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Hello people and welcome.

Moto: "Only the insane have the strength to prosper. Only those who prosper can truly say what is sane."

Also I am dyslexic, so you will have to forgive some errors. but I try my hardest.


Slang terms of the Second Imperium universe:

Word = use & meaning – source.

Dedi = military slang ‘leave quickly/with haste’ – corrupted Ancient/Vietnam era slang.

Frag = Pegasus slang ‘messed up, gone/go to hell etc.’ – taken from ‘fragmentation grenade’.

Yotz = Pegasus general expletive – stolen from Farscape; just because.

wriphen = Pegasus general expletive – Old English for thing that is ‘wraith like’.

Dul / Acce = Imperial slang ‘nice or cool, etc.’ – corrupted Ancient.

Frak = Milky Way slang ‘f*ck’ – Battlestar Galactica/Caiphas Cain.

Curvy = Imperial slang ‘messed up, etc.’ – corrupted Ancient.

Mikta = Imperial slang 'ass' – Goa’uld/Jaffa.

Kresh'taa = Milky Way general insult (outsider) – Goa’uld/Jaffa.

Ha'taaka = Milky Way general Insult (destroyer) – Goa’uld/Jaffa.

(Chel) nak = ‘(very) cool’ – Goa’uld/Jaffa.

Schenden = Ascendancy insult ‘disgrace’ – Middle English.

Ori To-warde = Ori Protect/Save me – Middle English.

Deghe = to die/of death – Middle English.

Starside = Inter-System space beyond the Oort cloud of a System, on average greater than 70 AU.

Voidside = Space in general; but more commonly the intra-System space, on average everything less than 70 AU.

Planetside/Stationside = On the surface of any celestial body/in a Space Habitat.

Ranks, lowest to highest:

Imperial Legions / H.M.I (where applicable)_/_Imperial Navy / Flight Corps (where applicable)

Legionnaire / Specialist_/_Crewman

Lance Corporal_/_Senior Crewman II

Corporal_/_Senior Crewman I


Staff Sergeant_/_Staff Sergeant

Gunnery Sergeant_/_Colour Sergeant

Master Sergeant_/_Master Sergeant

Sergeant Major_/_Warrant Officer

Second Lieutenant_/_Sub-Lieutenant / specialty specific “e.g. Communications” Officer

First Lieutenant_/_Lieutenant / specialty specific “e.g. Navigation” Officer

Captain_/_Captain / Flight Officer

Major_/_Major / Squadron Leader

Lieutenant Colonel_/_Lieutenant Colonel / Wing Leader


Brigadier General_/_Commodore

Major General_/_Major General

Lieutenant General_/_Lieutenant General

General_/_(Fleet) General

System General_/_Fleet Commodore

“e.g. Dakara” Sector Commander_/_Marshal General of "e.g. Ithaca" Sector

High General_/_High General

High General of the Imperial Services_/_High General of the Imperial Navy

Supreme Commander_/_Supreme Commander

Imperial Force Organisation:

Legion Unit (average composition): Typical No. of Soldiers = Typical Commander's Rank

Fireteam: 4-5 = (Lance) Corporal / (Lower) Sergeant

Squad (2-3 Fireteams): 8–15 = (All) Sergeant

Platoon (3-6 Squads): 25–60 = (First / Second) Lieutenant

Company (3-5 Platoons): 80–300 = Captain / Major

Battalion (2-7 Companies): 300–1500 = (Lieutenant) Colonel

Regiment (3-7 Battalions): 3000–5000 = Colonel / Brigadier General

Division (2-4 Regiments): 10 000–20 000 = (Major / Brigadier) General

Cohort (2-5 Divisions): 30 000–80 000 = (Major / Lieutenant) General

Legion (10 Cohorts): ~ 500 000 = General

System Force (1-5 Legions): 500,000–2,500,000 = System General

Sector Group: Depends on no. of Systems in Sector = Sector Commander

Segmentum Command: Depends on no. of Sectors in Segmentum = High General

Navy Unit: Typical Composition (large variance, dependent on purpose) = Typical Commander's Rank

