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Durp durp. Hey everyone!

Long time no see eh? Yeaaaa... Sorry about that. Going through all sorts of things (Which I know is a terrible TERRIBLE excuse... So I shouldn't be using it...)... Most involve this young adult entering the REAL WORLD.

It's a scary place children, and should not be taken lightly.

In other news, people who are so very faithfully waiting for an update to Feet in Sand, along with Oceans of Red; your first update will likely be a re-write. Not only because it's so old that I look at it and barf before trying (and failing) to update but... Well... Yea. Mostly that. If I were to update them now, the difference in chapters would be... Catastrophic. Not to say it won't be good when it happens (As a similar thing will likely happen when I finally update The White Castle... Not to the point of re-write), but... Yea.

As a side note, you won't believe what brought me here... A friend mentioned that YuGiOh Abridged had updated, and after watching that ONE UPDATE I was digging around in memory lane, watching/reading YuGiOh again...

Might even get myself some cards. (Though I should probably focus on earning money to LIVE. Not to mention for my wedding.)

In any case- after that, I got myself really going, and I mean REALLY going on an AUFanFic. To be specific, I was so hot on this that I started it in NOTEPAD. And I still haven't stopped. I tell you, the only thing saving me is the fact that Firefox is set to spell check... Probably for the best, as Open Office absolutely DETESTS spell checking when it's set to Canadian English. So much so that it simply doesn't do anything. At all.

Back on topic, the fanfic has ALREADY surpassed 100,000 words. And I haven't even hit the actual 'romance' of the fanfic. I mean... I don't know if this is because a fair amount of 'side plot' (I say side because technically, it's still focused on the romance rather than the cards) is direct from the manga but... Well to put this into perspective, Section F ended 5000 words shy that barrier. ENDED. This other fanfic isn't even half way through!

Needless to say, it was around that point that I decided one, the muse isn't likely to die anytime soon, and two, HOPEFULLY I won't end up leaving a bunch of people hanging with this... Which is the main reason I haven't bothered to put it up here. With that in mind, I give you the Yu-Gi-Oh AU, 'Skin'...

And until next time, remember folks! If all else fails, BLAME KOJI. It always works. 8D

Koji: WHAT? D8


Section F - When Conan finally starts getting a hold on the Organization, Gin is transferred to the eccentric and very well hidden Section F to aid as not an assassin.. But a scientist. But when things in the lab get a bit out of hand and the Section itself begins to reveal its true colours, will he still work with them? Or will he try the same thing a certain scientist pulled before escaping yet another impossible place.

Notes: Waaah... Why is it that when someone says 'read and review', no one reviews? I really like to know what my readers think! Especially if it means I can make the writing better! Now that canon characters are involved, I need to know more than ever, so please... Thought it's more for the sequel than this one of course...

Also, to those who noticed YES. I self-inserted myself as a school teacher that will only appear once. HOW CRAFTY IS THAT EH? 8D

Hidden Memories: VR - A vacation soon twists into a grand mess involving things that have never been seen before, as the Organization targets a child with a very interesting condition... The result of the VR system gone wrong may be messy, but if Conan and Koji hope to solve this mystery, they'll need the aid of the NCIS to solve it.

Notes: A sequel to Section F? CORRECT. This is the SECOND in the 'Schnapps' Line... The next two, 'The White Castle' and '20 Days in 7 Months' (The latter being a short story series) are sequels to this one, in the same line. _ Enjoy!


Skin - Seto Kaiba has always protected Mokuba. Always. But that 'protection' was taken to the very next level, and a clueless blond 'mutt' is about to find out just how high that level is- regardless of the preferences of either party. After all, secrets were meant to be broken.

Notes: In terms of warning, this fanfic is AU, and takes place early on in the manga, following that path. Also contains one genderbender. And heavily implied 'puppies', if you shippers catch my drift.

The Legend of Zelda: Oceans of Red - Nearly 18 years have passed since the Avatar 'defeated' Ozai, and now a new strength has arrived through him from the Spirit world.. In Hylian terms, the Dark World. When Sokka's son Rinku is chosen by a 'thing' named Navi, will he be able to do what the Avatar could not? Or will both their world and Hyrule's be condemned to shadows for eternity?

Notes: Finally, I've gotten it started! Go go, have a read, and enjoy the cowardly Rinku and nagging Navi! :D

Feet in Sand - An odd ring does unbelievable things to Joey, the least of them involving a sudden size change to 3'4'' and furry! When the genie Shahra tells him she can change him back once her world is saved, he obviously accepts the deal. But what chance does he have in a world that is completely unfamiliar to him, with or without an old friend from three weeks prior?

Notes: Prepare to have your mind completely and totally MESSED WITH. 8D

And that's it.. And if anyone cares to comment on the stories before they're posted just leave a message, or an e-mail ok? :3

- Usagi

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