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About Me

Name: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Like I'd tell YOU! You can call me anything you want... except Alice, because that is my middle name, and I don't like it.
Age: Twelve. Still one beautiful year before I'm a teenager. Actually, only about six months... Oh well. Just livin' in the moment.
Birthday: November ninth, although I don't know why you wanted to know...
Location: California. I have GOT to be the only person living in California who doesn't enjoy it here.
Appearance: I am undoubtedly not skinny, like, at all. And that's not just self-consciousness. I have messy, messy, MESSY brown hair, and brown eyes. My skin is darkish because I am Guamanian (from Guam) and... yeah.
Heritage: I just told you. I'm from Guam.
Home Life: I've got it pretty good. My parents are divorced, and send me back and forth between their houses... every week. But I like that, really I do. I have got two of every holiday, and two bedrooms!
Siblings: Four sisters, only one younger than me. The other three have already turned eighteen and moved out. I have a brother in law.
Friends: I have some friends, but I am always switching schools so I am always the new kid. I guess that my friends aren't close enough to call my brothers... and I have one friend whose a girl I guess, so brothers and sister. Oh well, I guess that I have more friends then, even if I don't have any real close friends.
Favorites: Um... I love pizza, skateboarding, video games, reading, taking things apart and putting them back together, music (rap), television, baseball and writing. Although I'm not really good at any of them. I also REALLY like the movie "Stand By Me", which I am putting here, because there is no other place for it on my profile.
Un favorites: School, homework, math, science, being grounded, giggling, the color pink, make-up, dresses, dancing, dolls, romance, chick-flicks, jewelry, and vegetables

The Best Books I've Read

"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton: Best book EVUH! Well, so far it is. I love it, and if you haven’t read it, READ IT NOW. It got me thinking a lot, and I was begging to go rent the movie afterward. I bought the book... in the platinum addition! Just to have it in... platinum! It is about Ponyboy Curtis, a boy who grew up on the wrong side of town. He's a greaser, living on the poor side. He constantly is getting in fights with the Socs (So-sh-es) just because he's a greaser. Then, one day, a Soc goes too far, and Pony's best friend, trying to protect Pony's life, kills the Soc. Now, the two are on the run, and just when they can go home, and everything is seemingly going to be okay, something goes terribly wrong. Terribly, terribly, wrong.
"That Was Then, This Is Now" by S.E. Hinton: Super good book. Really, honestly, it is. If you don't like sad endings though, don't read it. I, personally, love sad endings, so yeah! Bryon and Mark have been best friends since the beginning of time. But Bryon is growing up, and becoming less and less of a child. It seems like all of the good old times that they used to have together are fleeting. Mark doesn't like that, and will do almost anything to keep things the way they were. This is a tear-jerking novel about how two friends slowly drift apart, because Bryon is moving forward, and Mark is trying to hold them back.
"Rumble Fish" by S.E. Hinton: Yeah, I read a lot of her books. This one I was reading wide-eyed the whole time... it was really good. I could identify really easily with some of these people... It is about young Rusty-James, who just wants his brothers love, who just wants his friends support, and who just wants to forget the old days. The old days... when it happened.
"Brother of Mine" by Chris Westwood: WOW! A book NOT by S.E. Hinton... well, I love this book. It was my favorite before "The Outsiders". If you like books about things like... fraternal bonds, read this. It'll leave you gawking. It is about Nicholas and Anthony, Nick and Tony, twin brothers with separate personalities. Nick is always jealous of his brother, because Tony seems to always get the better of everything. He was born first, his name is first on the attendance list... and Nicks new girlfriend likes Tony better. Finally, driven nearly insane, Nick does something terrible, and completely unexpected. And slowly, as they aren't in each others lives for a while, the two realize how much they love and need each other.
"Give a Boy a Gun" by Todd Strasser: This was a deep book. Really, it was. If you like to read about kids with "problems" like getting teased at school and anger building up in them, read this. It was written in honor of The Columbine and dedicated to a little six year old girl who was shot in a school shooting by a fellow six year old student. It is about two students, Gary and Brendan who are best friends. They are constantly tormented at their school, and finally decide that they can't take it anymore. Armed with two semiautomatic rifles, they barge into the school dance and prepare to take down those who made their lives miserable. Soon, all of the students at the dance realize that these two aren't playing around...
"The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier: Okay, if you wanna read a good book about standing up to others, and you don't like corny endings, and you don't like people who make their characters perfect, and you don't like to read boringness, READ THIS. This is so, so, so great. It is the first school book that I've ever loved. It's funny, because they gave us a choice between five books, and out of my class of thirty, only four people chose this. I was one of them. This is about adolescent betrayal, and a young boy at a private Catholic high school wondering if he dare go against the way that everything works. If he dare do his own thing. Find out what happens to young Jerry Renault, when he tries to defy his schools secret society, The Vigils.
"Beyond The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier: Can't tell you! Or you'd know what the first one's end is...
"Theories of Relativity" by Barbra Hawortha-Attard: Okay, this book will... I read it, and when I was done, I... I wasn't even laughing. I was just... wow. It is about Dylan, who was kicked out of his house by his mother and is now homeless at the age of sixteen. He has two younger brothers who still live with his mom, and he does everything he can to continue seeing them and loving them even in his absence. He has these friends, and this crush... but drugs, sex and betrayal... well, they do what drugs, sex and betrayal do. Ruin things.
"Tex" by S.E. Hinton: I read this earlier. It was a book. A good book. As is everything on this list. It is about... Tex. And his brother, and his crush and his best friend. And how he figures something out that will rip his life apart.
"Autobiography of My Dead Brother" by Christopher Myers: Read the title. Need I say more?
"Inside Out" by Terry Truman: You think you've got a hard life? Do you? Do you live with abusive parents, and a constantly stoned twin brother, in a box on the road? You thing THAT'S bad? Read this. It is about Zach, and his expiriences during a robbery. It's a novel, but you could read it in an hour. Two boys who have TERRIBLE lives thinking about how their tragedies could never compare to how terrible Zach's life is.

