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Hi, peoples! My full name's Tyrant Dragon Knight, but I like Tyrant, T.D.K, or Ty, because my name's a mouth full. I picked my name because my fave Yu-gi-oh card is the Tyrant Dragon. -insert Kiaba-like rant on how Rex isn't worthy of using it-

I love all kinds of manga and anime. My favorites are the romance, fantasy, humor, supernatural, and horror. ;-) My fave mangas are also much of the anime I watch or have watched. Some don't have a show yet or I don't know about it.

I also have a Tumblr page & an AO3 acct. You can find me on both sites as Tyrantdk. Both have goodies you won't find on here.

fave manga/anime: Gundam Wing, Canterlla, Gravitation, D.N.Angel, Vampire Hunter D, Escaflowne, Yu-gi-oh, D-N-Angel, Code geass, Loveless and more.

My favorite characters from all of those are D, Heero, Shuichi, Cesare, Chiaro, Duo, Daisuke, Dark, Ryou, Bakura, Yugi, Yami (Atem), Mocuba, Soubi, Ritsuka, Suzaku, and Lelouch.

T.D.K- wow. that's better than what I had before.

Bakura- why aren't I mentioned as your favorite villain?

Ryou- you just did that for her.

Bakura- then where's the mention of the like of yaoi?

Yami- once again, you just did that for her.

T.D.K- thanks you three! I'd also like to ask a few questions. I want anyone reading this to think nice and hard. When has love ever been wrong? Why does it matter if they're different genders or the same? For the religion peoples- Why would God forbid love? Let us think about this. We say 'God the Father' meaning he is our parent. Does a parent not want their children to be happy? Then why would God be any different?

Duo- good job.

T.D.K- I don't mean to offend anyone. Just to make you think before answering. It doesn't hurt to take a look at other povs. Besides I don't like the negativity in the world. Thinking about it drains me.

My fave pairings:




Puppyshipping-JoeyxKiaba (I love the romantic comedies 4 them. They're so funny!!)

ShuichixYuki (I'll hurt Ryuchi so bad if he EVER goes near Shu-chan again!)


SuzuxLulu- SuzakuxLelouch

SoubixRitsuka (They're cute together, even with the age difference!)

For the romantic peoples :

Ten signs I'm in love with u

10) You are the 1st thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I fall asleep.

9) Just thinking about you puts the biggest smile on my face and my heart beats faster and faster (like now)

8) Every love song I listen to, I think of you

7) I re-read all our convos over and over again

6) When we are together, I never want the moment to end

5) Whenever I am with you or look at you, nothing else in the world matters. I am blind to everything but you

4) I am on cloud nine by just the way you smell

3) Just by hearing your voice, I get butterflies and can't help but to smile

2) I miss you even before you leave

1) I would do anything in the world for you since you are my my world and my everything


A friend of mine got this off of an internet site and I copied it.

T.D.K- I'm Atem's cousin a bunch of times removed, Bakura's fiftieth great-grand niece, and I'm a pacifist thanks to Kenshin. I'm not even going to list my bros and sisters, cause I have too many! I will say that I'm Heero's younger sister and Duo's my brother-in-law.

Spread some love around the world, and tell all your loved ones you love them, 'cause one day it may be too late. If someone in your classes or job isn't happy, then smile at them and say hi. Talk to them for a little bit and you may never know, you might brighten up their day. (This is one of my personal mottos.)

Well, have a fun and love filled day!

Tyrant Dragon Knight

P.S- I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!!! I just have a lot of stuff to do now. I'm a very busy person. I also now have a Tumblr, so you can find me on there with the words 'Tyrant's Den' or Tyrantdk.tumblr.com. Feel free to follow me just to bug me about updates, or well anything else really. :) I appreciate all the love!

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