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just a 27 yr old girl whose luck dumped her in a Godforsaken place known as Egypt.
i'm basically sarcastic and tomboyish in nature. i'm more into the gothic and dark side. cute shit makes me hurl. not very friendly towards strangers but warm up as i get to know them more. has extreme loathing for loud noise and crowded places.

i'm into videogames, anime and manga, movies, music, reading, biking, digital art, horse-riding, swimming, and finally my new found hobby; writing fanfiction. and that's the main topic at hand.

ever since i was little and i always hated how life worked and how we were biologically made. so i have my own imaginary world in my head where reality isn't as shitty. so instead of just keeping it all in my head, i thought i might as well express it all in stories as a coping mechanism and, at the same time, to have fun.
but mind you though, i'm gonna change lots of things and that includes anatomical aspects.
so here's how the universe in my stories works:

There're no gender rules or differences. males and females are similarly built and to each their own personality. nothing is governed by gender.
everyone will have two genitals: phallus and entrance. the male's phallus is the sexually functional part while this goes for the female's entrance. a hermaphrodite is when both genitals are sexually functional. a male's testicles and a female's ovaries make the same hormones but pregnancy hormones are female exclusive.
a male's anus is a vaginal counterpart that self lubricates. it's located slightly lower to enable easier access in all positions, leaving the butt crack slightly less prominent since there's really nothing inbetween. it's connected to a rectum that leads to a colon, which's a small chamber that perceives semen.
females have a retractable phallic clitoris for urination and sexual activities. unlike the male's penis, it's headless so it wouldn't take too much space inside it's orifice. but like the male's, it maintains a relatively small size when placid and only gets hard when it exits it's place. when a female ejaculates, her semen is transparent since the female's semen is devoid of sperms. the ejaculate is excreted from the inner clitoris epithelial cells.
i like to think that sex isn't just for reproduction, but for pleasure where both rules can dominate and submit. but only females can get pregnant while the process of impregnation is the male's job.

as for how it works in the animal kingdom; dogs won't have knots. cats won't have spikes. seeing as, like mentioned, the copulation process isn't just to induce pregnancy and thus they won't serve a purpose should they engage with the same gender. and even when the females are the ones to receive it, the pregnancy can take place just fine. during mating season aka breeding season, males and females engage in different activities to attract one another such as fighting, singing, showing off colorful body parts, etc,... both winners become eventual mates. during the breeding season additionally, both genders' functional sex organs (male phallus and female entrance) become active. meaning that the males and females would need to mate using their respective parts. while their non functional parts (male entrance and female phallus) remain inactive. this process ensures the mating between males and females exclusively in which the females are the sole recipients by the males and thus maintain their population. any time of the year, however, anyone can mate with whoever.

basically there'd be no such thing as defecation, obesity, acne, extra body hair, menstrual cycle and all that crap, and women won't have these gross hips, titties or hymen and that applies to animals as well. during lactation, breasts/udders get slightly swollen then shrink back to original size after the lactation is over. lost body parts/senses can be regenerated/recovered.

humans are physically stronger and faster. their strength and speed vary from a wolf to a tiger depending on their capabilities. and they'd have longer fangs, retractable claws and natural hunting skills. more heightened sense of hearing, smell and eyesight. and ailments like weak eyesight only apply to sickness or age, only then will one should wear glasses until they're recovered. humans can roar and growl too. and the roaring sound is basically like their normal voices but dual layered. they'd also be more tolerable to temperature changes, meaning that you won't sneeze and have a runny nose from the smallest air current.

also it's morally okay to have multiple sex partners regardless of gender as long as they don't exceed four individuals at a time and the age gap doesn't exceed 4 years, a few extra years may not be very acceptable, but tolerable. no such shit as marriage. you only "tie the knot" when you decide to have kids with said person.

there are no language barriers. i find it unfathomable how we're all humans but can't understand each other. accents vary however, just like how we vary in race, tradition, gourmet, etc... but the language remains the same save for a few exceptional words that are exclusive to every accent.

insects are practically mythical. don't know what the purpose of their existence is other than being a horrid nuisance.

so there - you have it. i'm a fucking weirdo who views things differently from others so if you notice any "altered" details in any future fic i decide to write, you have the reason on a silver platter.
cuz i'm sick of life with all it's crap. it's time i take matters into my own hands in the form of words typed on a screen. if i can't do anything about the shitty reality we live in, might as well try to escape it even a little. cuz fuck this bullshit! i can't stand it anymore! i hate everythi.. *ahem* ok don't mind me. carrying on.

you can visit my other accounts where you can find illustration pictures and snapshots accompanied by the story for the extra atmosphere.