Favorite TV Shows

"Codename: Kids Next Door" I really love this show. Really, I do. Go ahead, say it's for babies. I don't care.
"Boy Meets World" This show is great. I love it a lot.
"Simpsons" Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I watch not very deep shows. But the Simpsons is the comic relief in my life.

In General

Favorite Character(s): Umm... I like Steve Randle from "The Outsiders" because I identify with him a lot, and Tim and Curly Shepherd are the best of the best.. I like Mark and M&M from "That Was Then, This Is Now" a lot because they're awesome. I like... I like Rusty-James and Motorcycle Boy from "Rumble Fish" because Rusty James is cool, and Motorcycle Boy is cool and I can identify with him. I like Nick from "Brother Of Mine" but I also like Tony, so it's... funny. My favorite character in "Give a Boy a Gun" was Dustin Williams because he was a hero and tried to save the dude who tried to kill everyone. From "Codename: Kids Next Door" I love Wally and Joey, because they're friggin' awesome; especially Wally. From "Boy Meets World" I like Shawn and remarkably Chet... also Cory when he's real young, like the first two seasons, and Eric's great. From "The Simpsons" I like Bart, and Maggie. From "Stand By Me" I like Gordie and Chris and Teddy. In "Tex", I love Tex, Mason and Johnny.In "Theories of Relativity" I love Micha and Jordan to death, Micha because his innocence is heart-wrenching, and Jordan because I relate. I also love Dylan. In "Autobiography of My Dead Brother", I like Jesse and Rise and CJ. In "Inside Out" I like Alan, Joey and Zach. The only three characters, really... For "The Chocolate War", my favorites were Obie, Goober, Jerry and Archie, but my FAVORITE in "The Chocolate War" was David Caroni... don't ask.
Favorite Randomness: Alright, here's one. You are walking down a street, and suddenly there is a fork in the road. One way is the wrong way, and one is the right way. At the fork in the road, there are two brothers. One always tells lies, one always tells the truth. You can ask only one question, and both will answer that one question. They know the right road, but you do not. You want the right road. What do you ask?
Okay, now try this. Try to say "Sudden Summer Thuderstoms" three times fast.

(this part of my profile changes often... by the day, I add a new entry)

