lot closer to Sora than he is. Takeshi also trains harder than a lot of people on the stage to gain respect from Leon and also to surpass him in skill, which he fails miserably at. He's a character from "Opposites Attract" and my upcoming fic.

Nadine Romanov (Kaleido Star) - The Corsican beauty who is Sora's female partner and friend in "Opposites Attract". Nadine's name means "Hope", so I'm hoping to make her an important character in "Opposites Attract". She has feelings for Leon and Dimitri, and usually compares the two. Around her superiors she acts polite and sophisticated, annoying May to no end. She and May obviously don't get along, not only for their attitudes but also for their attraction to Leon and their talents. When around her friends or in private with certain people, she speaks rudely and often shouts.

Lin Wong (Kaleido Star) - May Wong's mother in the story. Since the anime didn't say anything much about May's past or family, I had to make a mother for her. She appears in my story "Pride and Prejudice: A Tale of Two Lovers" as the close family friend and godmother of Leon Oswald. She tries to set up a marriage between May and Leon. She also dislikes Sora, but acts pleasant in front of her nonetheless. She is a woman who relies simply on money and thinks less of people without it. She considers her and her daughter as "high class, elegant ladies".

Ruth Killian (Kaleido Star) - Yuri Killian's sister. She shows a bit of dislike for Sora, only because Sora is of a lower class than her. In any case, she's a pleasant girl with adequate features. She is much like her brother, looks wise. She's only a minor character.

Aluvia (Blood+) - Aluvia IS NOT MY CHARACTER, it's my friend Bianca's character. Aluvia is supposedly Diva's only female chevalier in my friend's story. She is in the middle of a love triangle with Solomon and Moses (only because my friend loves those characters to death), and ends up having "relations" (lol) with Moses, to Solomon's contempt. (I am hoping to write and upload the story for Bianca, but I need her approval, until then, read the other story she gave me to upload, "The Many Questions of Lulu" which features Aluvia! Enjoy!)

Alice Carrol/Liddell (Silent Hill) - Alice's whole name is based off of the famed story, Alice in Wonderland (Alice Liddell was the actual "Alice," Carrol is the last name of the author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol, and the other characters are loosely based off of names of actual people who inspired the book). She's is the older sister to Charlotte Carrol, whose whereabouts are unknown throughtout the story. She is adopted by George (a young man who is still feeling the pressure of parenting and has a bit of pent up sexual frustration for Alice) and Lorina (the "perfect woman" complex) Liddell, who are unaware of her connection to the forsaken Silent Hill.

Charlotte Carrol - Alice's younger sister whose whereabouts are unknown through the story. She seems to haunt Alice's dreams and is the muse for most of Alice's paintings.

Akasui (Naruto) - With his trademark bottle of alcohol, stubby beard, dirty face, and bad mouth, Akasui the Merchant is just a normal guy who got roped into the business of buying and selling people into slavery. Sometime before the storyline, Akasui was imprisoned in Konoha for buying, selling, and transporting people as slaves in the Land of Fire. Sai uses him in his plans to keep Sakura safe. His name literally means "dirty acid," refering to the taste of the alcohol he prefers. It is unknown if that is his real name.

Jizai Shimizu (Naruto)- A ronin samurai, Jizai wanders aimlessly without a true purpose. He refers to Akasui as his "time-to-time traveling companion," saying that they tend to meet a lot on their seperate journeys (he says it must have been fate for them to meet again). Hired by Sai to protect Sakura from harm's way, Jizai comes to respect Sakura as not only a fellow warrior but as a woman. His name literally means "freely flowing spring water," refering to the way he travels around without a care. It should be noted that he has a history with Root, mainly Sai. He has a strange relationship with Kou, a new maid.

Kou Nohara (Naruto)- A young girl around Sakura's age. She has a lot of knowledge about Hanamachi Town and Little Hanamachi, which helps Sakura to further understand her surroundings. Her mother passed away a few years after her birth (she vaguely remembers her) and her father sent her to Little Hanamachi to pay off his debts to a loan shark. She has a strange connection to Jizai (she appears infatuated with him), and detests Akasui. It is rumored that her mother was the infamous Lady Murasaki, one of Madame Oki's daughters who ran away with a man years before.

Lady Murasaki (Naruto)- Though she is not alive, Lady Murasaki has a large influence over the events in the story. Said to have run away years before the story begins, Murasaki was Chou's daughter (her actual daughter) who worked as a geisha voluntarily. She is said to be a motivational person, encouraging the girls to work harder in order to be free from debt. A tomboy as a child, Murasaki became very beautiful in her teenage years, growing a more feminine figure yet maintaining a tough-girl attitude. It was said that she liked a good fight, putting up a struggle with a man who attempted to force her into submission and using a portion of the money she earned to gamble on sumo fights. Said to resemble Sakura in an odd way.

