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HELLO! Any way um where to start...

I am basically an average looking person. The thing I like the most about myself is my hair. I like to think of myself as practical. I never really do anything unless I gain something from it but I do try to do selfless things for my friends or people I can stand. Trust me that ain't many cause my friends say I only like 15 percent of people on earth which I can't argue with. I do hate a majority of people ;P

Why I write? Considering I'm a practical person I write to improve my English and grammar though if you read any of my fics you know that the spelling and grammar aren't one of my important things.

My favorite comics are Loveless, Fruits Basket and Chibi vampire. OH! and one of most loved series of all times is PhD: Phantasy degree (best fucking lmao story ever!) I also read a lot of doujinshis and web comics. Anyone into yaoi or that thing that is yaoi with out the sex (i forget what its called sorry) then I suggest a web comic called rainbow carousel. Very cute story, not done but still cute.

I have a job though my parents don't look at it as a job and neither do I. I play video games with kids or watch t.v. until their parents come home. It's fun and I get to act childish too, so win win.

I also draw, a lot.

I don't watch t.v. people so it when ever I have any free time to watch youtube stuff. ;P (Funny thing is I write Naruto fan fics with out even watching or reading the anime/manga. Only watched the first few episodes.)

AND ANOTHER THING! If you don't like any of my work well then complain away, it means it was so bad that you wasted more of your time making a complaint so thank you for losing more minutes in your short pointless lives suckers! But if you suceed in your pointless quest to stop a person from writing with your stupid time really is that any way to spend your life? Play DDR, hang out with friends, live a little you moron.

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AU: College Years. Sasuke doesn't want to come to terms with his feelings, but when rivals appear, he has to take matters into his own hands...NaruSasu Shounenai, yaoi.
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