(Flight Corps) Squadron: 6-24 I-301s = Squadron Leader

(Flight Corps) Wing: 2-4 I-301 Squadrons = Wing Leader

His Imperial Ship (SNI): 1 Imperial starship of any class = (Lieutenant) Colonel

(Naval) Squadron: 3-8 starships; usually capital ship(s) with escorts or grouping of a specialised class = Commodore / Major General

Taskforce: 0-1 Battleship/cruiser Squadrons, 0-2 Cruiser Squadrons & 1-4 Frigate/Destroyer Squadrons = (Lieutenant / Major) General

(Incorporated World) System Fleet: 1-3 Taskforces = (Lieutenant) General

Battlegroup: 0-1 Dreadnoughts, 1-4 Battleship/cruiser Squadrons, 2-5 Cruisers Squadrons & 2-6 Frigate/Destroyer Squadrons = Fleet Commodore / General

Sector Fleet: Depends on the no. of Systems in Sector & 1-4 Battlegroups = Marshal General

Battlefleet "Segmentum / Purpose": Depends on no. of Sectors in Segmentum / 6-12 Battlegroups = High General


Second Imperium – A collection of over a billion worlds populated by mostly Humans and a few scattered Xenos. Ruled from Dakara by Supreme Commander O’Neill and the Imperial Senate. The Imperium’s singular goal is to unite the fractured galaxies, to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for all. To this end they maintain the largest military ever known in the form of the Imperial Martial Services. With their innumerable martial might intend to sweep away all who oppose them. No matter the cost. For the Emperor!

Adeptus Astartes Sons of Sol – The three hundred strong Chapter of the Emperor’s Angels of Death. Hailing form the mysterious First Imperium they are the catalyst that has rewritten the destiny of the Human race. They have little interest in the day to day running of the Imperium as long as Imperial rule is obeyed. Having concluded their Great Crusade, for now, the Space Marines are happy to be the guardians of the Emperor’s realm as they slowly but inexorably increase in number. However they are not lethargic. Their forces are spread across the three galaxies enforcing the will of the Imperium; as such mere rumours of their presence has been known to halt wars and quell rebellions. The Emperor protects!

Ordo Pacis Arxs – The police force of the Imperium under the command of the Tok’shek. They are utterly devoted to the maintenance of law and order within the Imperium. They are willing and able to follow any course of action, no matter how barbaric or illegal, to accomplish this. The ends always justify the means. There is no such thing as innocence. Only varying degrees of guilt.

Adeptus Mechanicus – The semi-religious organisation tasked with the maintenance and improvement of the Imperium’s technological prowess. Lead by the Asgard in secret they constantly search out new technologies and ideas. With the help of the Yggdrasill Core they have begun assimilating the Ancient database and incorporating it into Imperial technology. Split into three separate factions the Adeptus Mechanicus’s goals are never the same from one member to the next but the pursuit of knowledge is a constant to them all. The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

Federation of Free Trade and Enterprise – A collection of the wealthiest and most unscrupulous Free Traders. The entire organisation runs of a semi-legal premise selling anything that would turn a profit. They are known scavenge from dead civilisation and battlefields just to sell it back to the Imperium itself or to the Covenant and Alliance. As long as a single centi-Credit can be made it doesn’t matter how many people die or how much devastation their wares propagate. Since the outbreak of the Covenant Insurrection they have begun blockading Imperial planets, transporting Traitor forces and murdering as many Pacis Arxs as they can. Rumours of a Lantean Sethlans Exnihilreme in their possession persist, but no one has ever lived to confirm it. Diplomacy requires cunning, skill and charisma. A few good Lances never hurt though.

The Alliance – The major piratical group left in Imperial space. Formed from the remnants of the Lucian Alliance and others; either cast off by the Imperium or who fled from the Order their ships are confined almost solely to Ida. Currently they are lying dormant eagerly awaiting the carrion and easy prey that will be left over when the Imperium and Covenant go to war. Money makes the galaxies turn.

Ori Ascendancy – The single surviving civilisation in the galaxy Orisounes populated by the True Form of Humanity. Ruled by the Doci, in the name of the Ori, to bring the Ascended new worshipers and domination over all things. A tear in the fabric of reality allowed the Ori to find their long lost adversaries, the Alterans, and the death scream of the Tyranids lead them to their Great Enemy’s doorstep. The Ori have given them weapons, magiks and armours that equal or surpass those of the Imperium. Their intent is simple in its finality. To cleanse the stars; once and for all. Hallowed are the Ori!

