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May 2, 2014

Many of you have asked about a couple of stories that were previously posted under this penname (How I Fell for Mikan Sakura, Devil's Contract). Due to the use of some profanity in my story summaries, took them off of the site because story summaries are supposed to be PG for all audiences, which I understand. I would repost, but I have since deleted all of them after buying a new computer so the stories are lost. My incomplete stories (Somewhere the Clock is Ticking) and the completed but under revision stories (formerly Between Love and Hate and Transcendence) were taken down by me because I didn't want anybody wasting their time reading them only to find that I was never going to finish them. But the stories that are complete and don't violate the terms and conditions will remain on here for you guys to read.

As ever, thank you all for reading (:


December 31, 2011

With the start of a new year comes a new beginning. It is time to close a chapter in my life, to hang up my pen here on Fanfiction for good.

I never understood the power of words, truly understood what they were capable of, until I stumbled upon this site. It is incredible that a handful of letters and a mouthful of words can unite individuals from all around the world to find solace in each other’s stories and provide an escape, an outlet, from each of our realities. What a heady feeling it brings to stumble upon writing that puts into words what you cannot say. I’ve found many soulful readers and writers here that have brought me much laughter, frustration and inspiration from their encouragement. With them—with you—I have made my journey and tried styles I never thought I would try, came to dream of realities I never thought possible and began to believe that anything could happen as long as I dreamed hard enough, worked hard enough and wanted it enough.

I have grown as a writer. It may not be apparent to most but to me, it is as clear as day and Fanfiction has held onto my hand along the way.

But I cannot borrow characters any longer. I want to create for myself. I want a place where characters are mine to mold, worlds are mine to create and ideas are mine to do with as I choose.

I will never stop writing. I will never desire to stem the flow of my narratives and I will never want to stop sharing my thoughts with others.

Fanfiction has helped me learn that. It has held my hand and has given me the security of training wheels at the back of my bike to make certain I do not fall flat on my face. With Fanfiction, I tried taking chances. Now chances are all I wish to take. I am ready, after almost five years, to kick off those extra wheels and start the fast track downhill. Where I will go, nobody knows. What adventures will find me, I cannot begin to imagine. The beauty in this is that it is my story to tell. I want to tell it to you.

Who knows, perhaps you will come across one of my novels one day. Who knows, perhaps there will be a fandom on Fanfiction for them. Who knows, perhaps there will come a day when people will be using my characters as building blocks to write their Fanfictions, to use to grow as writers. Who knows. This new chapter of my journey is one I will meet with much anticipation, but there is no doubt that I will come back to read this chapter—this one—the one here on this site where I learned what it is I truly want from life.

To you—reader, reviewer, friend, stranger, fellow word spirit—I leave certain that you are all capable of great things as long as you believe with all of your heart and never doubt your capabilities. To those who continue here, I hope the fandom treats you well. I hope you always keep your imaginations churning because without it, we cannot hope to survive. For without dreams, we live for nothing.

Thank you always.

Be fearless. Never stop creating. Write on.

My Hopeless Romantic

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Dumbledore

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