May Twenty-Fifth:
Fanfiction: Okay, so here we go... today, I started working on a few new pieces. This one Outsider fanfiction where Johnny is in the vacant lot at night, and Dally finds him. It's basically a conversation, really. Nothing big. Um... I have one that just needs to be edited, also for The Outsiders. It is where Mrs. Curtis is in labor with Ponyboy, and while she is in the living room with the midwife, three -year-old Soda and six-year-old Darry have a discussion. I had to make Soda a little older, but he'd be going-on-three by then, anyway... but I needed to make him a few months older so that he would be able to speak a little more... clear.
Upgrades On Sources: I recently bought the platnum eddition of The Outsiders (yeeeeessssssss) and it has all of the authors notes and EVERYTHING. I am trying to get the special eddition DVD, but to be honest, I'm not the most spoiled child in our family.
May Twenty-Sixth:
Fanfiction:Okay, today, I thought of something awesome. I was getting an orange soda right? You know, the kind that comes in those little cans. When it was like -- dude! -- I got this idea. Yeah, but the thing is, I forgot it as soon as I tasted some of the orangy-goodness of the soda. So, to make it up to you, I have been thinking and thinking about something to pass off as a good idea. FINALLY, I did. I decided that I would write a story with seven chapters. Each chapter would be a different oneshot. Each oneshot would be a characters ninth birthday. Okay, before you take out the tomatoes to throw at me, hear me out. Dally would most likely still be in New York, right? And I think I heard somewhere that his birthday was November ninth (like mine!) so that made me think of this. So, Dally would be in New York... Johnny... Oh, I can just immagine Johnny's birthday. Sitting curled up in the corner, bruised and bleeding, getting beaten in the ears by his fathers blows... yikes. Steve's dad would give him ten bucks to stay out of the house, and be maybe a bit less grumpy. Ponyboy would have his parents there, so would Soda and Darry. Two-Bit... maybe his mom would be really pregnant with his sister or something. I don't know. But it is my one-in-the-morning idea, so live with it. ALSO, there will soon be fics up on the day Two-Bit stole his blade, and when Johnny got his jacket.
May Twenty-Seventh:
Fanfiction: Okay, so I have this oneshot coming up about Soda and Pony on this train going to a boys home. Darry had died... oh, and my other one should be up today. AND, I am starting something about this sickness that is mysteriously spreading... it's gonna be a horror/supernatural/tragedy.
May Thirtith:
Fanfiction: Oh GOD do I have a whole lot of idea's. I have a new idea for "Delirium". Actually, right here, let me thank you all for thinking that "Delirium" is an okay story. I, personally, don't like it too much, but you guys make me want to update more. Okay, I also have a Shepherd fic in mind, where Tim comes home from jail to find that his brother Curly has taken his own life. It probably sounds retarted right now, but I have an okay idea about it. But Angela won't appear, for anyone who knows who Angela Shepherd is. She is only in "That Was Then, This Is Now". Um... I am on the verge of posting a Vietnam fic, about Soda no doubt. But I hope that it will be a bit different from anyone elses. Uh... I wrote a letter from nine year old Johnny to God, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to post it... And I have Dally's ninth birthday, which I think'll turn out angsty but pretty cool. Oh, and I am ALSO trying to write a songfic. I know that they aren't all that great, but I really want to write a songfic about Curly being in jail, and wishing that his brother would rescue him like he used to when they were SUPER young, to the song "Savin' Me" by Nickleback. Alrighty, I also thought of this new... sorta weird thing. See, I am a very... depressing person. So, uh... forgive me. But I am writing a "Johnny Kills Himself" fic. But it is totally not following the plot. It is about him when he's twelve, and he is losing his innocence and everything is happening so fast, and his dad almost beat him to death... so... uhh... yeah.
June Thirteenth:
Fanfiction: Um... whew. I'm cooking up a whole lot... Uh... yeah. The first few chapters of the re-written "Delirium" are done, but I'm scared to post them because I want them to be perfect. Okay, you know what? I'll post them now. I sound like a perfectionist, and if you've ever read anything I've written, you know I'm not one of those. I thought of this... idea, right? I dunno, I'm weird. I feel SO weird today. Oh yeah! ITS SUMMER! Which means that I will have little time for fanfiction, because I am going to run a mile EVERY DAY so I can lose some of my many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, unneeded pounds. Which I should probably go tell someone who cares (like... no one). ANYWAY, I have to get back on topic. I was thinking, right? About stuff. And all of a sudden, I got this idea. This really weird idea... cuz I was watching the movie "The Outsiders" and Ponyboy lifted his shirt to wipe his face. And all of a sudden, I was like: "OMG, what if he has no belly button, and he's Kyle XY?!?!". I know, random, huh? You know Kyle XY... the dude they alwaysput in commertials? Well, I see that commertial ALL the time, so... I thought that random thought. But that thought got me thinking (no duh, thoughts do that). And I started thinking about Ponyboy, and all of the possibilities. And all of a sudden, I got this WEIRD new idea for "Delirium". And that weird idea led to other things, and THEN, I listened to this song. (If you are still reading this, I applaud your patients. I am very random and make no sense right now). And that song all of a sudden made me want to write a song. But I suck at that, so... basically, all of this stupid, randon typing is leading to my saying: I am writing a poem about Ponyboy called "Allien" cuz of the whole... stream of conciousness stuff. See how weird I get? Now you know what my friends have to put up with...
July Sixth:
Fanfiction: I got this idea. Of Steve dying in war, and Soda being there. I am going to write it. Why? Because in every story I've read, there has been a touching moment when someone dies where they think death isn't so bad. Or something. But I'm gonna write the real thing.

