Suna Village Prophets
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The Suna Village Prophets


A Short Introduction

Last Updated On: March 31, 2007

We are two young writers wondering along the golden path of fanfiction As of now we are working on a couple naruto fanfics. (See Current Fics below) We'll have a decent profile up later. I'm just trying to put something up here right now.




"Love and Peace!"

OtHeR fAnFiCtIoN.nEt aLiAsEs

Kazekage-Hime (Anime/Manga Fanfics)Ravena Darkwing (Star Wars Fanfics)
Dark Dungeon Mistress (Harry Potter & 1 Pitch Black Fic)
Shadow-Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Fanfics)
Apocalyptic Muse (Phantom of the Opera; Stargate; X-Men; Lost; Day After Tomorrow; Aliens Vs. Predator)
Celestine Caine (C.S.I. - Empty Right Now)

ReAl NaMe Danielle Elizabeth
NiCkNaMe Galadriel
AgE 21
BiRtHdAy January 4, 1986 (year of disasters)
ApPeArAnCe Dark red hair, green/blue/brown eyes, 5'5"
MaRiTaL sTaTuS Taken
ReLiGiOn to be easy on you, its closest to Wiccan or Pagan.
OcCuPaTiOn Writer/Student of Life/Amateur Photographer
I hAvE cLaImEd Rock Lee, Jiraiya, Sandaime, Naruto, and Iruka. I can't remember, Rina-chan... Is Gaara mine, too?

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Naruto; Gaara; Rock Lee; Hinata; Sakura (YES, I like Sakura, got a problem?); Tsunade; Jiraiya (Is THE MAN); Iruka

HATED ChARACTERS: Deidara, Orochimaru (Sorry, he killed Sarutobi so I hate him); Akatsuki in general (back up off our Jinnchuuriki!)

FAVORITE COUPLES: Naruto/Hinata; Naruto/Sasuke; Shikamaru/Temari; Gaara/Hinata; Lee/Sakura

TOLERATED COUPLES(these are the ones I think are interested and I don't mind reading when I run into them): Naruto/Sakura; Kakashi/Iruka; Kiba/Hinata

DISLIKED COUPLES: Sasuke/Sakura (Shut up already, people. Sasuke appreciates her as a friend, nothing more and she's too one-track minded to realize there's other good fish out there, well, until Shippuden...and then she kinda likes Naruto.)



hehe, your turn. - Kaze



A Gaara Tale. Two girls befriend the lonely and broken Suna boy. Neither expected the changes they would bring to each other's lives. IN PROGRESS

The Obligatory Naruto-Characters-Meet-Our-World story. Just for fun and giggles.

A Fruits Basket Tale
The Zodiac members meet some new friends... including one who's psychic abilities will not allow Hatori to wipe her memory. (Take that, Akito!)

And More Later... when we get time...

Dust reviews
A What if... Gaara story. Begins when he is 8 years old and will continue passed Shippuden.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,252 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/2/2007 - Gaara