Wolf of the Silver Moon
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Name: Wolf of the Silver Moon or just Wolf

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Location: Somewhere in the U.S.A.

Race: 100 percent Chinese

Personality: Evil, artistic, bookworm

Likes: To torture friends, dragons, wolves, tennis, track

Dislikes: Pink, unicorns, shopping, annoying people, people who writes horrible fics, sister, most American songs, the American culture.

Fav. Band: AAA (Attack All Around), W-inds, Uverworld

My Phobias

Moronicphobia - Fear of Idiots

Hugglephobia - Fear of Hugs

Reasons for disliking American songs and culture:

Anyone who is not Asian might not understand 'cause they have never been there before. Sometimes at school, the any Asian culture is always being made fun of. Whenever it's Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, ect. it makes my blood boil. They always make fun of the languages but I fight back by telling them to learn Chinese and write all 5000+ Kanji characters. They always make fun of it still. They always forget that most of the stuff they have are made or originated somewhere in Asia mostly from Japan, China, and Taiwan (I think).

Not the American songs. I have nothing against them besides how horrible rock music sounds. My teacher once played rock music in the class and it was sooo annoying. I was glad that I sit somewhere far away from his desk unlike my friend who was sitting next to the speaker!

Fav. Anime: Prince of Tennis (PoT), Bleach, Shaman King

Fav. Pairings:

Prince of Tennis


ShishidoxOotori (Silver Pair)



OshitarixFuji (Tensai Pair)

Shaman King




I'm taking a vaction from FanFiction because I'm needed in reality. I'll update when ever I can but that's going to be pretty rare for a few weeks.

My Rules

Flame reviewers: Sorry that I'm such an imperfect person that so happens to walk in your perfect like. Not everyone can be as perfect as you. You think that everyone can have perfect grammar and spelling. 3 flames or more, my story is deleted. What's the point of flames? The easiest way is to keep your trap shut and never read the story again. Simple as that. No need to waste your time writing a flame and to be hated by the author. Not everyone like the same type of stories or writing as you do or have perfect grammar and spelling done by memory.
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