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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy XII, and Naruto.

Hey, thanks for looking at our profile. Yes, this is a shared acount, between my friend and I. If you knew Cheese Of Wakiness, he's my friend, and he'll be using this account from now on.

My name's Josh, and I'm new in writing fanfictions here, but I've read countless fics. I'm a 16 year-old guy living in California. I like writing yaoi and het, but yuri never seems to be my thing. I am quite obsessed with video games (Final Fantasy, anyone?), as you will find out that many of my fics will be on video games. I will write some about anime and quite possibly books, but a vast majority of my fics are in the video game category.

Pairings focused on (These are usually my favorite pairings in present time)


These are all Final Fantasy pairings, I know. I will write in other categories too, like Fire Emblem, Samurai Warriors, Naruto, etc.

I am a Romance genre guy, with a little action and adventure thrown in (most of the "action" will be the ones made up out of my dirty thoughts...XD). If you want humor and parody, Kingsley's your man. Go scroll down to his bio and see his work. He's not as bad as he says he is!

Debut Fic: Death's Embrace

Category: Final Fantasy XII

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: T

Main focus: Ashe/Rasler

Surprisingly few Ashe/Rasler from what I've searched. The man may be dead, but he's still pretty cool. I can tell from that minute footage of him...

I'll keep the rest a secret for you to look forward to it.

Writing Signature: Shaman's Right


Kingsley here! Most of you (actually, most of my reviewers left, so I let me change that to none of you) probably know me best as Cheese Of Wakiness. I'm the 14-year-old lunatic that attempts to write funny fanfics. When I looked back on what I wrote before, I sort of felt...disgusted...with myself. Hopefully, with these fics, that won't happen again! That's why I need your reviews! Constructive criticism (flames DO NOT help), helpful advice, and just cheerful support will help me BIG TIME. So please, when you finish reading, please take the time to review. Whether it's a short "Great job! keep it up!" or a page long reviews on the pros and cons, just one review means a lot to me. :)

Josh and I like a lot of the same things, though I could never see boys the way he does...He's still cool though! Read his stories. I've read some of his stories (in real life) and I can tell you it's much better than my writing, though he's style is a little more dark and angsty. I like to use a lighter touch on things. (we both love sarcasm though)

I do have my favorite pairings, but it will take too long to list. My fics are sometimes romance based, sometimes not. I squeal with glee for humor and parody (pretty cool rhyme there). Romance, action, and adventure can be fun sometimes, but funny stuff? That's what I love.

Debut fic: REJECTED!

Category: Naruto

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: T

Pairings: One-sided Sakura/Sasuke, slight Sakura/Naruto

You might be asking yourself this: Why the heck is a fic in Naruto called Rejected a humor fic? You'll be quite surprised as to what this fiction is about. Of course, with me, all you can expect from me is surprise at every corner. MUHAHAHAHA!!!!

Writing Signature: Priest's Left

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