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Hey there! I'm Noelle! But please, just-call-me-Elphie. ;) Now let me see, I'm totally obsessed with Wicked, Pirates (of any sort, not just Johnny Depp), Phantom of the Opera and writing. So, anyhoo, if you think you might have something in common with me (obsession, lost love, etc...) please contact (?) me! I'd love to hear your advice and just, you know, chat.

I may be a freak, but I am proud! I have written a few stories outside of fanfiction, but I don't know where to display them. Hmmm. I just wanna say, I would like a few more reviews. Even if they just say, "love it" or even "hate it". I'm always treated like an outcast (Elphaba and I have so much in common besides skin tone), so every time I get any kind of compliment or kind word I just glow.

Is that all there is to say? Hm, I guess so. Well, if you like Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, or Naruto- please read my stories and PLEASE review. Until then, shoot for the moon. You'll always reach the stars.


'Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, 'till you find your dream...' -Sound Of Music

'I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason,bringing something we must learn. Well I don't know if I believe that's true, but I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you. And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine, by being my friend' -Wicked

If you think that green skin is awesome, copy this into your profile. (Yay green skin!!)

If you're Defying Gravity, and no one can pull you down, copy this into your profile. (Dare you to try and bring me down!)

If you are a theatre geek, copy this into your profile (Heart theater)

If you have ever wanted to play Glinda or Elphaba in Wicked, copy and paste this into your profile! (Either one would be great!)

If you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone thinks you're crazy/is cared of you from it, paste this on your profile (Kerry, put this on your profile now! As for me... Wicked, Hannah Montana, Eddi Reader. The list goes on)

98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you are one of the two percent who haven't, copy and paste this into your profile

If these things apply to you, then you are an OzHead: By TheThroppSistersandCompany - All of the ones here relate to me I HAVE DELETED SOME. IF YOU WANT THE FULL THING DON'T LOOK HERE

When your English teacher told you to think of a simile for green, you automatically squealed, "Elphie!"

You own a witch hat. (I like wearing it to Disneyland . . . =_=)

You display various witch items around your room. (And there's my broom, and there's my cape . . .)

Before you reply to anything, you think, 'What would Elphaba say?' (pricipal- "So why did you jump off the top of the building?" me- "Why, I was just defying gravity sir. And besides, you should know by now. I am a walking comotion."

Everyone who knows you, knows who everyone in Wicked is - Elphaba, Galinda, etc. (Yup. Mostly thanks to me . . .)

You've sent various people the Wicked script over email, or you've printed it out. (I'm actually re-typing it)

Every fanfiction you write about Wicked is based on your own life, because you consider yourself Elphaba. (I use life-experiences, yes)

You introduce yourself, I'm the other (insert position), (insert name). I'm beautifully tragic. (I'm the other sibling, Noelle. I'm beautifully tragic. Yay!)

You read the novel just to see what it had to say, but were disappointed when music didn't play as you flipped the pages. (EVIL BOOK- AAAH!!)

You brought up your grades because Elphaba's grades are good. (My history teacher didn't understand why I asked him to bleat like a goat when he says my name)

You plan to be in Wicked, and if you get there and find that you're just not good enough, then you think that you can move those darn sets. (Grrr- just move! I think I can, I think I can . . .)

You are, for some strange reason, mad about the Wicked movie. That's right, they're making one! (How dare they defy our beautiful play? Grrr . . .)

If you say Idina, Kristin, Joel, Norbert, Michelle, Sho, Megan, Stephanie, Eden, Julia, Kendra, etc., everyone knows who you're talking about and that you don't mean that guy who sits next to you in math.

You can relate almost anything to Wicked, even if it is distant. (Person, I have related geometry to Wicked! my teacher- " blah blah blah . . . conpound equasion . . ." me- "just like Elphie!" everyone in class- "?" me- flustrated sigh "Elphaba is a compound equasion too! Hello! Walking commotion or wicked witch. C'mon!" hehe, I'm crazy)

You can sing "Defying Gravity" even if you're off-key and your voice squeaks. (Never! My singing is always perfect! I would never dishonor Wicked by singing off-key!)

You have lost your voice singing "Defying Gravity." (Oh, many times)

When someone someone says 'defy gravity,' you politely correct them, "It is Defy-ING Gravity." (Now, now Lizzie . . .)

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You now hate Dorothy. (YES!! Grrr- evil little wicked wretch of a girl . . .)

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But, soon they had to play along SO much, that their smart-ness was not praticed, and enlarged. So it kind of sort of shiveled up and ceased to exist. Only a few people were SMART enough to resist it. Then they all had kids, and their kids had kids and so on.

I am one the smart ones. If you are Smart enough to keep your grades good and actually TRY then copy and paste this to your page.

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