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Alright let's see a profile...hmm.. Well I first want to say:

If I Haven't sent you a review on any chapter of your story and I added you to my Alert list... it's because I went searching for stories to read and have yet to read yours.. I don't like the search... so I try not to do it often. But I can only jump from one author's favorite stories to another before I hit a dead end and must sift through masses of stories I've come across.

When I read them you'll know... cause I have a tendancy to post almost as many reviews as you have chapters... unless I don't like the chapter or a chapter is sooooooo good I have to read the next immediately without stopping for review. If I had to skip a chapter, I'll let you know in a later review, or one at the end of your fic.

For those I have Reviewed:

Please write more of your fics I truely do enjoy them, and if you happen to have written a story I loved I will continue to check your story relegiously at least once a week for updates... cause I have this idea that the insta-update thingy might not be working and I have to check for myself...cause authors who write that well won't leave faithful reads such as myself hanging for mass amounts of time waiting for them to update their stories.

I'm considering writing a Demon Diaries fiction myself... but first I need to re-read the series. If I decide to start on I'll let ya'll know on here.. but until that time I will continue to read the ficitons that people have taken the time and effort to write and post on this site. Onward Read:P

Well I spent all of last night reading the Demon Diary series all the way through again starting with the second one... Our copy of the first book having gone missing... -sigh- I should really keep track of who borrows what.. Oh well.. I still brought out the original story clearly in my mind..so now all I have to do is decide waht kind of story I wants to write. hmmm. An Erutis-Krayon fic or a Raenef-Eclipse fic... well if anyone reads this and has thoughts as to what they want to read from me, send me a private message.. I'm up for request though my sister is annoyed with me for wanting to start my own fiction and not help her with the one she's writing... lol I can only come up with a certain amount of ideas for her story before I get tired of it... Demon Diaries hold much more fasination for me, and I love the pairing of characters... hmm.. Ok I guess I'm off to think about what to write next... And I don't bite... well, not unless you want me too lol... I look forward to someone helping me decide what to write upon. Hope to hear from you soon.

--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --OOoooOO--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--

Story Updates: Check me often!

Well looks like this is going to be an Alternative universe fiction... with a focus on Raenef and Elcipse... A few scenes with Chris... and I believe I may interject a few chapters with Krayon and Erutis with a hyperdermic needle... Ideas are always welcome... I may not use them, but I will read over them and take them into consideration... And by AU..this is going to Angsty and dark me thinks... cause that's what I'm attracted to mainly. lol... I might not sound like a dark person, but I have a conflicting soul that yearns for the dark stories to balance out the nice part of me :P. I'm completely inlove with the Demon Diary fiction Acidic it's perfectly dark and scrumpitous. Anyways I'll keep you updated on here... just pm me if you want to chat. But tootle-lous for the moment. :P

OOoooOooo... I just submited my first chapter... I'm so proud of myself.. but please read and review.. I needs the input to know how crappy my writing is and how much i need to improve. Alrightly then... I hope I submitted it right lol... I'm not entirely sure that I did.. but I'll have my sister check on it when she gets home.

Now I'm sad... -sniffs sadly- I uploaded the chapter..but when i search for it... I can't find it or my pen name. Life is soo unfair. -goes and cries in a corner-

Yeah is me! Serpentilewitch has reviewed my fiction! -jumps around joyfully, smiling happily all the while- I've also just re-wrote some of chapter one, sooo... it's going to get reposted...along with an extra scene at the bottom of it...cause I don't feel like writing solely about what goes on at dinner between the three of them, and chappie one was a bit short. But oh well...sorry for any grammer mistakes that might have shown up in it...I was being interrupted while I typed and.. spell checker don't always get um. -smilely sticking his tounge out- Sorry when a little southern on you there. lol But I'll repost it soon

Well looks like i'm going to update chapter one..yet again...it has some grammer mistakes. -sigh- But that's ok. My fiction has been reviewed twice now -smiles happily- I wish it was more...but it was not to be. oh well I thanky you both! Now I'm working on chapter two...and I had several different ideas for it.. it's started off in a slightly different direction than I originally hoped it would go...but I've adjusted well I dare say. lol I just hope to finish it soon, so I might attract more readers. :-P I hope to talk with you soon! Ok that's it for today. (June 7th 2007)

Alright, I know I said I would get the next chapter out soon, but there has been problems and unforseen happening going on in my life. lol First I do have a Very rough draft of chapter two. I still have to beef it up, add some more to the end, and of course correct all the grammer... lol I had about a third of it beefed up, but my computer froze on me and I had to reboot without saving. -grimaces- So I lost all the work I had done. But on a happier note I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 11th, and started my new job on the 12th. So between my birthday and new job that week and weekend were full with little time left for me to do the things that relax me. This week I've been working alot, and getting my apartment ready for my sister to spend the night, and my fiance to spend next week with me. He's coming home for a week before they send him to Iraq. I'm soooo Excited!! -smiles- But that does mean that my free time will doubtlessly be taken up with spending time him. Well, I just thought I would drop by and let anyone who cares know. Well that's it for the story update this time around. lol I hope I'll have better news yall the next time that I write a bit in here. (June 20th 2007)

New: Story information! Read Me if you haven't read me before and I'll try to keep you posted!

Well I know I haven't been around in a bit...and that um it's been like a couple months, but I became busy with a few things, Fiance going to Iraq, school, work, online rp games... you know the normal stuff lol. But I still pop on every once in a bit. But I might get interested in finishing and polishing chapter 2 that is sitting in my documents file after reading some of everyone's else great works on here. :) But I have to go now and due some work, but I should be back for a bit. :P (September 25th 2007)

--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --OOoooOO--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--

Oh and if you want to know who writes my absolute favorite Demon Diary fiction at this moment it time, it's Serpentilewitch, and if you read this all my pleading for new chapters still remains in my heart, and unspoken on my lips...if I haven't said it in awhile.. so I end this bit with a: Pleeeeease please pretty pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasey write some new chapters if Nonly for me!

--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --OOoooOO—ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--

Ok so I like Airbender too.. so sue me lol and to be more precise:


I will never betray their love!

Zutarans will stick 2gether,

We will be strong and stay above!

Kataang will never prevail, we will win this war,

And even if we're losing,

That's reason to fight all the more!" by Zutara-Princess

--ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --OOoooOO—ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo--

Oh and my fiance is coming home for a week! I can't wait to see him! Woot! (June 20th 2007)

Alrighty then: I have more to say...but I have to go check on something...until I have time to finish this...


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