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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Jak and Daxter, and Soul Eater.

I'm strange.

Everyday I find that this part about me is the one I'm both most thankful for, and also embarassed of. Take an average morning out of my life. I'd wake up, do some yoga if I'm feeling up to it, talk to some people on whatever social network is the most popular right now, and while I go around the rung of things, I generally mull over; usually for a long period of time, whether or not I'm going to do some writing today. Generally I don't, partially because I have writers block most of the time, and partially because sometimes I don't feel it.

I owe my work the courtesy of wanting to partake in it if I do.

Maybe that's the main reason I believe I'm strange.

But its not; because when I say strange, its a complement. Its like saying 'I am very different, in a standoffish way'. Its not saying that I'm perfect, or even all that capable. It just means that I am myself enough, to stand both alone by myself and also next to others who are also alone in there strangeness. Because in many ways we are alone. But only in one fundamental way.

That is not to say that we are all different in only one way. I mean that there is only one thing that keeps us apart from eachother, the thing that sets me apart from the person before; and the person after me. That thing I believe is imagination.

Not conventional imagination. Not fundamental imagination. Because like thought, imagination has no fundamentals. To say that imagination has fundamentals is like saying your soul has fundamentals. But that isn't so, because both a soul and imagination are the same things. An imagination is the culmination of everything you've experienced, felt or known. You can't imagine a silver-back lionzord riding a jet-propelled snowboard without first knowing what each of these individual things is, can you? But likewise imagination isn't just piecing together one thing from another, is it? Its more like you break what you percieve down, put it back together in a way you see fit, and then splash your own mussings into it, like the watermark on the corner of a paper, or a stroke of something that you yourself can't explain. While many parts of it are taken, at its core, there is only you, your soul.

Your imagination.

My imagination.

What an imagination is I can't really say, only that it is the most magnificent thing in all of creation; in my own opinion. A singularity of importance that strings together our perception of the world, and perhaps even reality itself.

A magnificent it.

The Magnificent It.

Which is where that comes from.

As for my place here, among the fictions that dubious, dogged and perhaps even deranged fans twist and turn stories others have written here into there own, I can only say that this all began as a muse. I will confess that in the beginning, everything I wrote was a gamble. Not a typical gamble where money is on the line, but instead a gamble in self esteem. When you take someone with no more writing experience then a few endeavors into some vague ideas of where someone elses work might go, there's a chance that this someone may fear hurt or disdain under the eyes of scrutiny. I could have very well been the worst writer on this website when I began, for all that I knew.

But I wasn't; and I don't know this by comparison. I know this because I kept trying. Kept trying to update, kept trying to put more out there in the hopes that each chapter, each sentence, each work that I put out there would help someone, entertain someone, maybe even invoke a thought or an idea in someone.

Albeit my first ideas were archaic compared to my newer ones (And some of my newer ideas are archaic compared to the older ideas), I knew that I was doing something right for myself. I recently graduated a university grade course in english with a 4.0. I did this without correct knowledge of how to use 'to' and 'too', when to end a sentence, proper use of an apostrophe, or even key grammer. I achieved this 4.0 this thanks to this website, which under the scrutiny of its reviewers I honed my own style of writing.

Of expression.

Of imagination.

Of Magnificence.

Back to being standoffish though, being seperate from one another is not the perfect state of anything. Being completely one with another is also not a perfect state. The point between the two is what I percieve to be the closest thing to perfection in existance, although if perfection did exist, I doubt any of us would be here in the first place. I'm saying that our differences make us 'us', and that the only difference that matters is imagination.

Again, I am strange.

The strange, incomperable, deranged, fan-fic-ing, yet Magnificent.


Cutting Strings: The experimental leap into fanficing, this fic chronicles the life of Uzumaki Naruto, a character many of my fanfics centre on (Owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Weekly Shonen Jump; all rights reserved), following a crippling event that leaves him unable to walk or talk properly. It is a story about someone trying to overcome a reality that crushes in on himself, and the madnesses that we all face. Or something along those lines, had the themes of the story not been jumbled around so much due to the long leaps of time between updates. Its more action and humor if you look at it, although how I managed to put it together as such I still have no idea. Its a good read for anyone who doesn't mind putting up with poor spelling.

Note: The first six chapters of Cutting Strings are under reconstruction and revision, although deadline will not be posted.

Shifting Sand:

Likely to be discontinued; chronicles the story of Gaara's hypothetical son Minori as he tries to come to terms with who he is, and what that entails. Meanwhile the new Kazekage of the Hidden Sands, Sasori, hunts for his father while the current Hokage of konoha, Haruno Sakura (what a twist right?) seeks political stability in a village that is crumbling around her. The truth that the offspring of Gaara seeks however, lies in only one man. Uzumaki Naruto.

