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Author has written 4 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Bleach.

1/28/14: Because I do not learn from my mistakes, I'm creating a small one-shot collection of Sakuno stories as a semi-sequel to 'Onigiri.' Since they're one shots, they won't be as much trouble to write as the MASSIVE chapters in 'Onigiri.' Chapters will probably be brief but, hopefully, cute and funny. We'll see if I can pull it off!

I am a secret. Perhaps I am the plastic gnome in your front yard. Perhaps I am the midget in the Red Room. I'll take my secret to the grave! But I'm pretty nice despite being a seeeecret.

I will also say that I like Sakuno from Prince of Tennis because she's sweet, cute, charming, and I identify with her. Ryoma and Sakuno is Love, as the poets say, but I think that she deserves just about any of the ungod-didely-idely handsome PoT boys out there, either as a friend or romantic prospect. Ryoma and Sakuno is great--it's pretty much as canon as POT -can- be, IMHO, but I have a great fondness for Sakuno teamed up with: either Fuji, Kirihara, Atobe, Chotarou, Tezuka, Sanada. And you never see it, but I think that Sakuno and TAKA is really cute for some reason. I think they could be great friends!

Just doing my own little part to give Sakuno her propers, that's all. She's not perfect, sure, but who is? I think even her faults are adorable. Plus in the manga she's MUCH less clingy. She gets more time in the anime, which makes me happy, but I admit she's more of a crybaby and a bit denser. Still, she's CUTE. I try and take the best from both worlds when I write her. And finally, for those who think Sakuno is ugly/plain: in the beginning she was a bit bug-eyed, yeah, but have you SEEN her most recent appearances, such as when she meets Kintarou? Konomi's made her rather pretty, I think. She's not drop-dead gorgeous but she's pretty nice-looking now. That Ryoma had better watch out for other boys sniffing around his turf, yo!

I also like Inoue Orihime from Bleach, even though Kubo has gone INSANE and I don't really follow it anymore. She's so sweet and funny and also an underdog character. I had to write a story for her to give her her props; I'm rather saddened by the vitriol she gets sometimes. I had to do my little part for her. Sometimes Kubo really drops the ball, and DAY-UM did he drop the ball with her.

The Boatman's Gift is probably going to be my only Bleach story. I get a kick out the series but I think I only had that one story in me for it (and it sucked anyway). The rest of my time will be spent finishing up the Sakuno story.

My personal fan philosophy? Fan stuff is just what it is, stuff done by fans to give them pleasure. Some of it is really weird but I like Sakuno crack pairings so I ain't gonna make much of a fuss. Let me have my fun, you can have yours. Pairing wars are silly. I think most character bashing, unless it's playful teasing and genuinely funny, is silly. Nobody can force you to like a character, but don't try and rub your dislike in the faces of people who DO like that character. The bottom line? It's only fandom! It shouldn't be taken that seriously.

Play nicely, be excellent to each other, and have fun! And if you refuse to play nice, then why don't you come over here to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and TELL IT TO MY FACE, FATTY!

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Valentine's Day is for Sluts reviews
Sakuno went hog wild making treats for all her friends this Valentine's Day. These are the various thank you notes-hand-written, e-mailed, texted, and left as voice messages-that she gets from the recipients of her gifts throughout the day. The line between generosity and promiscuity is thin indeed. Semi-epistolary format. OOC, but always for the sake of dumb comedy!
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Sometimes Sakuno thinks. She thinks about the big questions in life. Such as: Why did she agree to be one of the cooks for the shiny new (Atobe-financed) U-18 camp for high-schoolers? Can she feed a cafeteria of teenagers every day for two weeks? Will she start playing tennis again? When will the pain end? Collection of interrelated Sakuno-centric one-shots! Follows 'Onigiri.'
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A story chronicling Sakuno's misadventures as she works her first summer job and interacts with various schools while trying to retain her precious, precious sanity. The final battle begins! Who will triumph? Will it end with a bang or a whimper? STORY COMPLETE.
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Orihime needs to discover many things about herself to save herself and her friends from Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra is the key. What is Hime truly capable of? Ori-centric, spoilers galore up to current manga chapters, character death. Guest-star: Ishida!
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