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Name: Lola1618ut

Anime/Manga: InuYasha and Sailor Moon

Birthdate: April 28

Age: 31...and counting

Location: Savannah, GA

Interests: I've decided that I would like diplomatic immunity so that I can commit crimes in all the places I plan on traveling to.

Fancfic. & Me: I've been on this site since about February or March, but I still think of myself as still new to this site. However, I liked what I saw then and I'm even more excited about the wonderful things I'm getting to read now. I'm no longer a spectator, because I'm currently writing my first Fanfic. : Light of the Moon. I'm also the type of reader/writer that likes original ideals and wants to have some grounded facts in my fiction. I've always loved the idea of fantasy with just enough truth to make things believable...on the downside though, that means my future writing will involve research, so I guess we'll so how that works out for me...

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It’s good to be back! Just so you know, I sometimes get a little writer’s block (and that also takes away from quicker updates), so to alleviate that stress, I start writing introductory chapters to interesting story ideas that I’ve been toying with. As of right now, I have about 8 beginning chapters to 8 different story ideas. What I would really like is to have 1 story to start working on, for my next piece of work, for when this story concludes. So, I’ve decided to take advantage of the polling options and make a poll. I will describe my top 4 interesting stories here and then I will post the titles of those stories on my profile poll. Read each description and then go to my bio page and vote for which story I should start working on next! I would really appreciate it and it will help me focus on a story specifically for the fans!

Denise’s Fanfic. Titles & Brief Descriptions:

(1) Someone To Watch Over Me:

Summary: Dr. Higurashi has a new patient, who is completely insane—he has to be! He seems to think he’s a yōkai lord from the feudal era…What might be even be more crazy, is the fact that the more time Kagome spends with him, the more she begins to fall for him; and that is truly ridiculous, because a psychiatrist shouldn’t fall for her patient. Even worse, soon, she is starting to believe that he’s exactly who he says he his! Sesshoumaru/Kagome

(2) The Devil You Know:

Summary: It is said, “Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t”. Whispered plots and secret meetings set the scene for the planned downfall of the greatest miko and yōkai lord. Some fear the unknown as others fear change, for what will become of the mating of a powerful miko and her yōkai mate? A war is on the horizon and a sense of “…keep your enemies close and your friends’ closer…” is overtaking. Who do you trust, when the person at your side is playing for keeps? Sesshoumaru/Kagome

(3) Daddy Dearest:

Summary: Rin isn’t Sesshoumaru’s biological daughter, but she’s been with him so long, that it no longer matters. Now, little Rin, is becoming a woman and starting to draw the attention of males. Ever the overbearing father-figure, Sesshoumaru declares that any who would dare look at Rin lustfully, would first be castrated—or worse. Rin, not wanting her budding love life to wither before it even has a chance to bloom, devises a scheme to get her “Daddy Dearest” to find love, so he can screw with his love life and not her own. Picking out her future mother was easy, for Rin had long ago began to see a certain miko as a mother figure, but getting them together will be a whole different story Sesshoumaru/Kagome

(4) Servant of My Heart:

Summary: Convinced that InuYasha’s miko has bewitched him and is trying to pervert him, Sesshoumaru sets out to kill the unsuspecting girl. In an unlikely battle, Kagome ends up taking a page out of InuYasha’s book, and ends up eating dirt. It appears that she’s down for the count, or so it seems…Sesshoumaru tried to kill her! Again!! So, why is it, that upon awakening, Sesshoumaru has decided to become Kagome’s servant and protector? Kagome must have hit her head much harder, than she thought. Or, did Sesshoumaru hit his head? Either way, Sesshoumaru isn’t acting like his usual self… Sesshoumaru/Kagome

These are just a few of the stories I’ve been toying with because I got the idea in my head and I had to write them down. Please vote for which story you think you would like to read from me next! Voting will remain open until I upload my next chapter, which will probably be within the next 2-6 wks. If I don’t get enough votes, I will keep the poll open until the chapter after the next. If only 1 person votes, then I guess I’ll write whichever story they chose for them…but please, give me some feedback and let me know what you want to read next.


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Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.

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