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Howdy ho!

Not much to say here. I'm not actually very interested in writing. I've had my occasional attempts throughout my lifetime, usually brought on by intense boredom, this time being no exception. I read a lot, too much, fanfiction, but end up liking hardly any of it. That is due to a few reasons. I do not like how someone makes their mark with an allegedly decent story at the beginnings of series fandoms, and then everyone else seems to follow in their wake and adopt their methods and turn them into what is so very understated as 'cliche'. My best examples of these are GW's notorious terms, 'braided baka' and 'Hee-chan', as well as Naruto's 'the blonde did this' and 'the raven haired boy did that' etc. These kinds of things make me want to stab my own eyes out of my skull.

I also dislike how the majority of yaoi in any form and any country seems to completely overlook the fact that homosexuality is considered taboo in most areas of the world. Especially Japan, where the whole phenomena of the yaoi genre originally emerged. People tend to easily accept what they are taught throughout their lifetime, and especially within strict conventional societies, so experiencing a natural impulse that goes against all they've been told is right and acceptable is surely a terrifying thing. This aspect is pretty much composes most of the reason I actually like yaoi, the whole concept of forbidden love. I guess I'm much more of a romantic than a pervert, unfortunately enough.

And don't even get my started on reverse gairaigo. 'AISHETIRU NAHRUTOE CHAAN.' Fucking kill me.

Now, getting that out of the way, this is not to say that I necessarily know what it is that makes a high quality story. I only know what I personally like and don't like, and my opinion usually doesn't concur with widespread popularity. But I take pride in the fact that even thought I most likely do not write very well at all, my mistakes are more unique? It's one thing to write badly, but entirely another thing to copy someone else's bad writing.

I like and will probably mostly write:

Naruto, Kingdom Hearts II, and Death Note.

I think my biggest problem is I tend to be in a rush to get to the loveydoveyness, and I write characters being really too stupid and girly for their own good. I would lovelovelove a beta who has, when reading my stuff, thought that I needed to add a bit more callousness and sophistication in place of over-explanatory emotion, angst, romance, etc. If you fit this description and are interested in beta-ing, please let me know?


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