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Author has written 13 stories for Naruto, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hey! CrazyFrog07 here and welcome to the insanity that is my profile!

Favorite anime/manga: Naruto, Inu Yasha, Ranma 1/2, Kaze Hikaru, Seven of seven, Crescent Moon, Full Moon, Absolute Boyfriend, Fruits Basket, MeruPuri, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, Case Closed, FullMetal Alchmist, Dragon Ball Z/GT, Spiral, Kodacha, and Death note.

Favorite TV shows: That 70's Show, My name is Earl, Monk, Psych, King of the Hill, Grounded for life, Grey's anatomy, According to Jim, Scrubs, and South Park.

Favorite Bands/ Singers:Three Days Grace, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Simple Plan, Relient K, The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Cascada, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Rammstein.

Favorite Video Games:Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, DDR, Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, Halo I and II.


Favorite couples: NejiTen, ShikaTema, ChoIno, SaiIno, NaruSaku, KibaHina, SasuTen, ItaTen(ever since I read girls Cabin number 2) KakaAnko, TsunadeJiraiya, ObiRin, ZakuKin.

Top 20 Favorite Charaters:

1. Tenten-I honestly don't know way I like her so much...Maybe it's the weapons.

2. Deidara-My friends say I look like him and talk like him. (Not true!)

3. Tobi-Tobi is a good boy. That's all I have to say. ( longer true...)

4. Neji-Love his hair and he was so cute as a little kid!

5. Kakashi-The cool guy gets me every time.

6. Anko-Who can't love the local sweat tooth psychopath?

7. Jiraiya-Makes me laugh. Loves a character who can make me laugh

8. Tsunade-Kick ass female Hokage. Need I say more?

9. Hidan-He swears to much, but he's funny, that's why I like about him.

10. Kimimaro-Has a cool Bloodline limit.(sniff) but such a sad past

11. Kiba-I also like his hair. Such an animal. Akamaru's cute too.

12. Sasuke-I loved him ever since he killed Orochimaru.

13. Kabuto-The mysterious guy...

14. Tayuya-She curses to much too, but how she fights is just plain awesome.

15. Itachi-heh...he's fun to poke fun at. (note self: Stop him from ever making that mad-man look again)

16. Sakura-I used to hate her in part I but now that she can actually fight she's pretty cool

17. Naruto-Funny guy. Always getting things mixed up.

18. Gai & Lee-Another funny pair. Great comic relief in the series

19. Suigetsu-heh...Sharp teeth. His power is pretty weird but he's still cool. And I'm the only Suigetsu fangirl in our group.

20. Kisame-he's also fun to make fun of.

For those who have read some of these stories on Quizilla, don't worry I'm not coping, I just moved the stories from Quizilla to Fanfiction.

-stupid quotes-

(Before my swim meet)

"Who are we?" - swim coach

"Stingrays!" - team

"Who's gonna' win?" - coach

"...What's the other teams name?" - Cory


"They gave us pie!" - Cory

"Who?" - me

She points upward towards the sky.


"It's the morning people! Mother help!"

"Save your own damn self, there's a pistol in the closet."

"What about all that love and protection speeches you made?"

"What? Oh, I was drunk when I said that."

Random phone convobetween me and MyObssessionisGaara (MOIG)





"Hey, those mushrooms look edible...oh wait mushrooms are edible." - Me


"See you! Bye! I'll maul you tomorrow!" - Mariah


"There are 356 types of yams." - Mariah

"And you know" - Me

"I watch TV." - Mariah

(Convo between me and Mariah)


(When I was explainingDeath Note to Mariah)

"And so Light's father dies..." - Me

"Wait I got question." - Mariah

"Okay. Shoot." - Me

"Do palm trees grow in Kentucky?" - Mariah

"...W-what...?" - Me


"Yeah, I love Yoga. My favorite is the dancing hippo." - Mariah


"The worth of my life...two buttons." - Me


"We will have the Elkorn creek milk party! We'll take all the milk in the cafeteria and dump it in Elkorn creek! Just like the British!" - Some guy in my 8th grade social studies class.


"Don't forget to do your Ha's and Ho's children." - My Japanese teacher.


"Masahiro! What sound does a bunny make in Japanese?"


(Oh the wonderfulness that goes on in the Japanese room. Short convo between my Japanese teacher and my emo exchange student from Japan.)


"Emily, can I get in your pants?"






"A million dollars?"

"Get in there."

(Random convo between MOIG and our friend Emily on the bus.)


