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Hello there, I'm Lazuli Embers,

Formally SaphireDragonGirl. I would like to explain that, that writer is gone. Her grammar and spelling and plot lines were atrocious.
After spending two years in college and receiving an A level in English Literature I can now assure you all that I am a better person and writer for it.
As I write these words I am currently in the midst of creating a screenplay and a new Harry Potter OC fanfiction.

I am now 18 and a lot more mature than I was when I first made this account.
If those who preferred the old me are displeased by this then I apologise profusely, but there is nothing I can do to help you, I am a changed human being and I feel I am better for it. One thing you should know. I'm British and sadly, adding to the stereotypical view of British people, I have a well spoken RP English accent and I'm not a very happy OH MY GOD!!! Person. I'm very down to earth and generally a very calm mellow person. For example I'll more than happily speak to nobody and spend my days sat in a tree, reading books, contemplating my life or generally examining my little slice of the world.

The things I feel you should know about what I like to do are as follows:

I'm a classically trained singer, a soprano to be exact. I love musicals and classical music, on the odd day I'll listen to pop music or rock but I'm not a massive fan.
Secondly I love to read, I feel that if everybody in the world read more books then the youth of today would be much better versed than they are and would more than likely be more reasonable and have fulfilled lives. Thirdly, If you can't find me reading or singing then I'll be drawing. I am quite prone to drawing anime/manga art...I'm not entirely sure why but it's just an art form that I appreciate, If I could post photos in this small blog I would show you some of my work.
Finally I'm an actress, It's my biggest dream to be an actress, not for fame. No. I loathe and detest the idea of being famous. Celebrities are vain, shallow creatures who thrive off of the fact that they're being watched and followed. I'm quite the opposite, I hate being watched which if you think about it is a little odd considering I stand on stages in front of audiences of at least 200 people and sing. No the idea of being famous, makes me shudder with disgust. I merely want to be an actress because acting and performing is the one thing I love most in this world. I can see myself doing nothing else.

I hope this has taught you a little more about me.
(In advance I apologise for my earlier fanfictions. They're tedious and badly written.)

I hope to speak to all of you at one point or another,


Lazuli Embers.

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