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Poll: In The Secrets of Scary People, should Lady Suzume turn out to have some kick-ass martial arts skills, or should she stick to more traditional J-Horror style haunting? Vote Now!
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Author has written 5 stories for Ring/Ringu, Law and Order: SVU, and Batman Begins/Dark Knight.

Hi. My avatar is of my cat Hobbes, who left me forever on 8/6/09, due to kidney disease and congestive heart failure. He was just a little kitten when this was taken. He was a wonderful little friend. I love and miss him a lot.

Some things are so wrong that they're right. Like this video.


Hey, if you're a reader of my fic Can't Get You Out Of My Head, check out this link:


to see an illustration by http://www.fanfiction.net/u/885528/ACleverName for a scene between Jay and Gracie when she's hanging out in her pajamas and bunny slippers around chapters 29-31. I can't get over the expressions on the faces of the slippers--they just look so malicious. Yep, those are the Shoes, all right! Thanks so much, ACleverName.

More fanart for Can't Get You Out Of My Head: http:///art/Tender-moment-naw-114265380

This one is a collaboration between Shiftedsoul and Velvetmatter.

This one is by New-Nadezda, (who is way too modest about her own talent) of Jay and Grace together: http:///img524/6936/scan20090519.jpg

and this one:http:///img410/6308/scan20090606.jpg

And another by New-Nadezda, this one of Suzume as she is when Jonathan Crane calls the police on her. She's holding her hair up with two pencils and a plastic comb: http:///img35/7490/scan20090531.jpg.

Suzume in the police station:


And a very spooky Suzume in the street in chapter 29:


For a whole scrapbook by New-Nadezda of moments and characters: http:///gal.php?g=ch84gracebeforemirror.jpg

And TheOtherMaddHatter got her moments before she goes splash--I love her expression!: http:///art/Lady-Suzume-Murasaki-124610123

I am really envious of people who can draw and have it come out so doggone well.

By New-Nadezda, here's Suzume sewing a new collar onto one of Jonathan's tired old shirts:


So what would the fancy kimonos from the chest have looked like? Here's a link:


If The Secrets of Scary People were made into a movie and I got to choose who plays Suzume/Yureiko, I'd definitely cast Yukie Nakama in the role.

She is an amazing actress and comedienne whose first starring role was in Ringu0 as Sadako. Here is a fanvid of clips from Ringu0 set to Evanescense's Whisper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcVb9UtNFno

The creator of that clip is named Kureitensa. I don't know them, but I think they did a great job.

Yukie was about seventeen when she made Ringu0, and it's only the first of many successes. Here's something more lighthearted, a clipvid by nessx007 from the comedy TV series Gokusen, in which she plays Yankumi, the granddaughter of a Yakusa mob boss who has always dreamed of being a teacher. She gets her wish, and finds that growing up with the mob is actually good training for teaching in an all-boys high school:


If you're enjoying Secrets, you'll have fun with Yukie being scary and then funny.

What is J-Horror and why do I like it?

The J in J-Horror stands for Japanese, although there are many fine films in the genre coming from other countries such as South Korea, China, and even the United States. J-Horror is more than a country; it's a phenomena.

What characterizes a J-Horror movie? First of all, there are no slashers in it out to cut up scantily clad girls, with only the virgin among them left alive. The mood and atmosphere are more important than the fake blood in a J-Horror movie, a water stain can invoke more terror than a cut from a knife, the villains are victims, and Dead Wet Girls RULE.

In J-Horror flicks, you find a lot of families where something has gone horribly wrong, which can actually happen in real life, as opposed to shambling hordes of zombies. J-Horror stories are about people. Sometimes they're dead people, but they're still people. They hurt and kill because they themselves were hurt and killed, and they're still hurting.

Now for my list of must-sees:

1. Ringu.

2. The Ring.

3. Ju-On.

4. Dark Water.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters.

6. Ringu 0

7. Acacia.

8. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts.

9. Rasen/Ringu 2/ The Ring 2.


Many of these can be viewed for free on this site:


But what about me? Well, I like to let my writing speak for itself, but I'm female, like so many of us on this site. Mid-twenties, married, out of college and with a full-time job and a hobby/part-time job making beaded jewelry and teaching others how to make it in a local bead store. No kids as yet, three cats who know they rule. I have one niece, named Lia Rose.

See you in my updates!

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