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News and Updates


Ok I know this is a late update considering the time at which this was written, but if there ever was a's the TMNT/Three Siblings Quartet series by one of my bestest real-life friends, Suncreeper! Each feature my Three Siblings OCs, with a finale story soon-to-be at the end. Might I also add that two of them are romances? Check 'em out right here:

TB (as friends with Michelangelo):

Ahnnie(& Leonardo):

Tien(& Raphael):

FYI...TB's story is the prequel, Ahnnie's is in between, and Tien's is the next-to-finale. But from a weird twist of fate Ahnnie's was started first, and Suncreeper has been busy with schoolwork, so for now she is mostly updating Ahnnie's fic, planning to go from first-started to last-started fic order (Ahnnie - Tien - TB) but will update the others on the side when she sees fit. So don't kill her.

And before you kill me for not updating my stories...yes, I know, I'm sorry! But I'll get onto it right away. The revamps that I have promised, mainly of Not-So-Journ and Two Nights, are postponed for now due to pressing RL issues although I promise I will continue them once I have time on my hands. Also My Shaman Love is in a bit of a stalemate right now because...yes...I've been having writer's block on it for several months already. I just can't summon up in my mind on what the next chapter should be about. I'm kind of tired of following the in-game plots, I mean, I wanna do something original please give me time to think about it.

On the other hand, I have (or had; it's been like, eight months already) made a new fanfiction of Tad Willaim's acclaimed fantasy series Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn: On the Road to Naglimund! It is Part One of a multiple-part series based on what happens in the books of the trilogy, with a twist of course. Please, check it out, although I'd recommend for you to read the books first.


This section will contain the links (mostly YouTube) mentioned in some of my fanfictions. Some of them are optional to read/watch, others are mandatory if you wish to understand the story.

Not-So-Journ Chapter 11 Link:

The Magic of the Quang Family

In my Legend of Drizzt fanfiction "Not-So-Journ", the Quangs are an OC magician family that take in Drizzt after discovering him on the edge of their property. Unlike the magicians of the book, they are a family more resorted to combat than conjuring and charming and summoning, and etc. Therefore, their system of magic may be unfamiliar to you. Here is a little article that explains the properties of their powers, along with the terminology and a little history.

Every magician has his or her own magic. This is the most basic and fundamental magic that they practice, and is born with them ready to use as an infant. Whether it be elemental or psychic or whatever is really up to the individual, for every one magician is different. For example, Ahnnie is excellent at controlling fire, while her brother has the powers of the ocean. This does not mean that he controls water, but the properties of the ocean in general. Sometimes small abilities are attributed to each magic type, like how Kirin controls plants and talks to animals at the same time, and how Ahnnie also controls wind alongside fire.

A long time ago, the Quang family used to be directly part of the Guan family, whose most famous member was Guan Gong, a famous general from the Han Dynasty (but however, was not a magician). After he was executed, they worked on developing a type of magic that would be easier to control and more flexible to work with and fit with their new combat-themed magic. Hence, came the the Second Ability and Shield Type mentioned by Long Ha. The Shield Type was founded by Long Ha himself, so it is a relatively new part of the magic, but founded on grounds of ancient research and experimenting.

The Second Ability is as it says; a second ability. It is basically a follow-up to the main magic of a magician and highlights their main strengths. It can be anything from Strength to Stealth to Calm, but it is most often discovered to come from within the depths of the magician's personality. Stealth enables Ahnnie to silence her footsteps and move around without being seen or known, Strength gives Huynh superhuman strength, and Calm gives Valkyrie the ability to sooth people's souls with music. Training is needed to perfect these abilities, as it has been noted that Ahnnie trained with ninjas to reach her level of Stealth. Are they innate? It is unknown, for while a magician has a certain Second Ability within them, it can only be brought out with training.

As for Shield Types, they were as aforementioned devloped by the current Head of the Quang Family, Long Ha. "I took the idea from the stones of the earth," he has said. And using that with the teachings and research of his ancestors, he was able to develop a kind of shield that would come up from the magician's will made of rocks and stone that would be hardened and strengthened by many times it's actual hardness from the magician's inner magic. The shields come in varied types, like larimar and moss agate, so deep meditation and understanding is needed to be able to find one's Shield Type. The usage of shield types also gives the magician a better regenerative nature, which is very helpful on the battlefield. As Long Ha has found out, his young grandchildren were able to discern their shield types at the age of five, proving his methods right. Their shield types have also made control of their innate magic much easier, but as to why, he has yet to find out.

All this, however, does not mean that the Quang family is incapable of using spells and charms; just that such things are not their main focus. They can, however, use spells (traditional and modern) to enhance their magic. Like how Ahnnie freed herself from her brother's coral cage using a jutsu spell during a spar in the Blueberry Festival. Smaller spells like moving objects with the point of a hand and turning things into a frog are also possible. Enchanted objects aren't out of the question, either, as seen from Valkyrie's use of 'Kotodama Powder' on her cousin to make her move away from the stairs.

Well, that's all I have for now. Should there be anything new or a breakthrough discovered in Long Ha's research, I will post and update it here :).

My OC List (because they're just that awesome XD).


Abjiya Oyugun, The-

Ahmad Rashid-

Ahmereld the Imp-


Ahnnie Quang-

Akbar Rashid-

Atum-Ra, Pharaoh-

Aubaine the Windsoul-


Bahiya Rashid-

Banan Rashid-





Cao-Cao- One of the three siblings' many canine companions. He is a dark brown-and-white male Akita, who is slightly younger than Ming-Ming. He likes to follow TB.


Daichi Fudo-


Drake Guan-




Fatima Rashid-

Fuyumi the Yuki-Onna-


Huynh Quang-


Izdihar Rashid-



Kirin Guan-


Leoht the Lung Dragon-

Lillyn the Fairy-

Luo Yuan-


Mallik Rashid-

Mermaia Harpell-

Ming-Ming-One of the three sibling's many canine companions. Ming-Ming is a female red pinto Akita who is slightly older than Cao-Cao. She likes to follow Ahnnie.


Namiq the Winter Wolf-

Nhat Binh Quang-


Oyuun Batsaikhan-


Phuong Hoang Quang-





Simon Harpell-





Xiao Long-A Chinese boy who was Huynh's childhood friend and has a one-sided crush on Ahnnie Quang (not to be confused with Ahnnie).


Yuusuke Fudo-

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