"I wish Gaara's voice wasn't so deep." - MOIG

"I know." - Me

"You know that one voice that was also done by Gaara's voice actor?" - MOIG

"Which one." - Me

"The one that was on Naruto Abridged." - MOIG

"Yeah! I like that one. I only want it to sound more Gaara-ish." - Me

"So you want Gaara's voice?" - MOIG

"No! No! That's not it at all!" - Me


"This land is made for me and more of me!" - MOIG


"Let's see here...hey Leah, Am I in the 8th grade or the 9th grade?" - MOIG

"...Your in the same grade as me, so 9th..." - Me

"Oh yeah!" - MOIG

"Yeah, changing schools just doesn't seem to have an impact on you." - Me

"Shut up." - MOIG


"You know Leah, you have horrible grammar." - Chelby

"...Up shut..." - Me


"Okay, even an idiot would know the answer to this question. Mariah! What color is the sky?" - Science teacher

"Uh-uh-Red!" - Mariah



"I swear to God! I'll be speaking Germanese by the end of this year!"

(MOIG when she was complaning that in her mind, German and Japanese would start to run together)


(Me and MOIG were talking about different flowers)

"How about Rose?" - Me

"Roses just smell like carrots to me. Nobody is attracted to the smell of carrots." - MOIG

"Really..." - Me

"Yeah. Watch. Hey Kyle! Do the smell of carrots attract you to me?" - MOIG

"Do the smell of carrots attract me to you? No, not really..." - Kyle

"See! Told you!" - MOIG


"We are the class that says 'Ni'!" - Japanese teacher


"This is no freaky, freaky's a picnic..." - Girl in my Algebra class.


"Okay, What stalks the streets at night?" - Me

"...Ho!" - Mariah

(When me, Mariah, and MOIG were trying to learn hiragana. Mariah was stuck on 'Ho')


"Ah, Jacob where did you come from?" - MOIG

"One day my dad got excited and my mom was bored." - Drummer boy

"Eww." - MOIG

(A convo between my friends in the hallway on the way from lunch)


"You mean to tell me that he brought a toaster and a loaf of bred into math class...and made toast?" - Me

"Yeah, it was so funny." - Chelby

"And he didn't get caught?" - Me

"No, he didn't, he sits in the front row too, with the teacher standing in front of him." - Chelby

"Now that's just sad...oh yeah, he also jumped out of a window in that class too, didn't he?"

"Yeah, it's hard to believe he's a straight A student too." - Chelby


"Boob crack!" - Vinnie

"You're quit proud of that arn't you?" - Dani

"Way, yes I am." - Vinnie


"I an't got no more!" - Ashley

"There's that good old Kentucky education." - Dani


"There is a mammoth underneath the Refrigerator!"

"...No, that’s not possible."

"Yes, it is, I saw it!"

"Do you know what a mammoth is?"

"Of course I do!"

"No, I don't think you do."

(Goes to get electronic dictionary.)


(Later, when they got rid of the mouse)


"Did you take it out far enough?"

"Yes, I took it out 2 miles exactly!"

"I think you should have taken it out farther."

"It's not the same mammoth!"

(Convo between my Japanese teacher and his wife, who is Japanese so she has an electronic dictionary and she sometimes confuses words)


"Hey! Somebody who graduated from high school! Help me with this question!" - MOIG

"What?" - MOIG's Father

"Who were the first 5 presidents?" - MOIG

"Franklin." - MOIG's Father

"Franklin who?" - MOIG

"Benjiman." - MOIG's F.

"Benjiman Franklin wasn't a president!" - MOIG

"How about the guy who rode the horse?" - MOIG's F.

"Paul Revre? No! He wasn't a president either!" - MOIG

(When MOIG was taking the Impossible quiz on the Internet. She needed help so she asked her Dad.)


"It's the Japanese version of the American version of Mexican rice!"

-The Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at Tahara jr. High school

(It was lunch time and me and Chelby had gone to get our lunch, when we asked what it was, the ALT answered.)

"I studied Spanish for 5 years, and in Collage I studied French for 3 years, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing in Japan... - The other ALT at Tahara Jr. High

"Okay, now what is this?" - Japanese teacher

"Oh! I got it! It's a big wooden ball!" - Molli (Sarcastically)

"No." - Japanese teacher

"Oh! It's a firework!" - Chelby

"Exactly!" - J. T.

"...How did you know that?" - Me

"I'm a true Pyromaniac." - Chelby

(We had went to museum about Japanese Festivals and our Japanese teacher stoped infrot of a Giant wooden ball looky thing)


"And so this Kanji means Tahara, and this Kanji means city, and-" - Jap. Teacher

"Oh Look! A Rolly Polly!"

(Everyone gets up and runs to the small bug)

"...If that's not the most ADHD thing..." Jap. teacher


"Two girls sitting puzzled in a daze." - From a song of which I don't know the name of...

"What? Two girls eating pizza in a cage!" - MOIG


"It's not Porn! It's Yoai!" - Ashley (It wasn't yoai...)


"OH MY GOD I CAN'T SEE MY FOREHEAD!" - Stormy (just as our science teacher turned off the lights.)


