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Author has written 11 stories for Mega Man, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball, Parodies and Spoofs, My Little Pony, Pokémon, and Bible.


The Writer

I began writing at four or five years old. Generally, I wrote what I was into at the time, and usually I limited my books to 30 pages in length. First, I wrote about life in general, then I addressed go-karts, Pokemon, business, and basically everything and anything else that came to mind. My longest book prior to 2003 was 32 pages. My longest series numbered eighteen volumes. I also wrote comics at the time, again random jumbles of events mostly featuring "Supercan", a character I built in 1995. The series concluded in 2002 after 154 comics, experienced a brief resurgence in 2009 where I started a new series and added two comics in the old style, then faded into oblivion until recently when I began outlining the series for a future eleven-story-arc comic.

For a school assignment sometime towards the end of the '90s, I was charged with writing a story that either began or ended a common fairy tale. The Little Red Riding Gun emerged out of that assignment.

About 2002, I was writing the nineteenth instalment of my 1998 Pokemon fanfic series "Janzen and Friends", where I bring Pokemon into the real world and create an extreme-utopian existence for myself and my friends, when I began reading my good friend's book. This opened my mind up to a whole different level of writing, and allowed me to pen my first hundred-, then two-hundred-page book called "The Centre of the Mist", which would be retitled "Young Remnant" and blossom into the ongoing "The Guardian of Deceit" series in 2004. I have since expanded that series to three books, with the intention of writing five and releasing them for sale at some point.

I started planning my first fanfic since 2003, a story that eventually became "Mega Man X: Twins out of Time" in 2006. The characters in this version remain the same as my original plan. However, the original storyline was altered to fit between Mega Man X4 and X5.

About the same time, I began planning my "Zelda: Portal of Oblivion" story. I drew a picture in 2007 of Link snapping the Master Sword in half, and that spawned the original idea of a bad Link/good Ganon story called "Zelda: Triforce This!!" that never gained traction. However, it gave me some good ideas that I turned into the still-incomplete current "Portal" story. The book, unfortunately, has since been pushed to the back burner and will not likely be updated for quite some time.

I began rewriting my Dragonball X/Trials fanfic series, which had been concluded since 2003, in 2009. The two main characters, Gochu and Phoenix (named Yester in the original), have remained unchanged. Over the eight books I released, I wanted to keep up with Dragonball Z, so I quickly had everyone going Super-something several dozen times, especially in the eighth and final book: Gochu's super-intelligent natural Super Saiyan daughter Calpurnia Gola (I'm still unsure if she will make the transition in full) transforms a total of five times on her own, not counting Gochu's one, Yester's two, a couple of Frieza-like female characters transforming twice, and the final villain transforming three times in the span of 30 pages. This new version, I feel, is much better-paced and way more fleshed-out.

The Pseudonym

I began publishing my music online through Myspace in 2005 as CageRage, then in 2006 shifted to Zechero, then to Zytharros to avoid confusion with Zucchero Fornaciari. I gained a decent-sized fan base online without touring, and independently released three separate albums - "Ritalin H: Rock IT up A Lot IN Here" in 2005, "The Man with the Blue Spot" in 2006 and "Perfect Sacrifice" in 2008, with a fourth, untitled album scheduled for release in 2010 and interest from a major producer at one point, but a computer crash forced me to abandon those efforts. I focus mostly on writing now, but at some point after my English degree I will rekindle those musical endeavours, as well as my interest in my RPG Maker projects.

Zytharros appears in...

Wonderland Online on Libra.

Gaia Online as Cephas Zytharros.

RPGMaker.net as Studio Zytharros.


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