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What a Rubber Chicken

Yep, that's me. And you really DON'T want to know where I got my name.

Now then, since you're probably here wanting more information on myself (especially since you're still reading this), I will go ahead and give it to you.

Real Name: secret.

Age: secret

Hair Color: secret

Eye Color: secret

Height: secret

Weight: secret

B/W/H: secret

Now that you know so much more about me, I will tell you a little bit about my writing. I started writing fan-fiction about ten years ago, but haven't started posting until recently. And I am a horrible updater. Anyone who has my longer fics on alert can tell you that. My apologies. The updated list is below.

I pride myself most on keeping the characters as in-character as I possibly can throughout my plotline. Unless I can justify a change, I won't make one. If anybody has any comments, good or bad, about how I am doing with this, I will love you forever if you drop me a line.

A warning to all: my works often involve adult situations, minor/major language, and sometimes, a lot of philosophy. I have no one to blame but myself and the people I hang out with. I've tried to tone it down as best I can.

My current project is Perfect Trinity, but every so often I do one-shots for fun. (Note: for anyone underage, Perfect Trinity is not for you.)

I am here on fanfiction.net for two reasons: 1.) I love playing with other people's characters and 2.) I want to improve my writing skills. Anyone who reviews in order to help me with the latter is an angel.

Request for Pairings - I often write stories completely based on plot line, with only a couple of pairings on the side, if any. Therefore, if anyone wants to see a couple of their favorite characters get together in my particular storyline, I can usually accommodate them, unless it completely goes against the plot line. However, I pride myself on keeping the characters as "in-character" as I possibly can throughout my stories. Therefore, some pairings are just not possible in my eyes.

Request for One-Shot - As I said, I am always looking to improve my skills, so I occasionally do one-shots outside of my usual story. However, one-shot requests must be e-mailed to me (what_a_rubber_chicken@hotmail.com), not placed in reviews. I also reserve the right to refuse any requests due to time management, OOC-ness, or just plain bad taste. As I said before, I try to keep the characters they way they were originally made. After all, they aren't mine.

Have an idea? Like my writing? Shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

I've watched a lot of anime, played a few games, and I'm almost always reading something. These are a few of the storylines I feel I know well enough to dip my hand into:

Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, etc.

I'm sure there are many others, though, so if you'd like me to try something for you, just drop me an e-mail and I'll see if I know the material well enough to try.

I am also one of the few people on here that uses an editor. (Not that everyone needs one, but sometimes... come on, people.) Not just a beta-reader, an editor. She assists me with plot line, character development, as well as my frequent grammar and spelling mistakes. Wave, songsilence. (songsilence waves grumpily.) Of course, she also hates my guts because the only reason she's helping me at all is because I'm blackmailing her. (evil grin) I, on the other hand, LOOOOOOVE her. Annoying the crap out of her is one of my favorite pastimes and is really easy to do because she absolutely hates yaoi (innocent little Catholic girl, cackles) and blushes every time I make her read anything "T" or above. Thus, the purpose of Perfect Trinity. So, if anybody has an idea that will make my poor editor squick or run around screaming about her eyes, please, send it my way.


Perfect Trinity - For those of you still hanging around waiting for the next installment, I AM SO SORRY! I AM working on it, believe me. Unfortunately, while I have the basics of what happens next all mapped out in my mind, my muse decided to abandon me without leaving any details. If anyone has seen an evil, green-eyed plot bunny running around, please return him to me!! I am halfway through the next chapter... (sobs) Update: yes, my plot bunny is still missing, three frickin' years later. I think he's cheating on me. I do apologize. I have tried to write this chapter without him and it took some weird turns that I don't really know if I can justify.

Taste the Night - I sooo did not expect this to come up, peeps, but I'm actually having trouble clearing this one through my editor, who just gave me another idea for what is to happen in this two-shot and it's making the second chapter a LOT longer than I expected. Again, my apologies. Though, in my defense, TtN can be read as a one-shot just as easily, and if you're looking for a straight shot of yaoi, you should probably read it that way. If you want some plotline, stay tuned, it's almost done. (And yes, another lemon too.) Update: I finished the part that was giving me so much trouble and ran it by my editor. She told me to leave it alone for awhile and then read it again. I did and it disturbed me greatly. I don't want to submit you all to that, so I'm thinking I'll have to either call that one just a one-shot with a horrible cliff hanger, or I can rewrite it. I think I'll put up a poll.

Reviewers: Thank you so much for all your support, love, and threats of violence on my person! You make my days happier. Including you, jj. I have just one thing to say to you: Come at me, bro. ;)

Thank you, carry on.

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