"What was that noise?" - Mariah

"It's the call of the dumbass..." - MOIG


"Hey, Mr. Patton which is worse? Black coffee or coffee with a whole bunch of milk/sugar/creamer in it?" - Me

"...I don't know..It's like asking me which is worse? Meth or Crack?" - Japanese Teacher


"And the next thing I knew, I was in the shower fully clothed and covered in chili." - World Civ's teacher


"What really happened to this boys Christmas weed?" - Scene from our school play


"Come on Mr. Sullivan! You need to go outside! There's a fire drill!" - Girl outside the trailer

"Have fun ..." - World Civ's teacher (very nonchalantly)


"Yume, if you haven't noticed we live out in the country." - My Mom

"Yeah Leah, when we get home, you're going to have to slop the pigs, feed the chickens and horses, muck out the stalls, feed the hippos and wash the giraffes..." - My Dad

"...what country are we in?" - Yume

(When My wonderful host sister, Yume, came to stay with me for a week, it was taking a while for us to get home and so my mom explained why...and if you haven't noticed, my dad is crazy.)


"I would be a horrible teacher. I would never remember their names, I would make them all wear name tags." - MOIG

"If you gave them name tags, they would probably just write smartass stuff on them." - Me

" I could imagine it now...Hmmm...Aswiipe...oh sorry ass-wipe, you read." - MOIG's Mom (pretending to be the 'horrible teacher')


"I'm so gay, I cum rainbows!" - Josh


"My first hour is going to rape your first hour!" - James

"...James, Shut up." - Japanese teacher


"Okay, everyone push your chairs in and go away." - German teacher


"I'm totally not following you." - Dillan

"Hmph, stalker." - Me

"Hey! I'm not a stalker! Oh, by the way, your living room furniture looks lovely from your front lawn." - Dillan

-End stupid quotes-

--Ooishi's Comic Block--

Slang- Very informal words and expressions that are more common in spoken language. Especially used by children, criminals, and soldiers. Oxford Dictionary

"Masa, 'say pull my finger.'" - Mariah

"Pull my finger..." - Ooishi (Masa)

"Hey Ooishi! Say 'Playa playa, how you so cool.'" - Tiffinay

"Playa, playa..." - Ooishi

he's learned a lot of slang so far, but...

"Masa, what are you going to do now?" - Host mother

"I'll go skinny dipping!" - Ooishi (He meant to say 'I'll take a shower')


"Ashley, can I ask you a favor?" - Japanese teacher


The Habit of Ashley...

90 percent Laughing

10 percent Speaking English


"Hey! Ooishi! What's up?" - Me

"I'm fine."

"Guess what? I failed this test, blah blah." - Me

"Ah...huh..." - Ooishi

"Stupid! It pisses me off! Blah blah blah." - Me

"You mean you've got to piss...?" - Ooishi (as he holds out a hall pass)

Japanese people can't understand slang.


"Ooishi! Say Beast!" - Mariah

"What?! Bea...?" - Ooishi

"Godzilla! Beeeeeast!" - Becca

"Ah...Beast..." - Ooishi

"Ooishi! Beast! Beast!" - Kristie

"Beast!" - Ooishi

"Good morning, Ooishi-sensei" - Japanese teacher

"Beast!" - Ooishi


"Ashley, what did you want to see me about?" - Brooke

"HAHAHAHAHA Brooke! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I got a new Joke! It Burns! It Burns! HAHAHA" - Ashley

"HAHA" - Brooke

Brooke, you are the most patient person in the world


First time I came to the US...

"How are you?" - Ooishi

Two months later...

"What's up?" - Ooishi

"You should learn proper English. I'm gonna teach you." - Demi

"Should I?" - Ooishi


"How-" - Assissant Principle

"What's cracka lackin home slice?" - Ooishi


In Japan

"This is a pen." - Ooishi

"...This is a pen..." - The class

In America

"Kore wa pen desu." - Japanese teacher

"What are you saying?!" - MOIG

"Do you mean 'where is bread?" - Mariah

"Shut up! He means I'm bread!" - Nikki


6th Period

"Kitty, you're supposed to be doing your bellringer." - Ooishi

"What?" - Kitty

"I said, do your bellringer now!" - Ooishi

"Give me cake!" - Kitty

Ooishi has a hrd time communicating with some students


"Give me candy!" - Kitty (said about 10 times)

"Ok, here it is." - Ooishi

"Hurrah!!" - Kitty

"Munch munch are stinky." - Kitty

"What?" - Ooishi


If you are wondering what these are, these are comics that out Japanese TA, Ooishi, made. I only put up the ones that were mostly dialouge, but there are more. These are about his time in the US and his interactions with all the students in the Japanese classes.

If you do not believe that I am totally insane by now, then just wait until 'Konoha's annual man-hunt' is posted and then you may change your minds.

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