Wattpad emogothXx https:///user/emogothXx

Deviantart xsamuraiedgex https:///xsamuraiedgex

ok so i took a look here from my phone and guess what; i couldn't find any links but they were perfectly visible on the pc. beats me why this is happening but if you couldn't find any links on your phone, at least you'd have been given the heads-up.

i'll basically write fics about games and anime. but heads up! i make endless crossovers and have my own headcanon. thing is, i don't make crossovers between anime and videogame characters since having those guys meet just seems out of place to me.

don't get me wrong though. i enjoy what i watch/play for what it is and accept everything just the way they are. i just like to do things my own way but i still have nothing against the canon.

i like all the characters to have Familiars of their own aka those animal partners and companions. videogame characters own animals and monsters from their respective videogames and Monster Hunter. anime characters own digimons/pokemons and creatures from their respective anime.

attack on titan

main cast are Hanji, Levi, Nanaba, Jean, Eren, Mikasa and Annie. and the rest of the survey corps members are characters from other animes:

Kuneida (beelzebub)

Edward Elric (fullmetal alchemist)

Marcus Damon (digimon)

Air Groove (uma musume pretty derpy) i just name her Aero.

Hanji is the commander. Levi and Nanaba are captain/major. Jean and Marcus are first/senior lieutenants (the second-in-command to squad leaders) the rest are ranked second/junior lieutenants.


Eren and Annie are werewolves instead of titan shifters. call me old fashioned but since i didn't like the titan designs, i opted for the nearest classical option and werewolf!Eren/Annie seemed plausible.

each of them have their own digimon and/or pokemon partner. digimons have their own ranking as well based on their tamers.


commander/general (commander-in-chief)



first lieutenant/first private

second lieutenant/second private

pokemons, however, don't have ranks as they slightly lack the intelligence for it.

their horses are the ones from the Spirit movie. except Levi who keeps his canon horse.

kingdom hearts

Demyx fights with fire chakrams and the ice shield but he still keeps his guitar.


final fantasy

Noctis and his company are Gallius (my OC) Ignis and Pompto.


Yuna summons different aeons.


monster hunter

you have my character, Deborah


her partners are Edge the Palamute and Nova the Halk

her Tailraider and Wingradrake are a male Wulg and a female Barnos named Goliath and Vera.

she has a Rathalos named Devil.


the characters from the other games also own monsters from MH. if you're curious about who owns what monster, check my DA account if you'd like.

the events would take place in an AU where everything is the same but they use technology.

metal gear

Raiden can switch between his human form and cyborg form


devil may cry

Dante and Nero are brothers

Dante's devil trigger


tera online

there's this custom made castanic i really liked.


high school dxd

Raynare and her servants, Vali and Xenovia.



Hyakkimaru's limps are metallic instead of wooden. and when he de-attaches his limps, he summons them back using a special magnet installed in his arms. and while his eyes remain prosthetic, he ain't fully blind. he possess a special vision that enables him to not just see souls and spirits but everything is seen in a different color hue.


Yato and Beeshamon are angels not gods. because this whole god thing is against my religion. also their Regalia are just summon-able weapons and don't have human forms.

killing bites

Kuroi isn't just a tazmanian devil. she also combines between different abilities from other animals; like shooting blood out of her eyes like that lizard thingie, and growing spikes out of her arms, legs and back like a porcupine. and just like a Honey Badger, she's immune to chemicals like toxin. she has the ability to releases pheromones of various effects; anesthetic, hypnotic or aphrodisiac.



Kyu-chan possesses the power of the nine-tailed beast from Naruto. she also mastered the jutsu techniques like Rasengan, Chidori, fireball, ice crystals and the healer.



i have a special system when it comes to Digimons. it's all explained here along with their evolution charts.


Marcus Damon doesn't punch the shit out of digimon to let his evolve. it's just a power that he simply owns.

disney shit

Nala is the leader of a squad alongside Ronno. they both possess feral and anthro forms.



other crossovers

anime characters own digimons and pokemons while videogame characters own monsters from Monster Hunter.

- Genos (one punch man), Rossweisse (high school dxd), Kyuubei (gintama), Hitomi (killing bites) and Touka (tokyo ghoul) belong to a team of super heroes called the Titan Squad.


- Ayato (tokyo ghoul), Ghislaine (jobless incanrante), Kuroi (killing bites), Do-S (one punch man), Trisha (fullmetal alchemist) Tatsumi and Helda (beelzebub) are called the Seven Deadly Sins.


Najeda, Akame and Leone (akame ga kill) kiriha kisaki, Kojou akatsuki (strike the blood) son hak (yona of the dawn) and Ikuto tsukiyomi (shug Chara) form the Night Raids.

- Chris, Leon, Claire, Jill (resident evil) Dante and trish (devil may cry) together form Alpha team.


- Nathan Drake (uncharted), Raiden, Meryl and Johnny (metal gear) form Gamma team.


- Squall Leonhart, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Zack Fair and Aqua form Delta team.


- Piers Nivans, Billy Coen, Helena Harper and Maria Gomez form Omega team.


all those three teams form a bigger organization called the League.

well, that's it *exhales* the links you've seen so far are from my DA account https:///xsamuraiedgex

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