Note: Shifting Sands will likely be discontinued if my writers block does not let up. Please review or send a message if this story catches enough of anyones attention to warrent updating it.

Jashin: Rather the a romp in the land of murder and ritual this story is about a world where the Kyuubi never rampaged, instead the monster that is Jashin (Who just happens to like looking like the cross between a scythe wielding skeleton and a biker with a strange taste for bandanas) attacks Konoha, forcing the fourth hokage to seal it into his son. The beef of the story however lies in the many years later, when a cloak wearing blonde urchin suddenly drops into Konoha after being missing since the day of the sealing...

Pyromaniac: Uzumaki Naruto: For when I'm feeling extra crackish I have this story. Regeneration was always a cool ability in Naruto, but it left little room for theatric flare. I decided to rectify this with my own opinion that since Kyuubi is clearly a creature of fire and destruction rather then regeneration, then maybe Naruto should recieve the same treatment. Ergo, this story came together. Its essentially an excuse to mess with every aspect of the characters in the show we know of, although despite it clearly being my most popular story, I find that I write it the fewest. The readers can expect a chapter sometime in the near future however, if I find the energy for it.

Docile: It began only as a story with Naruto being more foxish (That classic ears and tail motif). Since I didn't think that a loud yelling blonde twelve year old fit that image, I decided to make him more docile (Maybe a little too much so). And then for the hell of it I made every shinobi in the leaf female and probably a lesbian to justify pairings, just because I could. You could say this story is the 'Thomas the Train' of my fanfics, as it does considerably well. Oh, and no ones personalities have changed, just gender and features.

Preset Choices: Jak and Daxter is a great gaming franchise, with a very deep potential for character interaction (Which sometimes it falls through on, and other times delivers beyond what most would expect). But the thing about it that bothered me was 'how do they get away with working Jak like a dog like this? Why does Daxter agree to any of this as well? What if there not content with being sent on suicide mission after suicide mission?'. This fanfic explores that idea, as well as where some characters might have failed him in certain respects.

Neutrality: The newest addition; it follows the life of Soul 'Eater' Evans after his life is completely turned upside down by a girl. A girl whose anti-demon wavelength keeps the lord of all Kishin slumbering inside of her. The kishin that has unfortunately driven her completely insane and given her abilities beyond that of any 'normal' human. The fact that she has also taking a liking too the poor Soul only completes this horrible downward spiral I call a fanfiction.

These are the current stories you the reader has to choose from. I hope that should you read them, you enjoy them in any way that you see fit.


Updates are the lifeblood of anything, is my new philosophy. I've thus far been at a split in my life where it comes to writing and art. Right down the middle, its been 'Do I update Deviantart?' or 'Do I update Fanfiction?'.

Well, the answer is, if I'm not doing either then why the hell do I have them. I'm to stubborn to give up on either of them though, so here's the plan: I'm going to devote the rest of the month to 'WEEKLY' updates, anbd in return, should I not garner at least a slight increase in watchers, then I will withdraw from deviantart entirely, save for the rare submission of art here and there.

Likewise if this happens, I will update a story of mine 'WEEKLY' on fanfiction. Story length might be affected but GODDAMN IT AM I TIRED OF FACEBOOK TAKING OVER MY LIFE!




"If I were crazy then I'd have to respond by saying your incredibly boring. I'd also have to say that I'd pick the first one over the other, as because I am crazy, there is a much larger possibility of awesome explosions."

-The Magnificent It

"Only one person? I keep a list so I don't forget their names. Makes it easier when I exact unholy revenge upon them."

-Uzumaki Naruto, from Pyromaniac: Uzumaki Naruto, following Sasuke's outburst about wanting to kill a 'certain someone'.

"If I were to try to explain my thinking to you the only thing that would happen is the equivelent of throwing a large brick at your head. All it would do is knock you senseless; and lets face it, the brick is not only faster, but also a tad bit funnier."

-The Magnificent It

"Lol. Buttz."

-The Internet

"Everything needs an exception."

-The Magnificent It

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Pyromaniac: Uzumaki Naruto! reviews
With great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, no one told Naruto this. When through a bizarre series of events he becomes something much stronger, he will be lead down a path that will define him anew.
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Docile reviews
Naruto's dream has always been to be a ninja, an unfortunatley futile dream, due to circumstances out of his control. That is, until now...Will have side yuri, in much abundance. Vote if you wish for it to continue
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Cutting Strings reviews
A puppet's life is only as long as the strings that hold it up. But what happens when Naruto Uzumaki wishes to cut these stings and walk on his own. Powerful!naruto, first capter is utter crud. choose your own pairings, it may end up the final one.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 30 - Words: 184,869 - Reviews: 630 - Favs: 543 - Follows: 504 - Updated: 7/7/2010 - Published: 3/31/2007 - Naruto U.
Preset Choices reviews
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