Madame Oki (Naruto) - An old woman with a lot of attitude, Oki rules Hanamachi with an iron fist. Her geisha house operates as an inn, shop, and underground prostitution and gambling center. She acts callous and cruel towards most of her servants and doesn't show her true colors to anyone. She refers to Chou as her "daughter" but it is unknown if they are related. She holds an interest in Sakura.

Makino (Lady Maki) - An extraordinary beauty, Makino loves to seduce men and leave them high and dry, panting for more. She is a sadomasochist, as she loves to watch the other girls in pain and tells one of her clients that she can "take a whipping." She was rumored to be Jizai's lover, but it is unclear how they feel about one another (Jizai generally avoids contact with most women, and Makino will not approach him at any cost.) She is abusive towards Sakura, Kou, and most of the other girls-- though she loves to attack the weaker girls (especially Kou) the most. She has a mole on her chin, a black tousled hairstyle, and crimson colored eyes. She is called the "Raven Lady" by her admirers.

Chou (Lady Chou) - A beautiful and experienced geisha, Chou holds the highest position in the geisha house and is widely respected in Hanamachi. She is said to be so beautiful that she seduced the former daimyo of the Land of Lightning. She is fairly strong (she smacked a servant so hard she didn't stir for about an hour) and is very smart. Well-mannered and warm to the people she is truly interested in, she decides to make Sakura into her protege shortly after she comes to the Flower Mansion. One of her regulars, a young man by the name of Yuji (the girls call him Prince Yuji or just Prince), seems to be her actual lover.

Megumi Sato (Megu, by Makino, Mai as a geisha) - A maiko (geisha trainee) who is Chou's former disciple and now Lady Maki's protege, she is fairly jealous of Sakura's beauty (she hates the fact that a servant got more attention than she did) and her natural skill. Gifted with a beautiful dance, Megumi makes an excellent geisha.

Yuji (Prince/Prince Yuji)- Handsome and young, Yuji is well liked by the women in Hanamachi. A mystery to Sakura, Yuji is rumored to be the youngest son of the daimyo of the Land of Lightning. Skilled with a sword and highly chivalrous, Yuji does not accept the fact that Sakura is a kunoichi. He aims to protect the women of Hanamachi Town, acting as a bodyguard of sorts when in the vicinity. He is constantly being followed by his two clumsy bodyguards Ryuu and Saya (Saya is a medical ninja who is fairly weak in battle, but can hold her own against an enemy if she needs to; Ryuu is a muscled, hot-blooded samurai/ninja who loves a good fight, whether it be with a woman or a man-- only thing is, he has a weakness for women with small chests, aka Saya).

Ryuu Saguchi - Yuji's bodyguard and friend. He's tall, muscled, and hotheaded-- leading people to believe he's a ruffian. He's very kind when he wants to be and has a weak spot for women with small bust sizes (and an equal fear of women with large breasts). He wields a long and thin zanbato, but he can use a wide range of weapons; he buys a longbow, a yari, and suntetsu from Akasui at one point. He is in love with Saya, though she rejects his feelings (as her shy persona, she is unaware of his advances due to her clumsiness, but as her sadistic side she physically resists her, to a point where she impales him on a pole after he touches her thigh.)

Saya Muso - Yuji's attendant and bodyguard. Soft-spoken in front of others, Saya wears glasses and spends her time collecting books. She has a split personality: her shy, clumsy, bookworm attitude is only a mask for her sadistic, crazed personality that comes out in battle whenever somebody hurts Yuji or Ryuu. She fights with a small tanto, as well as senbon and the "Chakra Scalpel" technique (though it is modified; she sculpts her chakra into fine needles with which she launches at high speeds at her opponents)

Upcoming Stories (I plan to write...or I am writing...) -

H A N A M A C H I - FLOWER TOWN (Naruto) - After being falsely accused of treason, Sakura Haruno (now 18) has been the object of an assassination attempt ordered by none other than the acting Rokudaime, Danzo of ROOT. In an attempt to save her from her impending death, Sai fakes her death and sends her far away, hoping she'll be safe. Now being employed as a lowly servant in a geisha house, Sakura must work her way up to the top in order to regain her freedom and ultimately reunite with her friends and family. But... when Sasuke finds her in the Land of Lightning accidentally, will this prove that fate put them back together or tear them apart once again? Welcome to Hanamachi, the Flower Town.

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