True Human Empire – Formed from by Priors to sow discord in the Imperium. Unfortunately the effort was undermined from the start by the greed and pride of the men in charge and a demonic possession. The True Human Empire did little more than ensure the Imperium knew of the Priors and allow them to once again increase the size and power of their military. This galaxy is MINE… in the name of the Ori of course.

Order of Sanctified Light – The foolish and avaricious who were unwittingly recruited as cannon fodder for the coming Crusade. Formed by a Prior from the remnants of the True Human Empire and whatever scum they could gather, the Order was practically wiped out by the Imperium. The remainder were sheltered by the Federation and now crew the nearly complete Super Gate. Those that served on Apocalypse Rising were either killed by the Blessed Paladins or the Asolars. They exist as little more than barley trained gangers who are simply a little further down on the list of beings to be cleansed. A handful of Naquadah? To rape and pillage? Where do I sign up!

Covenant of the Sleeping God – The newest and fastest growing religion in the Imperium. Centred in Pegasus under the never seen Cardinal the Covenant has worked its way deep into many of the local civilisation in its few years. Many of the Cultists are unaware of what they have joined until it is far too late. A paramilitary branch, known as the Apostles, conducted secretive missions all across the Pegasus galaxy paving the way for Sleeping God to arise from the Pit. These strong ties between the Covenant and many of the more resistant elements in Pegasus allowed them to goad these factions into open rebellion when faced with the destruction of Kelkean. To date they have only successfully summoned a single, immensely powerful, Daemon know to them as the Bronze Lord. He is awake and you shall worship Him.

The Asolars – An unknown and unpredictable force. They crew Space Hulks that attack and destroy Imperial worlds seemingly at will. The Apostle sometimes makes use of them as shock troops relying on their twisted brethren to do what normal Humans can’t. No Imperial eyewitness has ever survived contact with the Asolars and their Space Hulk so no link has yet been drawn between them and the Covenant. They exist simply to spill blood and collect skulls. MAIM! KILL! BURN!


Agri-World – A planet almost totally dedicated to food production.

Colony World – A newly colonised Imperial planet, remains as such until its first Tithe can be safely levied.

Contemporary World – A heavily settled Imperial planet, almost always a pre-Imperium advanced civilisation or Goa'uld Homeworld.

Dead World – A planet rendered utterly lifeless through natural or mechanical means.

Death World – A planet where local fauna, flora and terrain are extremely hazardous.

Forge World – A planet dedicated to the research and production of the Imperium’s technology.

Fortress World – A heavily defended planets where most land mass is dedicated to fortifications.

Hive World – A planet where most if not all population must live in Hive Spires for one reason or another.

Incorporated World – A medium to heavily populated Imperial planet, most common in all three galaxies.

Maiden World – An un-colonised planet that can naturally support life.

Mining World – A planet dedicated to the extraction and processing of precious materials.

Nascent World – A low to medium populace, most are restored Ruin Worlds or developed Colony Worlds.

Native World – A planet not under Imperial control with an indigenous sentient population.

Outpost – A basic pre-fabricated Imperial fortification most will normally develop surrounding towns.

Penal Colony – A planet dedicated to the housing and containment of Imperial prisoners.

Ruin World – A planet, which usually had prior natives, devastated by mechanical or natural means.

Space Habitat – Any void borne station that has a constant population. Most commonly the Space Combat Habitats used in the defence of Imperial Systems.

Xeno World – An Imperial planet with the majority population comprising of Xenos.

Beta: Arkh Cthuul.

The Emperor Works in Weird Ways: Complete.

Of Wraiths and Bolters: Complete.

Heresy Through the Worm Hole: It began in the tenth month of the tenth year of the third millenium; and it shall be long and bloody (fingers crossed). Ori-Imperium war with Chaos's grand entrance.

If any one has any questions or what ever, just send me an E-mail. Please review it makes everything worth while.

he who fell from grace: I do not hold grudges. I have no survuving enemies.

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