The Outsiders Fanfiction In General

Okay, if anyone pays any attention to me at all, like reading any part of this profile or my stories, they know my favorite book. If you don't know my favorite book, I am sorry, but you're kinda slow. For those slow people: My favorite book is The Outsiders!!!
The thing is, the fanfiction is kind of... slacking. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but almost EVERY story is "Pony's long lost sister" or "Johnny's twin" or whatever. Added girlfriends on the sideline are okay, but not whole friggin' stories about this girl who falls in love with Soda and goes home to giggle about it with her mom. Or stories about this sister, who was, I dunno, in the bathroom during the timespan of the book. God almighty, if I ever get anything published, I REALLY don't want added girlfriends. Please. Remember that if you find a book by me... ever.
For one thing, THIS is not a good sentence for a fanfiction: "Soda was a gr8 person, & I will always miss him cuz he died in war." If I read fiction like that, I stop. I don't care how friggin' good it is. I stop reading. Chatspeak is NOT for fiction...ever.
For a second thing, his name is NOT Darryl or Dallis or anything like that. They give us the name spelling in the book. KEEP IT THAT WAY.
There are a few authors in The Outsiders fanfiction section that I really like. Those authors know who they are. But the rest of you... putting yourself in the story so that you can live out your dream with Johnny? Not cool.

Awesome/Not Awesome Factors In A Fanfiction

Okay. Time for the guessing game! Yay! Pick which ones you think are awesome, and which are not awesome.
Scenario One: Soda had this girlfriend names Sunshinespringdaisyhappiness, and he loved her with all his heart. He had known her since she was five, and his favorite thing about her, was how she could mysteriously dissapear during a crisis, and re-appear for pure fanfiction sake! Well, one day, Ponyboy fell in love with Sunshinespringdaisyhappiness, and Soda got mad, so Soda went and stabbed Pony in the leg.
"Oh, Soda, why'd you do that?!?!" Cried Pony, "I love you and you're my brother!!!11!!11"
They hugged, and cried, and Soda called Pony "honey" about thirty times.
Scenario Two: 1ce upon a t1me there wuz a gurl named hunny and hunny loved dally, but dally loved hunny's sister rose and rose loved johnny o no pony is sick! they have 2 go 2 the hospital to c him and right b4 he dies, he tells every1 that he luvs rose and hunny, and pony, rose and hunny all start to make out. the end, review or i will eat your sould!
Answer: Okay, the answer for both is... UNAWESOME! I know, I know, people love to write those kids of stories, but they aren't that awesome to read.


Fanfiction: I read one fanfiction, and I liked it so much that it inspired a story that I am getting published. It is an Outsiders fanfiction, but I am not going to name it, because that would be... I dunno. Actually, I read two. They were both really good, and both inspired stories I have written that are to be published.
Fiction: Oh yeah! That stuff that's ALL yours... like, completely original. That's very inspiring. In fact, fiction inspired the hundreds of thousands of fanfictions out there!
People: Yeah... I base some characters off of people. A lot of dialouge in my fanfictions are things my friends have said to me, or things that I've heard them say to each other.
Songs: Oh my friggin' GAWD. This is like... 90 of my inspiration. I have a new (as of now) policy that I shall not EVER write songfics, but I LOVE songs...


1. "The accepted theory is that once something is sucked into a black hole, it can't escape. I have a theory that something can. Me." Dylan in "Theories of Relativity".
2. "Stay gold." Johnny Cade in "The Outsiders".
3. "Listen, we're in trouble here, I know that, but we'll get out sooner or later -- Zach is never going to get out of what is happening to him. Man, I'd rather be us any day." Alan "Frosty" Mender in "Inside Out".
4. "The thing was that me and Rise were blood brothers, but sometimes, I really didn't know him..." Jesse from "Autobiography of My Dead Brother".
5. "Man, I don't want any kids if they're gonna turn out, burn out, anything like me; sad, rebellious, angry, serching... serching... serching for what?" Jay in "Jay's Journal".

If you have been called "weird" or "disturbed" or "insane" more than five times, copy this into your profile.

If any of you like the show "Codename: Kids Next Door", make sure you join this forum!

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