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Author has written 5 stories for Ecco the Dolphin, Spyro the Dragon, and Super Smash Brothers.

Drawing isn't my thing, so I write instead. I'm a big sci-fi and humor fan of all kinds. Mostly my Stealth Squadron was all that, and then some. I enjoy instrumental music, and like writing poetry and lyrics than reading them, unless they're my own. Ecco the dolphin, Spyro the dragon, Star Fox, Pokemon, and World War II and racing games are my fav! I have many dreams that I wish I could fullfil, like a stoyline writer for those games above, I'm great with dialogue, Broadcaster (Major League Baseball), and hopefully see another Ecco game. That series was Sega's push during the 90's console wars!

The Stealth Squadron Bio's:

Allan Jamique Thomson

Race: Human, Caucaison

Age: 19

Born in Sante Fe, New Mexico

Training: 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne/Defence Sqaudron

Occupation: Mercenary of the Adventures-for-Hire Stealth Squadron

Describe: Carries six Pokemon on board the Mothership Atlantis, after they paid off the fee's Andrew Thomson (Allan's Father) still had to pay on planet Pokemon. Doesn't get cocky, but getting him focused and steemed is easy. Rated "Best Pilot" by the United States Air Force Academy for 3 consecutive years. Served as Ace pilot during the "Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Future" Foe war. Medals earned: 3 Bronze Star, 2 Silver and Gold Stars, 7 Marksman Awards, 1 Medal of Honor, 1 Medal of Valor, and 1 Purple Heart. Played Hockey, Football, and Baseball during 10 years at the USAFA. Pokemon he trusts the most is Raichu, nicknamed Zap.

Fighter of Choice: ProwlerWing III R.B.T. Arwing V

JaMacus Jonathan (J.J. for short) Fiztgerald Ford

Race: Human, African-American

Age: 19

Born: Miami, Florida

Training: 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne/Defence Sqaudron

Occupation: Mercenary of the Adventures-for-Hire Stealth Squadron

Describe: The Ace of the Stealth Squadron. Voice was commonly mistaken as for Will Smith through the Academy. Served as an Ace pilot during "Ecco: DoTF" Foe War. Very cocky, and gets himself into trouble in the skys. Medals earned: 1 Silver star, and 1 Bronze Star. Earned 12 Marksman medals.

Fighter of Choice: StealthWing II R.B.T. Arwing IV

Jose Felipe Garcia

Race: Human, Hispanic-American

Age: 18

Born: Sante Fe, New Mexico

Training: 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne/Defence Sqaudron

Occupation: Mercenary of the Adventures-for-Hire Stealth Squadron

Describe: An ace pilot of the USAF Elite Defense Squadron. Second in All-time aircraft kills (775) in history. Also a swordsman. More mellow version of J.J, but doesn't take as much pain and damage in air-combat. Only a year into the Stealth Squardon. Medals awarded: 7 Marksman, 1 Medal of Valor.

Fighter of Choice: F-45 StealthWing R.B.T. Arwing IV

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